Roving Gang of Sea Snakes & Fish Terrorize Reef

Roving Gang of Sea Snakes & Fish Terrorize Reef

In the seas of Indonesia, banded sea kraits
are on the prowl. The venomous snakes
scour the seabed, searching for food. Flicking their tongues
helps them smell the prey. Though lethal,
they’re too slow to catch fish in a straight chase. So they stalk the coral seabed
in a steady search pattern. The comb every nook and cranny
of the coral for unsuspecting fish. And here, on these remote reefs,
they do not hunt alone. They have partners in crime — shoals of yellow goatfish and trevally. They seek similar prey and are ready
to join in the chase. More and more snakes and fish join the intimidating
hunting party. The big fish scare the prey
into the cracks, where the sea snakes
can catch them. Anything that escapes
the snakes will swim straight into the mouths of the fish.

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  1. Sometimes it takes two, but here is a whole gang of Perfectly Paired animal facts

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