Quill vs the robot snake! | Moss | Part 4

Quill vs the robot snake! | Moss | Part 4

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en. Welcome back to Moss. Let’s continue this game Ok, it’s time to kill the robots The lever is over there That’s a hard one Looks like we’re in the bar Look, the stairs Let’s go over there Oh, I know where I should put these pieces! Let’s go Now, I can put two… rings in the machine One more Done I think we’re going over there It’s dead! Yes! Follow Aderyn We’re coming – – Oh hello? I knew it! I’m curious about this Where are we going?! I’m dead! It’s really dark Oh no no no ! NO! Not the snake! Quill used ASL, “My friend… I need your help” Go outside Oh, nice sky! Many stars… Moon Wait… the arrow? Are we gonna shoot the arrow at the moon?! Oh shit… Oh shit… That’s really huge Go over there Wow, this is a nice place Ok, let’s stop for now. Wow, it was getting harder I will continue this game for the next video. Thank you for watching. Please click Subscribe, Like, Share or whatever that will help me a lot. See you in the next video

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  1. This is great! I couldn't figure out how to get passed one stage and it was different then the PS versions I saw on every other video. How do you (what do you use to) capture simultaneous video like that?

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