Pudalangai Kootu – Snake Gourd Kootu – By VahChef @ VahRehVah.com

Pudalangai Kootu – Snake Gourd Kootu – By VahChef @ VahRehVah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to make a kootu, kootu is basically you know the dal along with vegetables but today we’re
going to use two dals one is the tuvar dal and chana dal both of
them i boiled together but lot of people also add moong dal and some people just make with any of their favorite dals so first let’s go ahead and make the
masala for our kootu, for this take some oil in a pan in this add cumin
seeds, pepper corn and we’re going to roast this and in this we’re going to add grated
coconut you know usually fresh coconut is used
we’re going to cook this coconut till it gets a slightly golden color you know in fact we cooked so many
dishes even from Maharashtra so many places they love to roast this coconut till they get the color because that’s when the real awesome flavors
come out of the grated coconut some people also add dal in this but I’m
avoiding because you know we add dal in the tempering you know today we’re going to also use garbanzo in making our kootu and see basically you can make many
variations see whenever you learn certain dish you
know you have to experiment at home you know incorporate one dal two dal and see but these are the most preparations which are standardized and are favorite
for many people so now look at this the coconut is got
slightly golden color that is enough i’m going to put in a blender and make
it into a paste. For making the kootu take some water in a pan you know do not take too much water
because you want this water to evaporate in this the pudalangai that is the snake
gourd you know cut into thin slices and just we’re going to let this cook till vegetable is nice and soft you can use many kinds of vegetables for
this now in this add some salt and they also add pinch of turmeric and we’re going to put the lid on and let it cook for around 4 – 5
minutes not much time is what it’ll require to make this vegetable nice and soft look at this all the water has evaporated and this vegetable is also nicely cooked now in this add garbanzo, that is the chana that is cooked garbanzo and in this add this paste of coconut pepper and
cumin seeds and mix with this and now in this add dal, some salt you know you want the vegetables not
completely mashed or anything you want little bit bite on it but look at this
this is good I’m put the lid on and i’m going to let
it simmer for another 2 minutes and now i’m going to make the tadka and put on top of this. For the tempering take some coconut oil when it is hot, add some mustard seeds and when the mustard seeds splutter add little bit of cumin seeds and we’re going to add urad dal because this urad dal will be nice and crunchy
on top of this kootu, add red chilies that’s good now urad dal is becoming
colored, add pinch of hing and now pour this tempering into the into this kootu, add curry leaves and put it on top of this wow what an aroma as soon as you add
this tempering the whole dish is becoming very flavorful and nice now switch off the flame and this kootu
is ready to serve. The goodness of kootu is in the vegetables you know they use lot of fresh vegetables to make this kootu and the good flavor from the pepper cumin seeds
and the coconut paste I’m telling you that is what makes this
kootu very very flavorful and tasty hmm wow especially in this i’ve used chana dal, tuvar dal, and also garbanzo; in the tempering we also add urad dal I’m telling you these things is what
keep the vegetarians strong but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring
others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you

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  1. There are lot of vegetable curries in his channel already, you can check them too and I've made most of them. As you said I agree the simplicity is fantastic.

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