Roblox: SINKING SHIP [Annoying Orange]

(playful electronic music)
(laughter) – [Annoying Orange] Hey
yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming vide-yo! And we are back once again in Roblox, and we’re playing a game
called The Sinking Ship! And we’re gonna play The
Sinking Container Ship first. We’re gonna see what that is all about. Or should I say, how that’s all a boat. (laughs) Uh oh. Am I underwater? Where are we going? Oh, hey! There we go. That’s pretty good. Come back. We gotta get back to the ship. All right! Looks like somebody else is
trying to get on there, too. Hey! Let me back on the ship! How do we get up there? Ding-a-doy, oh, I got, oh there we go! Yes! I’m on the ship. Actually I’m on a boat. I’m on a boat. Take a good hard look, ’cause
I’m really loving this boat! (laughs) All right! So, what do we do? Do I have to stop the ship from sinking, or do I just explore? Um, are you peeing on
the floor? Is that pee? Ew! (laughs) That’s a lot of pee! Just kidding, it’s
probably a sinking ship. And that’s water. Ooh, the water’s getting in the ship! How do I get outta here? That’d be a lot of pee
if that was actually just someone peeing in here. (laughs) That’d be disgusting. Gross! Uh, well I don’t feel like
I’m going the right way. Oh boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy! Just keep going up,
that’s what I gotta do. I keep going up. Keep going, uh oh. Oh! Oh boy boy boy. Ah! Water you thinking? Help me, buddy. Help me! We gotta get outta here! This ship is sinkin’!
Follow me, I’ll save you. Ah man, we’re going
almost straight up now. I was hoping not to get stuck on a boat that was sinking, but
that ship has sailed. (laughs) Is that an empty room? Uh oh. Oh no, I gotta go back down again. Come on! Let’s see if I can go in here. Ah, we can’t go in that one, it’s locked! Come on, lady, you gotta follow me! Come on, lady Roblox, oh boy boy boy. Don’t go in that room,
somebody peed on the floor. Come on! We can make this! Oh I see, we’re goin’ up the stairs. Oh no, it’s gettin’ a lot harder, ’cause it’s sinking! Oh no! Come on, we can do this! Oh there’s an exit. Is that an exit? Follow me, I know the way out! Actually, I don’t. Yes it is! It’s the way out! (laughs) Woo! That was close. Okay, we gotta get to the top of the ship while we’re sinking. Come on. Yeah! Hoppin’ on some boxes! Don’t box me out, bro. Hey! There’s some people! Yes, I made it out of the ship alive. Oh, that was so close! So what are we doing up here, guys? Guys wanna play some Parcheesi? Maybe some Chutes and Ladders? Go fish? Ah, forget Go Fish. My favorite game is Go Fart. (farts) Oh yeah, that’s
what I’m talking about. You guys love that game, don’t you? Yeah, it’s a real gas. (laughs) So what are we doing here, guys? Or should I say water we doing? (laughs) Oh help! I’m
stuck on a sinking ship. I’ve got a whole raft
of problems. (laughs) Hey guys, you know what you call a small pirate ship? A thug-boat. (laughs) Wow, whoa. Yay, they’re
here to save us, you guys! I see a ship! Oh, thank goodness. We’re gonna be saved, as
opposed to being shaved. ‘Cause then they’d just
get off with razors, and they’d shave you
a little bit. (laughs) That does me no good in this situation! I must be saved, not shaved. Oh, everybody’s jumping off. Does that mean I should do it too? Oh boy. Here we go, cannonball! What the, okay here we go. Yes! Save me! I’m hoppin’ on water, whoa
oh, and don’t it feel good! Yes! (laughs) Who’s driving this thing? Hey can I drive? Hey,
‘scuse me, can I drive? I’m really good at driving! I’ve got my driver’s license. Let me drive or I’m
gonna fart in your face. Okay, I’m gonna fart in your face. Huy! (farts) (laughs) Accept friends. Celebrate good spins, come on! We’ll spin on your instrument panels! So you like that. Oh no! It’s going down! Come on
buddy, you can make it! Get to the ship! Hurry! (laughs) We win! We win! Everyone’s a winner. Winner
winner, chicken dinner, yeah. All right! So now what do we do? Do we go on another sinking ship, or what? What are we doing here?
Sinking ship parties? Oh yeah, here we are. We’re
on another sinking ship. Let’s see. Looks like
we’re in the, whoa, cool! I didn’t even realize I had this. Nice! (laughs) Although it covers
the orange on my face, though. Or on my shirt. That’s not good. Oh well. Ooh yeah! Found my way
out again, look at that! It isn’t even sinking yet. Very good, very good! Where am I going? What am I doing? (shooting flare) Whoa, what was that? Fireworks? (shooting flare) Um, I think the Jolly
Green Giant just farted. (laughs) Whatever it is… Uh oh, here it comes again. (shooting flare) Yep, that
was a Jolly Green Giant fart! I’d like to think that that’s what causes the boat to sink. Jolly Green Giant farts. (laughs) What are you doing, Jolly Green Giant? Why are you farting on ships? What did the ships ever do to you? Okay, we need to find the rescue ship. Oh, hey. Is that it? Is that it right there? Oh! Divin’ in! Hey, I don’t think
there’s anybody in here! Oh, nice! Well, this one’s mine. I’m climbing it. How do I get in? Is that, bluhh, okay, no,
get out, get out of there! Buh-bye! (laughs) Oh
yeah, I can get in here. Yes! Uh oh. Look who’s driving the ship. Oh yeah! Well all right, now this
is what floats my boat! Okay, so I have to go
save people. I got it. Nice! I’m coming for you, buddy. Just hop right in, okay? Uh oh. Bluh! (laughs) Uh oh, I hit him in the booty. Okay, guys. Guys, guys, guys. Get in, get in, get in, get in! Oh, you. (laughs) I’m trying to save you, everybody! I’m not trying to run y’all over. (laughs) Okay, we got someone in here. Looks like this guy just prefers to dance on top of the boat. Okay, yeah. Get in, buddy. I told you to get in. Oh! (laughs) He’s telling me to stop. I’m stopped! Get in the boat! I’m stopped! Get in! Why won’t you get in the boat? (laughs) (laughs) I’m trying to save you guys! (laughs) All right, we got everybody. Okay, we got like five
or six people in here. I know! I (laughs) … This guy, he won’t get in. He keeps telling me to
stop, but he won’t get in! Get in, buddy! (laughs) All right, maybe if I turn
it around a little bit and then I just ram you in the
booty while you’re swimmin’ will that help you get in? (laughs) I don’t think he liked that. He keeps telling me to stop. Would you guys just get in the boat? Come on! (laughs) You got it. Oh no. I thought you were in, buddy! Oh no. (laughs) I don’t
think he’s ever gonna get in. Everybody else has gotten
in here except him. Uh oh, whoa, uh oh. Here it comes. (shooting flare) Oh! Green Giant Farts. Those are the worst. THey’re so smelly. Smelly green beans. (laughs) Jolly Green Bean Jean Giants! Oh, excuse me. (laughs) What is even happening? Uh oh. Somebody’s running the
ship maneuvering abilities. Uh oh.
(flare shooting) (laughs) I think Green Giant farted on me. Green Giant. Okay, where do we go. Okay, I’m stuck. I’m stuck, I can’t move! Uh oh. Uh oh, Green Giant farts comin’ in! (flare shooting) Oh! Stinky green bean farts! (laughs) Can’t just, oh, wha… I can’t move! I think there’s too many
people in the lifeboat. (laughs) I can’t get it to move. Everybody, stop rockin’
the boat, everybody. I’m trying to save you! Come on, g-g-bu-g-g-bu-ge,
come on get in there! Gah, hey buddy, get in here! It’s a boat party! We’re
havin’ a boat party! Hey! What’re you doing? I didn’t tell you you could eject. There’s no eject button here. Hey, I can drive better now. Okay, maybe it’s better that you ejected. Oh, I see another life boat. It’s time for some bumper boats, boys! No, don’t tell me to stop. We ain’t stopping! Not for anybody. (laughs) What are you guys doing? No, stop talk– we can’t, come on. We gotta go. No, I’m trying
to play bumper boats. Stop it! You guys are ruinin’ it! Ah, stop moving around. You’re ruining the boat
maneuvering abilities! There we go. Now we’re movin’! Movin’ and groovin’. (laughs) He’s telling me to stop again. (laughs) You gotta catch me! (laughs) Getting saved from the sinking
ship wasn’t gonna be easy, did you think it was gonna be easy? You gotta work for it! Come on, get in! (laughs) (laughs) I’m helping! (laughs) Besides, I can’t stop, ’cause I gotta play bumper boats! Here we go. (laughs) (whistle blowing repeatedly) (laughs) We’re saving everyone! From boredom. (laughs) Oh, uh oh. I think we’re
taking too much water. (laughs) I think it might
be time to abandon the ship! The lifeboat ship that is. Excuse me, there we go. (laughs) I’m outta here! Yes! King of the island! We’re gonna call this The Isle of Orange! Uh oh, that is definitely sinking. Look at, the big ship is totally fine! It’s the lifeboat that’s sinking now. I didn’t do it! It was
definitely you guys. It was like that when I got here. Uh oh. (laughs) I didn’t do it! I definitely didn’t do
it, it was definitely like that when I got here. Uh oh. Oh, now the Green
Giant’s fartin’ on people again. (laughs) Abandon ship! Come to the Isle of Orange. Oh, I’m just gonna spin right here, I’m the king of the hill, okay? Okay, now that you’re here, you have to be my Roblox totem pole. And you have to give
me 10 billion dollars. Six easy payments of 10 billion dollars. That’s what it costs to
live on the Isle of Orange. Or you could just disappear. That works, too. It’s because he didn’t give me any money, and then he just disappears. Wait a second, so I’ve
been able to hop on water this whole time, and I didn’t even know? (laughs) I don’t need to be saved! I’m hoppin’ on water, whoa
oh, and don’t it feel good? (laughs) This is awesome! Wait wait wait wait, lady,
gimme a piggyback ride! You swim, and I’ll ride on your back, kay? No, you gotta sit still. (laughs) You gotta give me rides. Come back! Let’s make this work. Yes! I’m ridin’ her! (laughs) Yeah. Oh, no, no, don’t stop. Don’t stop, don’t stop. You swim. No! She didn’t like that
I was ridin’ piggyback while she’s swimmin’, she didn’t like it. Aw, too bad. All right guys, well, this
has been Sinking Ship. Pretty fun. Ah, thank you so much
for watching. (laughs) Ah, she got away again. Oh, well thank you for watching. Make sure you do everything you can to make a spot for the
video on the internet, ’cause it totally deserves
it, ’cause it’s so good. Until next time, later, hot potaters! (upbeat electronic music)

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