Resident Evil 2 Remake Puzzle Solutions | How To Solve The Chess Puzzle Maze | Supplies Storage Room

Resident Evil 2 Remake Puzzle Solutions | How To Solve The Chess Puzzle Maze | Supplies Storage Room

How do you solve the chess maze to get the
king & queen plug and your special weapon in the sewers of Resident Evil 2 Remake? Let’s walk through the solutions right now. Walk down the stairs and make a quick U-turn,
then a right and grab the queen out of the first box. Now turn left and walk down the hall and around
the corner on the left you will find the 2nd box with the queen symbol on it. Place the plug into the hole. Now go through the gate that just opened and
around the corner you’ll find a stairway. Head up the stairs to find the king plug in
the box in the room above. Be prepared because as soon as you grab the
plug you will be trapped on the 2nd level and the game will force you to jump over the
ledge. When you hit the ground, move forward and
then turn around ready to fire because there will be 1 zombie attacking or 2 if you are
on the 2nd run. These guys will come back to life and annoy
you so try to take them out as best as you can. Now walk through that same gate like you are
going up the stairs again, but instead you will se another box on the left. This is where you can place the king plug
to open the gate and pick up your special weapon. Leon gets the flamethrower while Claire gets
the spark shot. There’s a locked door here but it is basically
to trick you into thinking the point of the puzzle was to get the special weapon and not
to get the chess pieces. Instead turn back around and grab the king
plug again. Then walk back and grab the queen plug so
that you have both of them in your inventory. Now go back down that skinny hall where you
found the queen in the first place and place it back in its original box. This puts you back outside where you originally
came down the stairs. And you’ll find another king box out here
where you want to place the plug. Now turn around and walk back around the corner
to grab the queen plug again. And then when the gate shuts on you, loop
all the way around to the front and now you’ll be outside of the maze and ready to leave. Just make sure you grab that king part out
of the box and double check your inventory to make sure you have the king and queen before
you head back to put them in the chess puzzle. If this video helped you be sure to leave
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with let me know. Thanks for watching!

20 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 Remake Puzzle Solutions | How To Solve The Chess Puzzle Maze | Supplies Storage Room

  1. Barry do the video for how to unlock infinity rocket launcher or others special latest weapon infinity ammo, how many hours should beat down the game and get it those weapons ? Thanks..

  2. People just make sure that u kill that hanging zombie before you go up the stairs and trigger its falling, trust me life will be easier by then

  3. Wtf!!!! Why is my door at the top not opening. I literally just did that? Is there some kind of game glitch here or am i being really thick headed!

  4. Best walk trough on this particular scenario I've seen. Others are way too fast and not as well explained.

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