ROBLOX: Project Minigames #1 [Annoying Orange Plays]

ROBLOX: Project Minigames #1 [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Orange] I’m, yeah,
ooh, are we crashing? I think we’re crashing. Whoa, ah (yells). (fast techno music) (high-pitched laughter) Hey, yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video. Here we are, back in Roblox once again, playing some Project Minigames, whoa. I guess we’re starting right away. Tag the other team first, 15 tags wins. Ooh, so I have to, oh, it’s laser tag, I didn’t even see that. (laughs) Alright, so I’m on the blue team, and I gotta shoot the red team. Where the red team at? Okay, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew. Someone farted (laughs), pew, get it? (laughs) Just kidding. Oh, wow, I really like the
graphics, this is cool. (laughs) Where’s the red team? Oh, I see someone up
there, get him, get him. Uh, okay, I don’t know where anybody is. Oh wait, I see someone, yeah, I see him! He’s on the red team, get him, get him. (laughs) I hit him once, ah. Did I get him? Oh yeah, I got him, alright. Or if I didn’t get him, somebody got him. Ooh, there’s somebody, oh, hey, hey, no shootin’ in the booty,
no shootin’ booties. No shootin’ booties, I shoot
you in the booties, yeah. Good job, guys (laughs). Alright, I’m definitely not feeling blue. I’m get ya (laughs), get one. Oh, I see, oh, he’s following me, help me. Help me, okay, yeah, you shoot him, okay, there you go (laughs). Yes, another one down, another one down. Another one bites the dust, hey, hey. Yeah, I got, ooh, owie, ooh, owie, hey, what happened, what happened? Oh, I’m getting shot in the booty, ooh, ah, ooh, ah, no shootin’ booties. Only I get to shoot booties. Well, that was close, I almost died. Whoa, hey, hey (yells), there
was something behind me. I shoulda looked behind me, Mango_Fruits? Mango_Fruits? I got shot by Mango_Fruits. That’s deliciously dangerous. Hey, why would you spawn me
right there, that’s crazy. Oh yeah, oh yeah, get that red guy. Ooh, ow, ow, don’t let him get, oh no, no. It always takes me so
long to refresh my weapon. I shoot all my bullets right
away and I get so excited. Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi, oh no, no. Yeah, I got ya! (laughs) What the (yells), what happened? Oh, the game was over. (laughs) We lost, no! You gotta, you gotta be nice to me, guys. It was my first time playing. I’ve never played this game before. Hippity hop, hippity
hop, I can’t stop, yo. Hey, you got a floating Rubik’s Cube. Pretty cool. What ya got going on? Ooh, the 500 Stud Dash. Hey, they’re talking about me (laughs). Jump over hurdles as fast as you can, racing against your opponents (laughs). And I’m off, you can’t stop me (laughs). Oh yeah, I think I’m in
the lead, come on, come on. Yeah, Roblox make me
jump, jump, yeah, yeah. Roblox making me jump, jump, come on. Ooh, I see him right behind me, whoa. That was close (laughs), yeah. Jumped over two hurdles with one jump. You’re not gonna catch
me, buddy, Lobster boy. Mm-mm, no Lobsters. Okay, we’re almost to the
end, come on, come on. (yells) Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Orange is in the house. That was pretty good, wait, what? Fourth? How’d I get fourth? I thought I was the first
one across the line. Aw, there must have been
somebody to my left. Either that, or this game’s cheating. This game’s a bunch of hackers (laughs). Alright, whoo, look at
all this cool stuff. Oh, man, I have nothing in my inventory. I need stuff, guys, I need more stuff. Oh, well, whatcha gonna do? ♫ Whatcha gonna do when
Orange comes for you Avalanche, uh-oh, an
avalanche is occurring. Get to safety at the top of the mountain. Hey, guys, it’s ice to meet you, but I’m gonna kick your
booty, see you later. (laughs) And Orange is off like a shot. Hey, get away from me. I’m gonna give you the
cold shoulder (laughs). Ooh, yeah, oh, yeah, first in line. Geez, who’s throwing blocks, whoa. Those are some big blocks. Hey (laughs), wow, that block
almost hit me in the booty. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
we’re almost there. Whoa, whoa, no, I don’t want
a crushing defeat (laughs). Yes, I made it! I am alive. There’s no business like
snow business, you know. Hey, hey, those are pretty
cool shoulder pads, wow. Are those turtle shells with spikes? Awesome. I’m just gonna spin here for
a second ’til I barf, okay? (laughs) You guys should try it, it’s fun. (sputters) (laughs) Hey, how’d it go, guys? Yes, I escaped, I am the winner. Along with a bunch of other people, too. (laughs) I want some Cheetos,
gimme some Cheetos, machine. (laughs) It won’t give me Cheetos. Okay, gearin’ up for some good stuff. Hit the targets, the team
with the most targets wins. Um, so what, what is the
target, who’s the target? Justin Bieber, is Justin
Bieber the target? I could shoot at Justin Bieber. He’s just gotta pop his
head out, where is it? (laughs) No, seriously,
what am I shooting at? Am I just shooting at boxes? Is that what I do? Oh, do I shoot at them? Nothing, oh, there’s the targets. Yeah, am I hitting it? I’m not even, I don’t even know if I’m, excuse me, I’m trying to
hit some targets over here. Don’t get in my way. You guys, no, stop getting in front of me. What are you doing? I think we’re, I think we’re losing, we’re losing very badly. Oh, now we’re catching up,
yes, that’s how you do it. (laughs) We’re almost caught up,
we’re almost caught up. Yes, we’re winning. How did that even happen? We started losing so
badly and now we’re ahead. Oh yeah, we’re kicking some booties. When it comes to shooting arrows, I get the point every time. (laughs) Oh, no, we tied. I only hit one (laughs). But I was aiming right at him. Okay, maybe I have to
aim right above them? ‘Cause it’s like an arrow
doesn’t go exactly straight, ’cause it’s too far away,
so you gotta shoot above it, and then it goes in an arc, and then, okay, you guys get it. Excuse me, don’t hop on my head (laughs). Hey, you got farting pizza,
I want a farting pizza. Oh, alright, who wants to
play some Pong with me? Oh, nobody wants to play Pong. Okay, maybe this seat? No, it’s not working. Okay, let’s see what we have next. Next mini-game, oh, it’s soccer. You have two minutes to work as a team and score the most goals to win. You know what I do? I do it just for the kicks (laughs). Kickin’ booties, that’s what I’m doing. Where’s the ball, where is it? Where’s, is it gonna happen? We’re having a ball. Hey, there it, hey, no,
it’s my turn, it’s my ball. You gotta (sputters), wa-wa (laughs). This is just mayhem, yay, we won! Alright, we scored, we didn’t win yet, but we’re gonna win. Just you watch, oh, yeah, I
got this, I got this, guys. (laughs) Oh, okay, it’s
really hard to kick, ’cause everybody’s in the way. Oh (laughs). Oh, what happened? Oh, out of bounds. Okay, oh, it appears in the
middle every single time. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,
you think you got it? Oh no, we almost got it, yes! Winner, winner, chicken
dinner, once again. (laughs) This mini-game is awesome. Oh yeah, you think you got it? No, oh yeah, that’s what ya get. Come on, nothin’ but net, nothin’ but net. Oh, outta bounds, quickly,
get back to the middle. Quickly, oh yeah (laughs). We were ready for ya. You thought you were gonna score, oh no! Blocked it, whew, Orange to the rescue. Out of bounds. Let’s try it one more time. Yeah! This is exactly what soccer should be. Soccer should be
(sputters), in real soccer, they should make the ball
as big as the people. That would make it even more fun. I love this idea. Whoa (laughs), I almost had it, ooh, I got it, I got
it, I got it, oh, yeah. Oh, I’ll see you around (laughs). Get it, round like a ball? Man. Floating pizzas, there’s
floating pizzas everywhere. Oh, oh, it’s outta bounds, outta bounds. Okay, gimme the ball, gimme the ball. Yeah, give it to me, there it is (laughs). Hey, look, ow, oh, I almost shot it. Oh, almost got a goal. Yeah, outta bounds, nine seconds. Quickly, gimme the ball, gimme the ball. Oh, pass it to me (laughs). Pass it to the orange guy, on the red team, the
orange guy on the red team. That makes sense, right? Don’t even try it, buddy. Yes, winner, winner, chicken dinner. I’m pretty sure that was
all because of me (laughs). I mean, I don’t want
to take all the credit, but you know, hey (laughs). Hey, Mango_Fruit, hey
Mango_Fruit, hey Mango. Hey Mango, you like to tango? (laughs) Why are you runnin’ away from me? Come back. Mango, knife! (laughs) Just kiddin’, there’s no knives here. I was just jokin’ around, don’t
run away from your feelings. Come back, Mango_Fruit, please. I love you. But just as a friend, okay? Mango_Fruit, you gotta (laughs). Alright. He didn’t want me to keep
talkin’ to Mango_Fruit. You know what they say? It takes two to mango (laughs). What is this? All aboard Flight 1337. What a classic game is, or
what a classic this game is. Survive a plane crash, uh-oh. Well, do we really want to
be getting on the plane? If we know it’s gonna crash? Isn’t that kinda plain crazy? (laughs) Okay, we’re gonna sit right here. This is a good seat,
this is a window seat. This is my favorite. Get away from me, this is my seat. Alright, guys, it’s
high time for fly time. You guys should probably find a seat. There’s lots downstairs. Oh, you gonna snake that, whoa. Uh-oh. Whoa, oh, we’re hitting
some turbulence already. Um (sputters), ooh, are we crashing? I think we’re crashing, whoa, ooh (yells). I feel like I could fly
this better than you, and I’ve never flown an airplane before. I could probably do a better job. Whoa,
(water splashes) what the? What the ejection seat just happened? Well, that was crazy, I died. That’s plain crazy (laughs). I guess I shoulda just winged it (laughs). I feel like I got cheated
in that one, guys. (whines) Hey, turtle shoulder
pads, you make me feel better. (laughs) You know what people say when they see your turtle shell shoulders? What the shell? (laughs) Climbing ladders, climbing
ladders, yo, yo, yo. What is next? Hide and seek, you have 30
seconds to hide from the seeker. Find a spot, after that, you must not be tagged
for two minutes (laughs). I got this, I got this. I know how to play hide
and seek real good. The key is to go to the
opposite side of the map and find a really good hiding spot. Okay, there’s no hiding
spots in there, uh-oh. Ooh, there’s not really
a good hiding spot here. Okay, I’m gonna hide behind this tree. I blend right in, right? (laughs) Perfect. Oh, I see it, yeah, okay,
for the first 20 seconds, the seeker has just been
trying to get that one person. (laughs) Oh, I see it, yeah. Little floating icon, you
can see where he’s going. Oh, yeah, I’m just gonna stay
behind this tree real good. Yeah, you can’t see me, look at that. Oh, I think he found somebody else, oh no! Just don’t come over here,
don’t come over here. Oh, he’s going to the other
side of the map again, okay, just keep moving over,
just in case he looks over. I don’t want him to see me. Oh, he’s looking good! Already, oh, yeah, untagged! Winner, winner, chicken
dinner, level four, wassup. Hey hey, alright. I like this game, we’re
gonna play some more. Alright guys, thank you
so much for watching. Make sure you do everything
you can to make this the most popular video on the internet, ’cause it totally deserves
it, ’cause it’s so good. ‘Til next time, later,
at the Roblox totem pole. Hey, ah, he ruined it. (fast techno music)

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