Roof Snake: Best Roofing Tool for DIY Roofing Repairs

Roof Snake: Best Roofing Tool for DIY Roofing Repairs

hey guys Demetri here with a roofing
insights some sorry I’m all dressed up today I don’t look like a roofer I have
very important meeting but I did not want to skip my Wednesday product review
and today I’m talking about the roof snake (intro music) Roof snake has been with us for a couple
years now we’re absolutely love it one of the reasons is because my company
does a lot of roof repairs and it’s an absolutely must tool in the toolbox for
us we do a lot of I tell reports maybe adjuster or you insurance company or
maybe you insurance restoration company and you every once in a while have to
take shingle of the roof to send it to I-Tell or maybe do small repair this is a
must-have tool I’m surprised how many people have never heard of it never seen
it and one of the reasons is because you can’t find it in a local box store it’s
not something you buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s Menards I buy it on Amazon great
tool realtor built you can buy it also in specialty stores and I can tell you
right now that is a life saver for roofers or if you’re not a roof or you
don’t swing hammer everyday it’s even bigger life saver because so many times
when you try to replace one shingle or maybe you’re working on the chimney
every single time you don’t start with the top you know when you install the
shingles you always have exposed nail lines but if you start below maybe you
add a drip edge got our apron no matter what you doing a lot of gutter
guys could use a – every time you start on the shingle from below and you have
to lift higher course of shingles to drive that nail
that’s where roof snake comes really really handy
alright queso one of the main applications that you have here is you
know obviously you can use it just as a curl bar you can lift up your shingles
you can get them loose just like with the regular pry bar but the key is
old-school if you would have to add nail to nailing zone on a shingle that I
already have top course about it when you do this you can really easy damage
the shingle by hitting you can also damage it by crisping it on the back so
you would have to do try to manage it’s much higher
it’s doable it’s not like it cannot be done it’s absolutely doable obviously if
you do something every day you want to be as efficient as you possibly can be
and I don’t know any better way to drive mail to an ailing zone then with a roof
snake so what you do you put a roof nail in a roof snake you lift it up put it
right here wherever you need to be and you just drive a nail down shingle is
protected and safe do that and then you top it in. boom nail is in beautifully
done shingle is not damaged and you’re not risking to damage it you also did
increase here because you didn’t have to lift it all the way up this is perfect
when you work in a small area that’s already have maybe you work in a
flashing when it meets flat roof maybe you work in an area around the chimney
where you add a dormer flashing or something like that or a cricket so a
few things about tool itself we have it for a couple years
you can see how beat-up it is and it’s really really well made I would say it’s
made for beating I hope you guys find my reviews helpful give me a thumbs up if
you do subscribe to my channel with the tool reviews every Wednesday and every
Saturday product reviews thanks for watching guys hope it helps see you next

10 thoughts on “Roof Snake: Best Roofing Tool for DIY Roofing Repairs

  1. I am a roofer for 30 years now and I am Mexican in the usa and I love my profession so no bring me tha crap 💩

  2. There’s gonna be ppl dat are old skool and always are gonna say “my way is da best” which only if they are good like they say they are den yea gotta give credit wen it’s due and respect cuz roofing ain’t easy. But da most og of roofers can’t say dat if dis tool was next to dem on a job dat they wouldn’t use it. Da tool is handy af!

  3. My crew and boss would be pissed if I took all that time to place the nail then get about 50 taps like this guy then readjust the snake took to set one nail no way man. That’s why I watched this review because I had a feeling it was way too inficiant. Just flip your hand palm up and push with thumb and hold nail between index and middle finger or just hold up and get a maghatch

  4. What a fucken useless tool, I do roofing and this shit would take too goddamn long, idk anybody that will buy this shit🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Thanks for this video. I find this video & tool helpful for the homeowner having to do the occasional DIY. Professional roofers may have an "old school" way of doing things and, as long as quality is not sacrificed, that's fine. Bet that, if the professionals had this tool handy, they might use it.

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