Qiyana Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Qiyana Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

Qiyana is an attack damage burst assassin, who wields the environment to demolish any who may threaten her people. Focusing power through her blade the empress of the elements slashes, dashes, and grasses her way to the backline. The boulder the better, this is the Qiyana Champion Spotlight. Qiyana dashes a short distance and pulls one of three elements into her weapon. Water… …stone… …or grass. With an element equipped her attacks get stronger and her movement speed increases near the source of that element. Qiyana: If talent were an element perhaps I could throw some at them. In it’s base state Qiyana’s Q slashes an area dealing damage. When empowered with water, stone, or grass… …her next Q launches an explosive elemental attack. Water roots enemies freezing them in their tracks. Stone crushes low health enemies with bonus damage. And grass creates a stealthed area lasting until Qiyana leafs. Qiyana: They’ll never see me coming, what a shame Qiyana’s Q resets when she draws a new element. If she uses an empowered Q she’ll expend her current element and need to grab another. The empress deals bonus damage the first time she hits a unit. Equipping a new element resets the cooldown against all targets. Refreshing! Qiyana mows down here target dealing damage and dashinga a fixed distance towards them. That’s it. That’s the whole ability. Qiyana launches a shockwave knocking enemies back but dealing no damage. Don’t take it for granite though. If the shockwave hits a wall… …brush… … or the river the element explodes after a delay stunning and damaging nearby enemies. Shockwaves that hit a wall radiate around the perimeter of the entire thing. Qiyana’s high mobility and bust damage allow her to setup attacks for her teammates or single out and ice squishy opponents. Every fight is a blank slate. Improvise and swap elements to make enemies gravel at your feet. It’s… elementary. Qiyana: They always said I was cold. This is your crowning moment. Master the elements take what’s yours and win in a land slide. Kick grass and chew bubblegum. Water you waiting for?

7 thoughts on “Qiyana Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

  1. Did the trainee design her while Rito was working on TFT?
    Imagine Mona Lisa. She's a masterpiece, right? Now imagine somebody drew a brown blob onto the drawing. People think you can only improve art.. but if you can't furtherly do anything productive with it you just make it worse.

  2. This champion is so freaking broken. Plz nerf that auto reset on her Q she can litterly keep throwing elements at you.

  3. I guess i am not the only one who feels a bit of upset by the fact that they made champion spotlights from 8 minutes to 2-3 minutes.

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