Video game hero, he is the legendary soldier of the Metal Gear saga, badass spy and is incontestably the most charismatic and most marking character in the world of video games. Hi everyone it’s Ico, and today you chose to focus the spotlights on Solid Snake. So, I jus want to warn you right away, we are going to overfly a huge part of the Metal Gear’s games, we will keep the story of them for a special occasion. Solid Snake is the protagonist of the first games: he appeared in the two first Metal Gear, in Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 4. He will slowly be replaced in the saga by the characters of Raiden and Big Boss He is inspired by Snake Plissken, the hero of the movies ”New York 1997” and ”Los Angeles 2013”. May it be from his official codename Snake, or his former one, Iroquois Plissken. Solid Snake was born from the ”Les enfants terribles” project, which purpose was to create 3 clones of the legendary soldier ”Big Boss” in order to succeed to him. From this project were born Solidus, Liquid and Solid Snake. The spy is an infiltration expert, as he is in combat and weaponry, and can perfectly improvise with crazy methods. He detects lasers with his cigarette’s smoke, and is also known for hiding into boxes which, although, became the trademark of the franchise. His first mission as a ”FOXHOUND” agent is the ”INTRUDE N313” operation which consists in infiltrate the Outer Heaven fortress to rescue his mate Grey Fox and gather intelligence about Metal Gear. He will be supervised by Big Boss, the leader of FOXHOUND. He will manage to destroy ”Metal Gear”, and stumbles upon his mentor, who turns out to be the leader of this project. Snake has no choice: he must fight him and kill him. Really traumatized by this experience, Solid Snake decides to take an early retirement except that he is recalled some time later to destroy another Metal Gear and confont Big Boss again. An epic battle starts, during which Solid Snake defeats his ”father” with an improvised flamethrower, killing Big Boss one more time. And guess what? He gets called AGAIN, but in fact… He was rather kidnapped. And this time it’s to stop a terrorist who claims to be the son of Big Boss. Anyways, during the ”Shadow Moses” incident, he will have to eliminate the new FOXHOUND unit.He gets injected with nanomachines, which make him more efficient and bem! there he goes in mission, unarmed, to do some cleanup. He will decimate the entire unit, and WARNING, 19 YEARS OLD SPOIL, Solid Snake will face Liquid Snake, his evil twin. He manages to destroy Metal Gear, which clearly starts to become an habit for Solid Snake, and will have to face Liquid with his bare hands. After an intense fight, he beats him and flees before everything goes wrong. But Liquid, still alive, succeeds to catch him up, and fails to kill him: unluckily, a heart attack will put Liquid down. And revelation: the nanomachines injected into Snake at the beginning of his mission were actually a virus made to kill the members of the FOXHOUND unit. After this event, Solid Snake will decide to dedicate his life trying to prevent the spreading of Metal Gears. Some time later, he will infiltrate a ”Tanker”, in order to seek informations about a brand new Metal Gear prototype: the ”Ray” model, that he finds out controlled by Ocelot. After the Tanker events, he reappears during the Big Shell incidents, as the mentor of Raiden, a young FOXHOUND agent. Solid Snake soon learns that Solidus Snake, the third clone, fights the global government which controls the world. Eventually, it is aged of 41 that Solid Snake will finally realize his very last mission, obviously the most difficult of them all since his condition of clone (cause he comes from the ”Les enfants terribles” project) made him weak: he suffers from an accelerated aging: he only has 6 months left to live. A final mission consisting in stopping the insurgency of Liquid Ocelot. This mission will be painful, Snake will loose allies, will be injured in the face, and will come back to Shadow Moses, a place that deeply marked him. During the final assault on the new Outer Heaven created by Liquid Ocelot he is the only one able to stop a total destruction. The war is over, the world is free, the party is in full swing, but one person is missing: Snake is not among them. His virus mutated, turning our hero into a bacteriological time bomb. Not wanting to become a threat for mankind, Solid Snake takes him gun, puts it in his mouth, and… Fortunately, Snake will not succeed in killing himself, and it is during his lamentations that he hears a rather familiar voice: the Big Boss’ one, still alive? Big Boss did not die, he informs his clone that his virus eventually became harmless, and that he will be the last to die from its effects. He tells Snake to not waste the rest of his life fighting, and wishes for him that he could live free. Solid Snake is the archetype of the lone hero that does not want to be known as one. He is a hardened soldier who does not like to show his emotions, even though every mission will be lived as a traumatism which affect his psychology. He always wanted to retire from the battlefields, but is always forced to come back every time because of his strong sense of duty. In MGS2, Raiden, still a rookie asks Snake why he keeps fighting, when he has nothing left to prove. Snake then answers that someone is needed to do the job. He admits that the battlefield is the onyl place where he truly feels alive. He is not a warmachine, he is a philanthropist that always wanted to save lives and help others. Solid Snake allowed us to discover a new way to tell the story of a soldier in a video game, unlike everything we saw before, where we get a soldier that simply shoots at everything without any further development. He is a guest in a lot of other games, and famous ones, like Super Smash Bros, in which you really have to be an emblematic character to be in the roster. He also appears in more WTF games, like Ape Escape 3 in which he respects Pipo the little monkey because he (as he says) destroyed a Metal Gear, or in Evolution Skateboarding where Snake, well, is on a board. And know that Snake even has a Yu-Gi-Oh card, and that there is a reference of him in My Little Pony. Today, Hideo Kojima has left Konami: he is not the man behind the Metal Gears anymore: the future of the franchise seems darker than ever before: just watch at the cold reactions when Metal Gear Survive got announced. Snake marked a whole generation with his emblematic moments, he is the unexpendable hero of an entire saga, may it be in the video game world, or in the heart of the players. And here we are, today’s Icon is over, I hope you liked it, do not hesitate in subscribing to Ico if you still haven’t but also to Alkor’s channel who wrote and realized this Icon. I also invite you in liking the video and sharing it on every social network, may it be Twitter, Facebook or anything else Kisses, and a little reminder: you choose the next week’s Icon, so stay well, bye!

95 thoughts on “QUI EST SOLID SNAKE ? | ICONES

  1. Attention parfois tu confonds Naked Snake(Big Boss quoi) et Solid Snake 😉
    Mais dans l'ensemble un très bon épisode…ravivant avec lui de grands moments pleins d'émotions

  2. le métal gear de métal gear 2 c'est pas celui que raiden à détruis dans métal gear revengeance

  3. 2:55 mg revenge a fait un clin d oeil a ce combat ^^a la fin de mg revenge ( ceux qui l ont finis comprendront )

  4. Le vrais hero c'est big boss pas solid snake big boss a enduré tellement de truc perdu tellement de personnes alors que solid est juste un gamin refouler

  5. Attend y'a un gars qui s'appelle liquid snake

    Wouaw…. j'allais faire une blague la dessus, mais on me la voler

  6. Il faut retenir aussi Big Boss, le boss de fin qui a laisser son empreinte dans tous les MGS, (en plus de la scène bonus étrange avec paz et lui dans le carton) et D'Otacon, que Kojima dois hair pour que ce savant ait a chaque fois qu'on le vois une romance tragique.

  7. Le dernier MGS m'a tellement déçu !! Je n'ai même passé la première phase de jeux en… Afghanistan ? Je ne me souviens même pas du pays, c'est dire à quel point je ne me suis pas pris dans le scénario ! 😕

  8. Pwwwaa que de nostalgie en regardant ta video . je suis un fan de MGS . Ca ma rapeller des moments de jeu memorable . Merci pour ce bon moment . super video 🙂 .

  9. Metal gear survive n'a aucun rapport avec les autres jeux, on dirait simplement un jeux de shoot sur zombie avec des références à mgs, c'est assez décevant…

  10. Salut Ico, je voudrais que tu nous fasses des vidéos sur l'univers SNK et tous ses personnages emblématiques

  11. L'histoire de big Boss est bien plus marquante que son fils solide snake, mais solid restera toujours mon préféré.

  12. Bon bah ça fait un an et demi que la vidéo est sortie et on a toujours pas eu la chronique sur l'histoire de la série :/

  13. en faite c'est le virus qui le fait accelrer son age et non le clone, car le virus à Muté en lui et n'arrive plus à differencier son hote et ces cibles et prend solid snake comme une cible et le detruit de l'interieur par le viellissement acceleré voila pettite correcdtion ^^

  14. Pour ceux qui se demanderaient pourquoi big boss meurt dans mgs2 sur nes, alors qu'il apparaît dans mgs 4. C'est un mec ou le visage a était modifié… je m'explique


    Au tout début de mgs 5, il y a une personne qui vient nous aider a sortir de l'hôpital, ishmael ( le mec avec les bandages sur la figure). Quand on a accès a une mission bien spécifique qui nous dit toute la vérité dans mgs 5, on se rend compte que ishmael est big boss, donc le big boss qu'ont joue dans mgs 5 c'est le médecin qui ouvre le ventre de Paz a la fin de mgs ground zero ou sont visage a était modifié pour ressembler big boss (le vrai) pour prendre la place de big boss (le vrai, Naked Snake). Donc le big boss qui meurt dans les premiers mgs sur nes c'est Venom Snake ( le medecin…), et celui qui vient a la fin de mgs 4 c'est Naked Snake ( le vrai big boss ).

    Dsl d'avance si c'est mal expliqué, les fautes d'orthographes et de conjugaison
    Veuillez me rectifier si je me suis trompé dans certain point en me laissant un commentaire ( constructif, sans insulter si possible ) ☺😁

  15. Qui est Marco Rossi de metal slug sur neo geo ça pourra être génial et ce personnage est emblématique bon un peu moins que solid snake mais il a piloté des avions de chasse des draumaderes avec un canon mitraite automatique et les véhicules culte comme la Seconde Guerre mondiale ce sont les fameux véhicule du nom de Metal Slug !!

  16. Excellent travail,
    la réalisation, la narration,
    les musiques/ambiances!

    Tu as réussi même à
    me faire re-vivre certaines
    qui m'ont fait/qui me font
    adorer le JV et notamment cette saga mythique
    J'te tire mon chapeau🕵🏾‍♂️🥇

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