REAL LIFE BOX FORT POOL! Jet Ski, Ball Pit Balls & More!

REAL LIFE BOX FORT POOL! Jet Ski, Ball Pit Balls & More!

what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new bit and what are you doing you can’t be doing
that on the just tried to tackle me I don’t know why you tried to do that man
that’s not cool Jake it was a good old-fashioned sneak up attack football’s
a beautiful our pool looks man it’s like a candy cane it’s like someone made a
skittles factory and dumped all the skittles in the pool there’s only one
problem though guys and that problem is something we need to solve today you see
our pool might look beautiful our pool might have candy cane balls in
it that I can throw at Logan but there’s one problem there’s a monster in that
pool there’s no monster in that what did you guys not see our last 24 hours
follow me in the comments you saw our last 24 hours because if it only got
weird at 3:00 a.m. guys it’s almost 3:00 a.m. don’t let me fall do not let me
fall in Okinawa let me follow your haunted house at night and it gets weird
you’re not gonna come back at 12 a.m. he needs sub weduc the pool is fine it’s
not we just don’t get in at 3:00 a.m. it’s not fine if there’s something in it
there’s something living in our pool which leads me to my point guys we need
a brand-new pool this pool was amazing but now it’s time to cut it open and let
the water out Jake what are you doing no water no no nine months no that is a
terrible idea actually if I was listing ideas it would be up with like one but
one of the top ideas on my list Jake to prove to you and the viewers that
there’s nothing wrong with that pool I’m gonna jump in no problem
Logan I may be you weren’t in the last the last video because clearly if you
were there you would have seen oka what are you doing man ladders danger I know
it’s dangerous that’s also why this pool scary don’t do it don’t do it I can’t
lose you you don’t even do I would no longer know I just witness Logan go bye-bye oh
you’re alive there’s no monster here Jake questionably you are the monster
how do I know you’re Logan you were not the monster whoever you are you will
know what’s poppin Jake’s favorite movie all-time it’s easy Jake it’s an game
that was really easy the monster probably likes end game what’s my
favorite pizza pepperoni all right I’ll let slide but I’m watching you
that this pool is totally anyway guys what we are going to do because this
pool is totally not fine we are going to be building our very own pool a
brand-new pool a great pool a pop a Jake pool out of cardboard makes no sand
makes a lot of sense Logan we don’t need fancy technology like and we don’t need
whatever this is I don’t know what that is we have cardboard baby that’s all we
need cardboard to tape so we are gonna build the very first box sport pool do
not try this at home because I have no idea if this is gonna work but I think
it’s gonna be pretty awesome guys by the way if you happen to be brand-new to
this channel do not hit me with that and I have me with that because I’m not
about to tell them the most important thing you’ve ever heard in your entire
life if you’re brand-new this channel guys and if you and you do not want to
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hashtag squad then we will choose one person in our next video and shout them
out so be sure to comment down below if you’re part of the squad but guys enough
talk we need to get this pool built it’s a beautiful day it’s a football I caught
it I caught it we need to start building this pool so
we could have some fun I bought a bunch of really fun toys to play with in the
pool so we’re gonna start with some of the most important ingredients everyone
knows to build a pool you need two things
cardboard and cake Logan’s already got now we need to do is pick the dimensions
of the pool line it with a little bit of tarp tape in a whole bunch in what
hopefully it works now guys there is one small issue with
this pool there is a large chance Logan that when we start filling this thing
with water the pressure of the water will push against the cardboard and tape
why are we doing this we have a perfectly good pool right there but
Logan there is one thing we need to take into consideration there is a very large
chance that once we start filling this thing with water the pressure of the
water will push against the cardboard and tape and it will quite literally
explode water will go everywhere terrible idea so there is a chance that
the challenge does not work but that’s why it’s a challenge I think it will
work and I don’t think it’ll work well there’s only one way to find out let’s
start building this thing far we have the skeleton of our box
we’re pool it’s looking pretty good so as of right now we have so basically it
doesn’t look very reinforced but we tried to triple reinforce these walls so
that they can come up like so and essentially what we need to do is get
walls all around the pool and then we could go around it in one big massive
circle taping it and reinforcing it so that hopefully the water doesn’t make it
explode guys do you think this is gonna work I don’t know but I got faith I mean
cardboard is pretty strong I think it’s gonna work I think it’s gonna hold okay guys so we just went ahead and
taped up all of the walls so now you guys get an idea as to what this box for
pool looks like so you jump in like this you splash around you swim you jump you
do all the fun stuff in a pool if we can get the water and we still haven’t
figured that part out yet guys this is gonna be a massive box for pool so we do
have a tarp which is gonna hold all the water but basically we also need to
figure out a way to reinforce these walls because as the water comes in here
like I said once there gets too much water these might just burst open and
then we have a tidal wave so we’re gonna definitely need to figure out a way to
secure these walls right now we’ve reinforced the corners with a bunch of
duct tape these things are really really strong I think we could use these PVC
pipes that we’ve used in previous videos and stick them in the ground like this
and tape them to the wall so that when the water pushes them it’s not going in alright guys we got the box port all set
up now it’s time to tarp this thing so that we can start filling it with our
water and then we can jump in and have fun if it doesn’t explode I don’t know
Jake these walls they Bend a lot yeah I mean there’s still a chance that these
things might Bend a little bit but as it’s filling up with water we can
reinforce it as needed with as much tape and cardboard as possible all right guys
let’s tarp this got the box for pool all set up with the
tarp now with my handy dandy hose it’s time to fill this baby up and see if she
works there we go this might take a while that’s why I
brought two hoses for double the hose and power well we’re gonna have to
monitor this because as it starts to fill it’s gonna put a lot of pressure on
the walls but if we can get it decently high then we can break out some of the
fun toys and enjoy a nice pool with no monsters now the holes didn’t reach so
we had to come up with a little bit of an innovation it’s called I don’t know
what it’s called but we’ve expanded the holes using its own power and it works
for drinking if you ever get thirsty well tape the home to the floor and now
it goes directly into our new pool ah we have a really really really big
problem guys it was looked in a really great for like an hour and then this
wall decided to cave in we didn’t even notice it and there’s water leaking
everywhere so this is not looking good this is not good we have lost one wall
of the pool the other three wall are holding up perfectly fine it looks like
this wall just couldn’t take it Logan we have a leak in the pool going
so well for so long we have to figure out a way to fix this with some wood
which isn’t exactly working as best as we thought but it’s still able to turn
this thing into a workable fool I mean take in the fact that we built this
completely out of cardboard and Logan this is a pool which means how’s the
pool jig oh yeah it’s not as deep as a regular pool but still we made it out of
cardboard which is really awesome also the cardboard face makes it like really
squishy so it’s actually kind of nice I’m chilly floating around in the Sun in
a pool I made out of cardboard Jake I think this pool is imploding why don’t
we bring up the toys and start enjoying this thing okay check it out I brought a
boat Oh jump in three two one that’s not good dangerous okay guys we
have to keep adding toys to our pool to make it awesome I got a good idea check it out we moved off of the ball
pit balls from the other pool this pool this is pretty awesome it is insane oh
no looks like being in a ball pit but also tink what are you doin I’ll bring up
Pawnee into the pool dude fake there’s not enough room for the
float we make the rule oh hey Jake this is getting a little bit out of control I
got some put in here Oh guys it’s overflowing as much fun as this pool is
Jake you realize now that the balls are in here Cotulla will be in this pool I
didn’t think of that oh I didn’t think of that we just spent all day building
this box for a pool and now you’re in this pool well technically it has to be
summoned at 3:00 a.m. so that means we still have like six hours no more than
the stick that’s like a lot of hours of fun we can have in this pool yeah I’ve
got box fort pool volleyball three two one oh you got a box for pool balls oh you lost no one takes that he wants to
make a box for pool I I laughed myself I thought it was impossible but we did do
it I bought a CD you did not buy a Cu for
the pool cuz I know we were gonna make the biggest the baddest the best box for
pool Soph on a real life procedure to use in
our pool cannonball into the box for pool patty here we go in three bro I
know you okay you still up there I’m just kidding guys I would never do that
oh yeah Logan well you’ve never seen the pocket flip okay call the pop back flip
check it out Oh may have been the saddest backflip I’ve ever seen Jake why
are you in this pool well it’s falling apart are we gonna drain the pool I
guess there’s only one way than this no to here I didn’t go very far
oh did it kind of mess up the backyard a wee little bit but we still made a box
for pool which I bought man we did it officially although uh every like this
video gets this is one prayer for our backyard cuz it’s not looking too good
but guys I think this is where we gonna wrap up the video thanks so much for
watching if you enjoyed it be sure to smack that like button be sure is back
that subscribe button we’ll see you next time for another awesome

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