Robert Greene on The Laws of Human Nature, Mastery, and Strategy

Robert Greene on The Laws of Human Nature, Mastery, and Strategy

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  1. For those who haven't heard, Robert recently had a stroke. He expects to make a full recovery, but has cancelled other interviews on The Laws of Human Nature. Feel free to wish him well in the comments

  2. Probably the most important thing I learned from reading Mastery, was in reference to learning something new. When you learn something new you have to mentally in a sense, become like a child. A child is open, curious, dependent, and has no ego or pre notions. He/she just wants to understand.

  3. Robert pronounces niche like an American philistine. Neesh is the classy french way, nitch is the banal garbage man way.

  4. Dr. Greene, soy un gran admirador suyo; sus obras me han ayudado bastante a ver el mundo como realmente es y aprender a desechar las falacias y la comodidad. Espero que pueda recuperarse plenamente del derrame que sufrió y pueda volver para compartir sus conocimientos con nosotros. Muchas gracias por su importante labor.

  5. Profound insight from Robert Greene… Sir is just phenomenal and no doubt wonderful teacher through his works…
    Best part of the interview is that video stays every second on Robert Greene and we can hear Brendan’s voice in background…this helps in absorbing all the non verbal part of teaching which is really commendable…Thank you so much..

  6. I love this interviewer because he lets Robert “flow” into the interview, rather than doing a power play and using their ego to create a defense against Greene IMO. I’m noticed that others interviewers bombard him with questions and dance for the camera too much. This is lengthy but good!

  7. Simon N
    Simon N
    för 3 minuter sedan (redigerad)
    I would like robert debate Sam Harris.
    Sam just thinks that take away religon and we reach utopia. Look i use to love his way of thinking5 years ago, just brilliant rational 0 emotion, but he hasnt changed his arguments in years.
    And one special thing i thought about was his lying book. I took it to heart cause he said it was one of the most important descisions in his life not to lie again or making a big effort. This fucked my humor up alot. And sam is many things great guy, good for him but his "NOT" funny omg(It also messing up seduction?) . Makes his twitter jokes 3 times the same seminarium. I thougt first the book was a 5/5 now its a 3/5 or medicore. Could be sooo much better he takes few exsamples and acts like he covered everything. Very sloppy like "if the nazis knock at your door and you have jews in the basement" what about this mystery stuff in seduction or influenceing/manipulating others for a good cause? I wanna get in the grey zone and you two would be the best.
    What Robert said about being a child and knowing what you want. I use to love Jim Carrey pet detective when i was a child, i wanted to be like him acting in a fun way. Now i found out im bipolar like him.
    However when i was 18 i read the game" by neil strauss and ironicly now again i found robert greene threw going back to his website. Seeing in 48 laws of power how ignorant i had been was just a mind-blower. But that book man i read it one half time and thought i could manipulate everyone and get everygirl even if they had boy friend by saying a few lines/routines. It maked me not go my own way but his way and losing myself in drugs, books, shrooms. before that i also find out my both my step father and mother tricked me my stepfather was my real father and my father didnt exist. Sensitve age. However everything is my fault! I feel it now. got to make the best of it. Hope someone sees this take care.

  8. Malcolm Gladwell ruined the 10,000 hr rule I thought it was a cliche until Robert Greene explained its a real scientific study.

  9. I wonder when his last book is going to get published. Been very impatient since he talked about it after mastery release

  10. i love this Man so much i really want to buy his new book from Marocco but i dont know how , any one Can help me please??

  11. Hey man, great interview. Would love to see your face more when you are talking! It would make the podcast look less awkward. Don't zoom into his face too much either lol. Another thing I suggest is to have a third front facing camera angle that has both of you guys in one frame. Good luck

  12. I've been a Robert Greene fan for quite a while now, and I must say that this interview was rather lacking.
    He's definitely less sharp than before, and at first I thought it was just my impression, but after reading The Laws of Human Nature cover to cover I'm afraid he's missing his edge.

  13. A true realist! Highly intelligent. He tells it like it is in life. Read his books… it will educate you on modern life. You must read to gain knowledge.

  14. if you want to be a master porn actress you need to watch the best in this field and subdivide the challenges in small ones, like Napoleon. Thats napoleons porn.

  15. 1:11:37 Something got edited out. Just after he said 'Seduction is a form of warfare'. What did Robert say after that?

  16. He has such a beautiful mind. I hope the stroke didnt damage parts of the brain for writing and speaking….we all want Robert to be alife being able to continue his passion! Best wishes for his recovery

  17. i love the interview, but for fucks sake that camera man was wayyyy in love with the minute details of your faces.

  18. Dude this book has been amazing so far. So insightful this interview is. I really do feel like he should be put on the shelf of the other great thinkers that he mentions such as Pericles and Marcus Aurelius. We’re very lucky to have this individual

  19. Robert Greene you are amazingly, outstandingly honest and intelligent. 48. Laws of Power has helped me a great deal. I have not found a book as helpful as this. Thank you so much with sharing your knowledge. 48 Laws of Power has helped me deal with challenges in the working world. I have found that people at work are rarely honest and forth coming. Their words don’t match their body language.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and send you best wishes.

  20. Come on Robert that 10000 rule is quite outdated, how many hours really depends more on context than the number of hours, some people learn faster, and some skills are easier or harder to learn and so on.

  21. This is the first time I heard of Robert Greene, I really like him right off, I aspire to be a writer and I love philosophy like he does and I really hope I can get off drugs and redirect my sex drive to make something of myself, I was on top of the world, I worked so hard on myself until I fell in Love, I gave her 100% of myself and she took that and more, I got addicted to pills then when I went to quit she hurt me and stole my subs, the detox meds, from that pain I turned to heroin by I.v. which took over my life, I just couldn't deal with the pain she caused, ive never been so abandoned and betrayed, I had 40 grand in the bank and went through it all in 6 months, I lost my drive, then my business, then my home. Now I'm struggling to want to get up, I'm stuck, I'm not emotionally in pain like before, the woman just tried to get me back, she was so sweet again, then I could not help her move and now she says I have nothing to offer, she just tried to use me again, I feel good I see her as the narrcicist she is, I feel bad for her but I know I can not help her. Right now I need help but I can not ask anyone I know, I was on methadone but quit to avoid months of pain in detoxing, my plan was to do drugs for a week because the detox is less time than the legal methadone. Well one week went by and I couldn't quit because I have to work, now its been a month and all my income is going to drugs so I can work. My life is not easy no doubt and I need help but I can only help myself, I listen to guys like this because in the past I had my subconscious mind working with me becauae of years of self programming, between watching videos like this, reading and writing I got myself up twice before, its so much harder this time because I lost everything I worked so hard for. I wanted Love so much, it was what gave me the drive to build up my life. I wanted to have a lot to offer, I'm having such a hard time wanting anything besides to get high. I know quitting drugs is the first and most important step but I don't have the self control to stop. I know I have to, I know I can not continue this and I want to stop before things get even worse. I must, I am scared of what will happen if I continue drugs, I'm in a horrible spot right now and I could use some encouragement. I want to make videos on youtube and write a book on how to get out of the drug trap. I love helping others, I must get myself moving forward again. I need a strategy. I need a will.

  22. If you get to be 50 or 60 and are bummed because you never reached your so called potential, it's because you're looking at things the wrong way. Don't go's a trap. Do you really need to worry about another one of those things at that point?

  23. I think instead of looking for a shortcut like they talked about in the beginning of the discussion, it is better to break goals down into steps. For instance, if someone approached a goal as one big step you are more likely to fail 100%, but not necessarily 100% of the time. If someone breaks a goal down into more steps than one, he or she is likely to fail at a smaller percentage because the success rate would be the average success rate of all the steps. And, of course, someone could see what he or she needs to work on better. From there someone could continue to break down the steps that he or she is having problems with. Plus that person won't be as discouraged. A good example of this is writing a program to run on a computer. I wrote one the other day where I broke it into steps with each step being able to compile and run, so I knew when I had an error or incorrect results it somehow related to the current goal.

  24. Apple always copied Braun designs… iPod was copied from a patten that had ran out
    iPhone was copied from the palm

  25. I watched this today and found it quite interesting and helpful. Will definitely be checking out some of Roberts other interviews on you tube. Wishing Robert and his family all the best.

  26. Robert you are an amazing human! You have given us all so much to digest with this masterpiece. Please give yourself time to heal and correct your health problems. We will wait patiently. Many blessings to you.

  27. This guy is like a rambling old pigeon feeder in the park. He uses a tremendous number of words, spoken slowly, to say little to nothing.
    When I watch a video of Thomas Sowell, I'm astounded every 2 minutes with something he has to say that I never thought of.
    I've yet to have anything close to that experience with this charlatan sheister flim flam con man.

  28. Outstanding Brendan with Robert Greene! Hopefully our friend Robert has recovered greatly and is doing much better. I wanted to know how can I help you bring more value to your show and segments?

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