Radiohead (Cover) – Sleepers. Awake.

Radiohead (Cover) – Sleepers. Awake.

Sleeper Wake up. Sleeper Wake up. We are all living in hell We are all in hell And it’s time And it’s time Sleepers Wake up. Sleepers Wake up. You are living their lies And you are living their lies And it’s time. And it’s time. Sleeper Wake up. All the brainwashed

9 thoughts on “Radiohead (Cover) – Sleepers. Awake.

  1. mind is burnin overloaded,
    sheeple's heads have now exploded,
    Zane is rhymin words are quoted,
    knows reality is coded,
    candy coated songs are singin,
    both my ears are now a ringin,
    both my eyes are beamin steamin,
    hear my voice, it's bringin meanin!

  2. 👍👍 they just don't want to wake up I don't even justify an argument anymore when someone tells me the burden of proof is on me I simply allow them to live in their fantasy, we know that we aren't moving anywhere on this good Earth

  3. Thank you for your time you put in your videos. I pray more and more people wake up. It is hard to fight the system. It takes everything in you. May the Father bless you brother! Great video!

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