(water rushing) (brooding music) (fighting) – Think I care about this dress? (muffled arguing) – [Voiceover] Sometimes
someone hurts you so bad – I don’t think you understand. – [Voiceover]] It
stops hurting at all. (brooding music) Until something
makes you feel again. And then it all comes back. Every word. Every hurt. Every moment. How could you ever
understand where I come from? Even if you ask,
even if you listen, you do not really
hear, or see, or feel. You don’t remember my story. You haven’t walked my path. You haven’t seen what I’ve seen. (ocean waves) (desolate music) My past defines me. This is who I am. I am unseen, unheard (camera flashing) unwanted. That is what I am. If even I am anything. (siren) (car door) (knocking) – [Cop] You’re under arrest. Police. Get on the floor. (desolate music) – [Voiceover] It seem
like the seemed like the same thing that held
me up forced me down. – No. – [Voiceover] In a world
turned upside down, and order disappeared. (baby crying) Nothing was how it
was suppose to be. And a heavy sadness
filled my soul. (desolate music) (crickets) (thunder) (desolate music) – [Voiceover] Deeper and
deeper I fell within myself. – [Blonde Woman] It’s
all fluffy and fuzzy. – [Voiceover] And nothing
could show me out. (baby crying) Trapped in the
misery of my life. Lost in the sorrow of my soul. Unable to see the light. Unable to see the dawn. To feel. To hope. – What are you doing
picking my fruit? – [Voiceover] To dream. (screaming) -[Voiceover] I found the darkest
days of my life kept coming. (screaming) The blackest nights for
my soul never stopped. – No, No. – Yes. (screaming) (water running) – [Voiceover] It seemed like it was always nighttime
and nightmares, and never morning. And maybe you wonder why, but mostly you try
not think about it, and try to get by, and try to survive. And all the other stuff
seems so much like nothing compared to just wanting the most important
things back again. Like wishing you could
see your mom smile again and hear her sing that one
favorite song that always calmed you down when
things were all messed up. Or if you couldn’t
have her back, at least get to take
care of your baby brother because you know he needs you, and he’s going to be
so scared all alone. And whose going to hold his hand and whisper it’s going
to be alright to him? (baby crying) And who will whisper it to me? – Hi ya, Zoe. It’s so good to have you here. Are you ready to move in? – [Voiceover] I know
I’m helpless, dependent, desperate, but what
happens when those you need the most threaten
your very existence? I’ve heard plenty of promises and they all sound the same. But push hard enough
and sooner or later they all prove to be empty. The sun comes up every morning, but do you know where? Each place it’s
somewhere different. It’s hard to find east when
you keep moving around, but at least it comes. It always comes. I’ve come to depend on that. And slowly, slowly
seasons changed around me, and it seemed this time
that maybe the world would not be pulled out
from under me again. Feet safe, roots
starting to grow. Little buds of hope for me. Slowly attempting to
trust this new life. – Hi, come over and let me show you what I got for you. I got you a gift. (far away arguing) – Do you think I care
about this dress? I don’t think you understand me. Do you? I don’t think you understand me. – [Voiceover] I wish
someone would tell me
(background arguing) it would be O.K. – I swear to God you touch me
again, – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I will kill you. – Here let me help you. – [Zoe] No, don’t touch me. – [Voiceover] That
one day, maybe. – I hate you, I hate you. – [Voiceover] I’ll feel normal. – [Zoe] I hate you. – [Voiceover] That I
won’t always be alone. That I’ll have a
mommy who will hug me and be strong for me, because maybe I can’t
do it all by myself. (desolate music) – [Foster Mother] Hi, yes. I’m calling to (whispering). Thank you so much. Thanks. O.K. (whispering) (desolate music) (drawer slam) (drawer slam) (drawer slam) – [Voiceover] This my
past, my history, my story, is not my fault. It’s not because of me. And doesn’t have to be
what defines my future. (desolate music) I am lovable. I am worthy of care. And that glimmer of light,
it makes all the difference. The glimmers of light
give me hope that someday my summer will come. (desolate music)

100 thoughts on “ReMoved

  1. heres my story its long so dont even bother to read if u dont want to

    when i was born i grew up watching my dad beat my mom i have one older brother and a baby brother 1 – 2 years old he would beat her till she bleed and stick her head in the toilet her job started to wonder. she made up excuses but everyone who knew her knew what was happening. she would sleep in the car just to get away she was a whole new person she was depressed suicidal hurt broken. she needed help. i was four when all of this started my dad then cheated and blamed it on my mom. she wasnt pretty enough she didnt care about herself enough. she was cheating too (thats just what he thought she wasnt actually) my dad cheated for 2 years. my mom woke up everyday with a smile on her face. she woke me up with a bright smile beaming. i could see her hurt i could see her pain. i tried to stop it but my dad wouldnt. i couldnt handle seeing it so much. this was every other weekend. my mom used to be so happy. she would sing in the car. she was horrible at it. she knew she was but she did it to make the atmosphere around us happier. my dad once beat my moms head into a wall. we had to run away and we had to a shelter where we were safe. then my mom was finally happy again. my dad seemed to calm down again. we had to live in a hotel because of my dad not supporting us. my mom was such a bright loving soul. she was so good to me. i hurt. i hurt alot. so i take it out on the only person who loves me. shes been there for me sense day one but i was too blind to see it. i just wanna see her smile again. i just wanna see her happy. i wanna hear her singing silly songs in the car. i want my old life before all of this i just want to he happy. i treat everyone who loves me like trash and push them out i guess you could say that im selfish. its okay. but for the most part im not. i cant see that smile. her beautiful blue eyes overcome with tears. i want her ild self back. i wish i could have had more time with her before all this. but she wakes up everyday for me and my brothers. with nothing but a smile. but i still see the hurt i want to tell her that im sorry but i cant. i cant say it. i dont know how to express feelings i dont know. ill never get the sight out of my head of here making a dinner for us after a long day of work and my dad bearing her for no reason. he pulled her hair he punched her kicked her gave her pain not only physical but emotional pain. this is getting too long so im gonna stop here but yea this is my story feel free to read and talk but u dont have to like or anything bye

  2. Had to watch in my foster class. I was taken away from my parents on and off til th last time around the age of 7 and was adopted at 9 or 10. Lost 2 of my brothers due to them being adopted by someone else. I walked out of the class when the trash bag showed up idk how many times we were handed a trash bag and was told we where leaving. To much of her story was like mine. I am just glad I have made a great life for my children and trying to help other children

  3. ..This was just like my life.. all abuse and pain and sorrow, then it went to therapy and foster parents.. now I'm finally back with my mom and have been for 3 years.. but I can't get the memories out of my head :')

  4. My dad and mum were good people. Except, every night him and my mum would yell at each other. Usually when they came back from parties. They act normal around my sister, other people and I. Until we go to sleep and the baby sitter leaves.They thought we were asleep. I wasn’t. I heard it all. All of the fights. Every word. Not having friends wasn’t helping either. My sister was too young to understand. I felt like I was drowning in the truth. The truth behind the smiles and laughters. All just masks to cover the truth. The fighting wasn’t violent. But I was hurt. My mother fell into depression. She was taking antidepressants and I didn’t know about it until recently. My mum didn’t work so she was constantly alone. Me and my sister would come from school and my dad would come from work. Me and my dad were always in a bad mood coming home but my sister was always positive. That’s what kept me sane. My mum would try and talk with us but we’d usually just watch tv. My mum was just as lonely as I was. I had no friends. She had no friends and was always home alone. My classmates thought I was a freak and didn’t want anything to do with me.

    We all are ok now. My mum, my sister and I all moved to England and my mum and dad got a divorce. My mum has a cool boyfriend now and he loves her very much. My sister doesn’t remember much and I’ve finally made friends. My dad has a girlfriend now and is staying in Dubai. He loves me and my sis very much but he doesn’t text a whole lot. We barely keep in touch. I’m still traumatised from everything that happened but it’s better.
    I’m now 13 and happy to say that I’m getting better! 🤗

  5. 1. Sex harrasment from my brother
    2. I cant tell my family
    3. My brother punch and slap me in the face
    4. I have to protect my sister
    5. I have to earn some money to protect my self and my sister. To Survive.

    God. I'm so scare.

  6. When they took away her brother my eyes watered.. at the end when he came back I completely started crying. It's just to sad.. I cant and don't want to imagine one of my siblings get taken away like that..


  8. One like=100000000000,00,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000slaps ih her dad's face

  9. If any short film deserved to be made…this one did. The ending was perfect. I don't know about anyone else but it was just what I was hoping for. Wonderful piece! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I watched and remember me something from my life. Tree sixty old man and have expierience like this not exacly but really is be true of my life where girl in sixteen years old guy is stolen by doctors or somebody and now rejuection of life from civilian in sociality of people in my town city or province… Really sad story not understanding by parents, guys, neighbors, teachers, psycologist and others. True never give up, but when fight have seriously sense by strenght is low an tears in eyes what do who know righ aa?

  11. Watched this one more time and never throws me to alcohol or drugs I only escaped to something different to my younger bro but he never know why I don’t wonna crush him of our form spent lazing time. Sometimes this occured with my mother she never close with father my problems. Every have time in 1996 when my sisters with guys from neighbors loutgher’s me on stairs before house when we egsists. That evning when reading books really good book have mind to get magnesium and die beacouse nobody go to stoped that what happend taht day week after month later. I knwewed it not closed my problems but nobody get me clue. Who? Doctors nope teachers nope, life … not exacly beacouse I never getting stopped dreaming of girl… Btw when have six year I see on girl tree years younger silver hair what i axacle means I don’t know. That problem returned years ago one more time after 30 years. Blond girl blond woman what exaly mean whom get clue getting him on a beer in my country really good … 11.1 % 🙂

  12. I understand the story. I've been through this shit.. But I still feel nothing in this empty dark soul of me. It's like my father ripped it out of me. When my sister died, he was crazy. He hit me and my mom, every day my parents were arguing. I still hear the screams of my father. In school I start to cry when the teachers scream because it remembers me of my dad. Plus that they call me freak and loser in school. And I have to pretend, that I love my dad so that we have enaugh money. Still with 14 jears, I just can say that the world is the cruelest place where you can be.

  13. People always say ‘’People don’t deserve to get hurt this way’’

    Well you just say that but you don’t really do anything about it because its too late for most of us

  14. 2min and I tried really hard not to cry. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL "let's concentrate on making weapons to kill, let's concentrate on getting rich who cares about abuse of innocent women and children? Money is more important"
    SADLY THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NO ONE REALLY CARES remember when you saw a child being hit by the parent? What did you do to stop it?

  15. This video shocks many people because billions live in a fantasy world and don't know and don't want to know about the evil that happens every second in this horrible godless world.

  16. I know this is true around the world but how could someone so young be so sad and so abused and hurt?! It makes me sick thinking of what ppl do to make themselves feel good and powerful and when it really puts people down and makes them either kill themselves or have thought of it society is the worst and what’s worse is WE are the society but almost half of us are depressed and have killed ourselves don’t do it kids don’t think the world would be better without you bc the world doesn’t know you. They don’t know who you are on the inside or even on the outside so how would you know they don’t want you? That’s what I tell myself every time I think abt what you think I think abt! Be wise about what you do and what you think about think of happy things that made you happy ! Be safe !!❤️❤️❤️

  17. You know..people find problems and make problems were they aren't while the real and bad stuff are happening. Like in my country a lot of people are so into LBGT community that they don't want it, coz it will hurt kids etc etc but why they are not so energetic and powerful about kids abusive? Why they aren't pissed of at people who hurt vulnerable kids. Why they talk so much about protecting kids while ignoring the ones that are here and actually need real help. It make me so mad and helpless, how to talk to them, what to do so they would change their minds.
    I won't be different, but honestly one of my goal of life was to be rich so that i could take kids from orphans and give them home and give them tools for better future, so they could do and become who they want to do.
    This world is really sick. But all of us here, we can try to make it a little better, there are many of us we can do that!

  18. First time that i cried so hard… I… I just feel so bad… I judge myself for being so ungrateful always… I complained for such a nothing whole my life… And …

  19. Wonderful story, Wonderful acting. Unfortunately this story line is so true. Children in the system need a lot of love patience and time 😞

  20. I feel this story a lot. My biological dad hasn’t been there for me almost at all. Whenever I see him he just gets drunk. Then my stepdad mentally and physically abuses my mom. I’ve never been hit but it still affects me badly. Reply with anything you need to get off your chest and I’m sure we can help each other.

  21. The mom is so dumb she was like no dont take my abusive boyfriend away when she should of been running to save her daughter

  22. I cried when her doll shattered beforet then even harder when she got her baby bryher😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙃😭

    I was happy that she got her brother back

  23. Story of my Life and it never goes away. Nightmares never go away. Unless you've been there no doctor can help you. 48 years old and I'm still a mess. I never felt the love of family. Rejected neglected beatin almost to death at 5years old. Gave me seizures till I was 16. And I still can't talk about the really bad things. I don't know what love is. I guess I'll never know. I was lost. I'm still lost.

  24. There are many families Brocken around the world coz of abuse
    Mentally physically emotionally abused
    How very sad
    When children should be happy they take on responsibility of hat parents should do
    One day there will be no more sorrow no more abus .
    God has promised

  25. В россии это происходит каждую минуту,…только законников нет… НИКОГДА

  26. I got so mad when she said you've never seen what I see I mean I understand that she's going through a lot but like there's way more people out there going through way worse

  27. I'm 41 years old, and a mother of 5. I am bawling my eyes out right now. This broke me. No child should ever be made to feel so insignificant and unloved. Some people do not deserve children. My wish, is for all of the children who are hurting like this, to find a family to love them. That is my wish, and in a few years time, I hope to foster to adopt, and change a child's life.

  28. This rly made me cry so much bc u can hear how much pain shes been througha and no-one should go through that and the fact how she wanted her brother the whole time rly hurt me as shes super close with him and even though i dont have a sibling im rly close with my cousin and if she was my sibling i would be the same way as her wanting her not wanting her to go and it hurts me bc no-one deserves to go through pain😭

  29. when she talked about taking care of her baby brother, i started bawling cuz like, i love my baby brother. i get annoyed with him a lot but i couldn’t live without him

  30. Hun, I may b happier than u that u got to be ur brother😂😂😊😊

    Obviously I'm not, don't get triggered

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