Reglas del Ajedrez en 20 minutos – Izzik Chess

Reglas del Ajedrez en 20 minutos – Izzik Chess

Welcome to this small project to start with the right foot
let’s learn the rules to play right from the start
we will learn a bit of history basic concepts we will know the pieces
of the game let’s start with the pawn in terms
military it could be said that the pawn represents
the infantry the tower represents what material because there are four towers in the
corners of the board the horses the pendulum represent the movement
because they jump in military terms can represent the cavalry the
bishops represent fidelity because a bishop can only move in
diagonal by the boxes of the same color in military terms it
represents bishops or leaders religious
the king represents the player to the general this is you who directs the queen
represents patriotism was known as the general but at the time
medieval was finished calling lady the box is in the column hy in the
row one is called h1 and it will always be the box that will be on the right hand side
of the player wearing the white pieces on the contrary the a8 box is always going to
be the box that will be at hand right of the player of black pieces
both boxes will notice that they are boxes white or light squares and then
we can accommodate the pieces the towers they were always in the corners of the
castles of the towers in the castles there were always the stables guarding the kings we have bishops the white queen
always goes in the white square and the black queen always in the black square
they will always be in the column dy obviously the pawns go in the second
row and in the seventh row for black that is this piece in symbol is
moves horizontally and vertically spaces that he wishes he can move this
tower for example you can move all these pictures that are in green but here
there is the case where there are pieces in the path
for example we have this white bishop the tower can not occupy this box
because it is a piece of its same color we can not capture pieces of our
same color hence the boxes that are beyond
behind the bishop and can not be occupied for the tower in the case we have here
the black horse if we can occupy this box capturing the horse but not
we can go further because in chess very important in chess you capture the
piece is removed from its place it is removed of the board and we leave our piece in
that position unlike the tower moves in
diagonal this movement can be known
in the game of the ladies as the bishop but with the extra that he also
move like a tower this monstrous combination converts
the lady as the strongest piece of board one square at a time in any
direction that the king is so limited not it prevents him from fighting and the king
also like the other pieces can capture but it has its limitations already
which is a very important piece and its loss means total defeat the
Kings can not be placed in a square where you have immediate danger have
that in the next movement when are attacked sit in a box in
that they are out of danger but they of their own free will they can not occupy
one box that is controlled by the enemy this black bishop controls this diagonal is diagonal and the black tower controls up
that point not because it can not happen anymore beyond the bishop and all this row 7 for that reason the white king can be avoided in these
squares in green because they would be out of danger
can be located in f3 because the tower does not have effect up there and neither the king
white can capture this bishop because it is under the protection of the
tower the horse if in fact it’s a bit more complicated is a piece that to the
children have a hard time learning it I like to reference the movement
of the horse as the movement of the L of the tetris makes an L
in this way start in a box dark and ends in a clear box
can fall in this position or can fall in this position
this horse can also jump in L up and fall into this position or this
position to the sides can fall into this position or this position and towards
down can fall in this position or in this position
what you see here is the circle of horse and are all the options that
have to move but the horse has a very special skill and that is that
horse can jump over the other pieces remember the rule that
teach that the tower for example does not could move beyond where a
piece hinder good for the horse that’s not worth the horse has the
ability to always jump and when the final box where it is located
be free for example we have this horse in g1
the horse in g1 can jump to h3 and f3
it does not matter if the pawn of g2 is hindering the trip while the boxes
ends are free he can drop the The pawn is the only piece that captures
different to how things move that we should know
of the pawn is that he can advance two squares but only in its first movement
after that, only one box at a time the pawn can only
make this movement marked on arrows red when it’s going to capture if there’s no
pieces to capture the pawn can only move towards the front
we can see the example of the pawn of column c is this pawn can not
move forward as he does not capture that way he is blocked and can not advance
What this pawn can do is capture this enemy bishop because
if it is in the attack area of ​​this Pawn we can see the column pawn and
this pawn can not move to these boxes
these boxes at the moment are prohibited because there are no pieces to which
attack what this pawn can do is to advance one square towards the front
we see this column pawn g that does not has moved
I noticed that they are on the start line is the starting line of the pawns this pawn
You have the option to move if you want a box or two boxes
if the pawns have not moved from their line started can jump two boxes of
blow and we finally have this pawn of column h
this column pawn h can not move to this address because it’s a
friendly piece if it were an enemy piece if he can capture it and can not advance
because there is a piece hampering like happened with the column pawn
I mean that this peon has no movements possible in Chess is not obligatory
movements only when there is a direct threat to the king who is the check
has a direct threat to this tower that controls the entire row
the opponent has to answer by leaving your king in a
safe area I will give you three options that they always have when they have a
Check above if those three options do not are available means it is check
mate the king can escape the can
escape on your own can escape to those two boxes that are available
can move to f2 can move h2 and not I would be under attack
the second option you have is a blocking can interpose a piece in the attack the tower is attacking is true but if we leave the bishop that moves in
true diagonal on f1 the attack on the tower was eliminated is
escape the first and the second is block the third can be many
times the most useful and is that the horse remember that moves in tetris L
can jump doing the shape and eliminate the threat without threat there is no check then in this example we had the three options available when not
There are none of the options available the king is trapped and the
departure let’s see the three options the first was
escape the white king can not escape to d1 nor a f1 same way can not escape
none of the boxes in row two because we have another tower exercising
pressure we can not say the regulation occupy a box that is being
controlled by an opponent now the second option was a blockade
but neither the horse can reach block the attack of the tower of b1 that
this is not even the bishop can reach to block
the tower of b1 is not within reach of some white piece can not be
captured and save the king is check mate
none of the three options is available
we see here another example in which the king Black is stuck but he is not
receiving check and if there is no check there is no checkmate
this position is called a drowned and when this happens
although the white king still has his queen the game is partly because
it’s up to the black pieces but this one King has nowhere to move because the
squares that are around him are controlled by enemies
so how do you touch the black ones? has possible legal moves but
no check means he is a king drowned the bishop controls these
diagonal this bishop controls this diagonal very important data this
horse can not move does not have legal movements because if you get to
move leaves the tac of the white bishop free and it would be a hacker it’s all regulatory
what that horse can do is imaginary the control tower to these
boxes and even here because beyond does not control because the horse is
block these black pawns these the who are here
remember that it moves in a square is the front and diagonally capture
front box but in this case not they have
way to capture is not a pawn example could capture this one had
some piece here but there is no one or hope and a piece here but there’s no
no one in fact who can not advance against the other pawn because it’s not his
way to capture is your way forward the black king can not move to any
squares that are being controlled for the white pieces do not confuse
very important with a checkmate you can not confuse this with people
send because this king is not being attacked touches the black pieces not
have legal movements that can do and for that reason the game is left
table you can tell that your opponent is
you forget and leave you lawyer or yourself look for the way to get caught but
without receiving a mac a piece that has a special movement is the king
when it is combined with its towers it is done when the king has not moved to his
start box or the tower with which go rock has moved to your box
home is the only movement in which the king moves more than one square
there have to be pieces that interpose in the castling to be able
do and how it is done for himself the king will move two squares towards the tower with the
that go rock and the tower is going to pose or what happens to the other
side that’s a short castling because he did it
with the tower is closer and this is a long castling a two and the
tower goes to the other side this movement is only possible if the
tower with which they go rocar has not been moved if that tower moves anymore
can rub against her and if the king is moves its almost initial lose rock with
the two towers can not rub against none even if it returns to its initial zone
and of course the king can not pass when in rock for a box that they are
attacking this diagonal and if the king they want rock can not because it would go through
this box that is being threatened even if it fell into that one that would not be
in danger the passage through this box does not allows him to castle and passes
that in this position they can only rotate long and obviously if it falls in
a box that is under attack you can not do two boxes 14 to how
He has explained to them how the lady is a piece a destructive piece
important a piece without comparison but in this case for example it is better
another piece we do not have that the pawn is one box away from reaching
another order when it reaches row 8 we have four options true if
we choose queen watch what happens
to touch the black pieces and the king does not has possible legal movements the
game is tied in this case was not good to choose the queen but it is an option
much better to become then now the tower leaves this option option
challenge when the black king moves to this
box comes a vacuum mate supported by the king the black only
It’s available here and here but it’s up to you to the tower and the tower will finish the
leaving removing all that column sanchis and is a mother is a skill
special that pawns have when they they face a pawn that advances suddenly
two boxes first an example with the black and then an example for the plague
the black pawn in c4 is in the fifth row we can count one two three four
or five in the fifth row referring to his advanced age and is the only position in
what if a pawn that is on the line of the rival’s exit can jump two
hit boxes in the fifth row they would be like this online not the fourth row
so when this happens chance to catch the step what
invoice as if it had advanced Black advances two squares of blow
white is in the fifth row what can capture as if he had advanced
one if you want to make another movement and the capture is not possible anymore we can not
do it in the next now we will see a game of an Italian
of last name Greco occurred in 1620 against an unfortunate direct rival had the
black and white pieces started with four hits and two pawns jumped
two squares of blow white they continued with horses f3 the horses
can jump over the pieces making a tetris movement the
blacks responded horse are white they played 1004 the movement in
diagonal of the skins and equal answered Black
alfie 65 now white has way free king two squares of the tower what
blanquea performs a short castling f6 horse for black I will not have to
they are leaving free space for local and history
white played one’s tower and the black they cast two boxes tower
pose white played c3 the blacks went back to their lady ae7 looking
that will command and support all pieces I will not have that the center is
populating the white advanced two squares of
hit a four already begin conflicts this pawn can capture and from
fact captures the column pawn e pawn is on p4 white can
answer the same but chess is not mandatory to capture but that they have
other ideas in mind and white advances in the pawn to the greco is that of
Black pieces decided to take his horse of the danger and settle in the white
now if they decide to capture the black capture with the horse in four and
the horse responds from this 3 capturing the horse in language
here comes the Greco’s blow to send its strongest piece to the attack and locates it
on h4 any attack of that queen under the protection of that horse will enjoy
of many problems langa sent to his horse back to mp3 and here comes the
knock an awesome combination that such
they appreciate it now that they already know lady rules billed in dogs and is a
direct attack to the king king h the queen in that one gives a
hard blow because now the only option is the capture of horse captures the
lady in sacrificed the queen for a reason and is that now the horse is going to jump in
form of tetris falls in this 2010 I do not know can block
the king can not escape because he is trapped and no piece nor the tower nor
the horse can capture this car can not move white other pieces
because the king has to be married to the next movement
none of the three options that teach to see if it is checkmate or checkmate
is available the king does not have White loophole have lost Greco
wins with the material is known with more of data
chess is a very social tool important that goes beyond the borders of
language and age I thought that someone can serve you
to this initiative good day I’m going to sleep but not what
make the struggles

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