Rated Chess – Destroying 1500 Noobs

Rated Chess –  Destroying 1500 Noobs

Hey kids! We at 1500 if you didn’t know. I was AFK from YouTube for a long while. I was busy. Practising Chess, learning another language. Making sure I go outside on a regular basis. But boys, I’ll be back. And also I started streaming, so I most definitely
had to get shit fixed up. Oh, I should of put my Knight here, it was
bad… I don’t know. This seems okay though. What the fuck. It’s nicely defended to a degree. I don’t want him eating my shit. Errr, this is so fucking weird. I have no idea what the fuck I said. Guess I retreat here. Fuck. Should I just castle King-side or something? Nah, Queen-side is better. I don’t see no threat there. Okay, we going to castle Queen-side ASAP. Holy fuck! I didn’t mean to do that! Get the fuck out of here! We got a spectator among us (bottom right). But this Bishop seems like it will be a pain
later on. So, we’ll just get rid of it. NO! Castle King-Side. He’s going to bring all his Rooks across, of course, we’re going to castle King-side. King-side is closed how is he going to get
through this? And why isn’t he eating my Knight? I think he has some strategy. What the fuck is I itchy. We’re going to fuck this kid up. What the fuck. I was supposed to stream on Twitch today but
the Internet was very bad, so I figured I will record. Also, I tried to record some, a couple times,
but the files, it just stuffed up bro. They just ain’t working right. At all! Like legit. We don’t want you, to get control with your
Queen. He’s probably going to attack my Bishop. Oh, we can close this link up. Ohhh, that’s good. That’s good shit. Ah, I was supposed to move my Rook. So this Bishop is invincible. What’s he planning to do with this Knight? I have no fucking clue. He has no plan, just hop-scotching left and
right. Since he has no idea. Ahhh, so you want to trade? Give me the free file. That’s not good by him, that’s for sure. I guess we shall attack his Knight. Let’s attack his Knight, push across try to
take his pawn, have free porn and go for the Queen. Where’s he going to go? This is quite good. Ah, so he defends it like that. I guess we take. We need to re-position our Knight in a better
location. What did he take with? His Bishop? Okay. Let’s just attack his porn then. He has no good moves. At least I think. Ahhh, so he decides to defend. How about I kick you fucking out of here? So I can take this porn, he has to retreat
somewhere. Wherever he wants to retreat, I don’t care,
I just want his porn. What? What is this move? You’re not threatening this porn. Okay, if he wants me to take I’ll take. I’m scared I’ll mess up though. If he attacks this porn, I’ll just push up. That Rook move seems like it actually does
nothing. OHH, he has this move. No he does not, lucky me. I got this square covered by the Bishop. It was calculated *2. SNORT, SNORT. OOOO. Watch this. Check him. Oh man, I have plans. He can’t take because his King is pinned. Now attack his Knight. I don’t know what my plan is though. Fuck, I don’t know what the fuck to move! Let’s just go for a fucking Queen. Like what the hell, what are we doing? One minute, quite a lot fo pressure. Feels like we will make a blunder but nah
we won’t. Our peak was 1550 by the way (by the last
few weeks). Surprisingly. Okay, we’ll just take that. I guess we just kick his Knight out of here. Okay, he wants us to go for a Queen. I like it, thank you very much. We have a double porn, this is guranteed a
Queen. What? I thought it was a weird as move, but nah. Check. Take this piece for free. And then his Rook. Push across. Oh fuck, a double attack that’s okay. Bulls-eye. Go for a Queen now. Easy game, easy game easy life 😎 I guess
we just do this. We can check-mate with a Rook anyways. What the fuck? Make this easier for me. Get another Queen or something, Stefan. Bye xD. This is check-mate. He didn’t want to get check-mated so he resigned. P-P-P-P-PUSSY! This guy doesn’t deserve 1500. I got him knocked out. #SAV E GE Now he 1400, we the 1500 gang nigger, don’t
mess with us, yeah.

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