Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]

Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]

Roller Coaster Challenge is a
fun, single-player logic puzzle that lets you build your own
working mini roller coaster. Build the coaster to
get the car from start to finish without getting
stuck or going off track. The cards dictate the start
and end of each puzzle, and you’ve got to figure
out how to fill in the gaps without crashing. Are you up for the
challenge to create exciting runs that get your
thrill seekers through safely? Because we’re counting
on you to do it right. Making a coaster. I made that there loop-de-loop. I think these are left over. You can have them
if you’re hung– [CRASHING] [SCREAMING] With four levels of
difficulty, there’s a challenge for every skill set. And since there’s 40
unique challenges, you’ll never grow
tired of the thrill, even if you’re afraid
of the real thing. Oh, looks like there’s
a height limit, and I’m probably too
tall to go on this ride. So I should probably
get outta here. That and I’m allergic to,
uh, belts with harnesses. So there’s also that. And I’m pregnant, so. For real, yeah. Peed on a corn dog stick. Turned blue. Legit. Buy Roller Coaster
Challenge and hundreds more gifts at the online store. Well, what had
happened was I was deep frying a cotton
candy over there, and then I heard
all this commotion. And I turned around,
and there’s this, uh, radioactive beaver chomping
on the coaster scaffolding. So clearly, no one is
responsible for this here tragedy. [SIREN WAILING] (SINGING)

100 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]

  1. If this hasn't done the burning question thing, I have one, can you buy more sets and put the pase plates together to make a mega rollercoaster.

  2. talking to police “there was a radioactive beaver”
    police “ok I’ve heard enough”

  3. I think his parents told him the bird and the beeds wrong and told him the corndog and the pee that's not how you make a MALE pregnet

  4. Oh our class bought this but the thing is it’s impossible to build its soooooo hard! It just won’t click in

  5. Men are unable to become pregnant. Only women who have hit puberty and who are under 50 years old are able to become pregnant 1:04.

  6. Ehh I won’t do puzzles I will just make my own

    *trys to make Loopty Loop but fail* *flys a rocket to the sun and throws it* THERE BAKA MAKER!
    Will you just make your own

  7. Well I can tell that he has aids because he pee in a corn dog since he got no balls to go on a damn roller coaster.

    I’m also scared 😱 🤮😖

  8. They were probably inspired to make this toy because of Danny hiding from his boss #5

    Please tell me I’m correct

    If I’m not correct I’m gonna be soooo soo so pissed 🙂

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