Rock Paper Scissors Hammer Helmet: Steven Bridges vs Emma Blackery – Game On 1×01

Rock Paper Scissors Hammer Helmet: Steven Bridges vs Emma Blackery – Game On 1×01

Over the next six shows, a video gamer, a game designer, a mathematician, and a magician are going up against each other in a series
of games of skill and logic and only one can emerge victorious. This is Game On. In the commentary booth, I’m Tom Scott, this is game designer David Bodycombe. Hello! And today we are playing Rock Paper Scissors
Hammer Helmet with Emma Blackery, video gamer, and Steven Bridges, magician. Why am I nervous? It’s rock paper scissors! You’ve got to win rock paper scissors. If
you do that, you pick up the hammer, you hit your opponent
on the head with it before they pick the helmet and defend themselves. And we’re playing first to seven. If you get
seven, you win the round. The theory says that usually people feel strongest
with stone, so if you think that’s the case, then you
should go with paper. — Damn it!
— Yes! — Aww.
— Video games! I don’t know. Can we get a replay of that? Because that’s
just… That also answers the question of whether
height is making a difference here. Oh, no! It took me too long just to register
the fact that I’d gone for rock. I just love how I went like that, and sort
of, just… I’m worried that at some point, you’re just
going to grab the helmet and go ‘smack’! That’s how this is going to go down. I’m really disappointed in myself. That’s going to be the only good start we’re
going to have to this. You nailed it! I’m going to do terribly from now. Okay, ready? Yes! And it squeaked! Sorry. — That’s harder!
— It’s not easy, is it? By the time you’d hit my head, I was still
registering whether or not I had to pick up the helmet. It’s worth pointing out that they have to
grab the right thing. Grabbing the wrong thing gives your opponent
a point. No! You’re getting too good now. And it is quite deliberate that the helmet
is an awkward thing to put on your head. Otherwise we’d be here all day! Yes, we did playtest this, it is possible
to defend. Man, I’m taking this way too seriously. I’m
like, okay, let’s do this. You’re in the zone now! I’ve ruined it. Now
he’s in the zone! No, no, as far as I’m concerned, you had the
good start, so now… I’m still trying to catch up. You’re ahead! You’re ahead now. Right. Okay. The helmet’s impossible! The helmet is so hard! It’s all about the rock paper scissors. That is not okay(!) You’re just good at rock paper scissors! Well, you know, years of practice. Okay. I get that far! Yeah? Do you want it a little bit closer? No — oh, thanks, like I’m going to lose(!) Now I know that Steven said beforehand that
he actually has rock paper scissors theories in his head. He’s a magician, he reads people for a… he does mentalism, he does magic, he should be good at reading people here. — Oh!
— You went for it and then you stopped! I got so confused! I was like, that’s a rock? Wait, no! And then
I got donked. It’s the terror of not knowing whether you’re
having to attack or defend. People get paralysed. As soon as you touch
the wrong thing, you forfeit the point. Yes! Exactly. Exactly that. He hasn’t put it on his head yet! Quick. No, that doesn’t count. — Amazing.
— I’m kidding. ‘Cos we both went like this, both stopped, and then I grabbed it. I think I was rock and you were scissors! — I should have donked you.
— Oh, man. Donk is the official term, actually. Yeah. It is now, anyway! Oh, I need to squeak it more. That’s good.
That’s where the satisfaction is. Don’t plan it like you’re going to do it again! It’s going to happen. I don’t know. My brain can’t do the mental
thing, and then the… This is so unfortunate! You’re just losing
rock paper scissors, which is a game of chance, and you’re just losing more than I am. It’s really not a game of chance. Certainly not against a magician. — No. You can bring it back! It’s first to seven! You can bring it back when you’re losing by
six. — True.
— This is very true. Encouragement, that’s what I need. Okay, ready? Oh, that was close. Can we get a…? Yep. We’re counting that, yes. I donked myself with the helmet! That’s how the injuries happen. I’m telling
you, it’s all about the helmet. This is what’s going to happen to me in, like,
a minute. Oh, well, this is match point. — Is it?
— Yeah! You’re on 6-1 now. Tense. Very tense. Okay. Oh, she got the wrong thing! She got the wrong thing! — I’m out of it.
— Oh, man. I’m so used to losing! So Steven is straight through to the next
round, Emma is not eliminated yet. No, she can still win, but she has to– If she wants to win, she’s got to win every
single game from now on. Next up, it is Hannah versus Katie. What’s
the game? It’s going to be a game of digits, dexterity
and dice. You’re regretting me giving you that line,
aren’t you? Yeah. Thanks, Tom. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

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  1. +Tom Scott You should put the helmet up-side-down on the table so it is quicker to put on. then its a little easier to defend

  2. Hahaha, I loved this! So much fun to watch! When will the next episode be out? Is it each Thursday, or how will I know to tune in again? 😀 I loved that the hammer squeaked!! X)

  3. This works on two levels:

    1) It's interesting to think about.


    Tom, you've combined the two great aspects of human existence – thought, and squeaky toys.

  4. Good choice with Emma… much more well known than me 😛 (I'm assuming this is the 'experiment' you tweeted about a couple of months back?)

  5. This looks awesome =D. Steven might have a slight perception advantage since he's a magician, but I feel he won because of his focus on one thing (winning RPS and grabbing the hammer) while Emma had both scenarios fixed in her mind and had to think about both, hence taking twice as long.

  6. Despite what others are saying in the comments, I think this new format is great, I like that you always try something new and fun. You did so much to enlighten us in all aspects of science, I think you deserve to try something different 😉

  7. Hahaha here in Switzerland we would say "das isch ja de hammer" which translates to "that's the hammer"… meaning… "wow that's cool" I really like it 😀

  8. I really like this concept, getting a bunch of people from different fields to play weird games. personally I would prefer a scoring system based on tally instead of elimination though.

  9. FUCK YEA, I knew you would get Emma , i suggested here when you asked for suggestions, i dont know if you even soe my comment, anyway, yay

  10. ok, so you decide in advance which one you are going to play. Then you know which of your opponents moves results in a win, loss or draw. So as soon as you see their move, you know whether to go for hammer or helmet, so saving thinking time. Thinking ahead means faster reactions.

  11. Here's an idea for Rock Paper Scissors… pick a random sequence of numbers or something (e.g. birthdays, digits in pi), and use them to make your rock/paper/scissors throws. So for Pi, I would take every digit modulo 3 to get a 'random' series of throws. Once you figure out your throw, visualize your opponents corresponding winning / losing throws on the helmet or hammer, and then you can pick either up very rapidly.

    So basically make your throws random and barely think about them, and optimize speed for picking up stuff.

  12. there are theories for effective rps strategy. one of the main ones is to know what you are going to throw in rows of three. this means you are not adjusting for things thrown and can't be "read". still a game of chance, but apparently one you are more likely to win using that technique.

  13. so it's kinda like jan ken as played in Japan among friends (at least as explained by my Japanese teacher in HS)
    You have generally a circle of people, 2 people in the middle, a rolled up newspaper (or foam sword), and a book (or shield). You play rock paper scissors, winner tries to grab the sword before the looser can shield and then hits the looser with the sword. It's really fun to have tourney style jan ken games

  14. five years ago, no hammer helmet fights were uploaded here. the culture has crossed the pacific from east asia to the american continent. from japan.

  15. Has nobody else spotted the 'Put A Donk On It' video link over Tom's name in the end credits? Why did Tom link to it in such an obscure and fleeting way? What even is that song?

  16. This looks like it would be a good drunken party game… not sure about it in youtube/tv format terms, other than a minigame within a longer show, or maybe on a kids' channel, but still fun to participate in.

  17. I nearly didn't watch this because of the title. I thought it's just some "lame" version of RPS with two more options. But THIS is a really nice idea 😀

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