PubgMobileChinesePlayer: Proning M249! The Ultimate Weapon of a Snake!

bro! what’s wrong with you?! you terrorist! i’m asking you for a pan fight okay? next time if your teammates are hard to communicate with, leave the game in previous game, teammate can talk but we can’t communicate well because three of them are together choose your teammate wisely they try to kill me don’t die well done 666 bro, you are good after picking up the weapon, they… teammate: i’m here to give you some med but turned out… they come at me loot them i prefer fighting otherwise it’s too peaceful guys, i’m going to use 98k i really don’t want to use a sniper nobody’s here, we can search for the loot safely [thanks chat] [thanks chat] [thanks chat] bro, don’t spam that don’t you listen to what i said? i said this account is not the one i used yesterday i sent her a friend request but i don’t know if she had accepted it if she is online, i will play with her does anyone want a 4x scope? on the ground teammate: does anyone want M249? i want it, where is it? let me give you an ultimate weapon UMP9 teammate: sure i’m crying what i said just now is a waste i’m angry bro, this account i have enough 5.56 let’s go teammate: if we can make it to top 10 teammate: we will rank up to Ace don’t worry, it’s not a problem it’s in the bad chicken player if we don’t win i ask my brother to show up i don’t want to use sniper, i’m bad at it because…i don’t use sniper teammate: i think of my first love when listening to your voice bro, you are gay you tell a lot no.4, you can loot first, i bring no.1 teammate: YanZong, do you use sniper? no no no i dropped a 4x scope do you pick it up? teammate: i don’t know, i have one [congrats chat] [congrats chat] bro you are everywhere you are everywhere bro, how many ranking points do you have? 4170 or 4180? teammate: 9 points are needed don’t worry, you can rank up to Ace for sure let me carry you teammate: it’s a must teammate: because of you, i can rank up to Ace no no no, it’s because of you effort without me, you still can do it teammate: no no no, without you, i can’t you have to believe in yourself even Conqueror is not a problem for you my earphone keeps falling down 100 points… okay fine… i’m sorry get in the car, ready to move i’m sorry do you have med? i only have bandages teammate: come here teammate: my only first aid kit teammate: where are you? it’s okay, i have it now no.1 gave me a med kit teammate: energy drink…painkiller teammate: wait teammate: let me get rid of the bot i found that my teammate has good hearing come here, get in the car teammate: there is a 4x scope and an extended mag in this box there is no fast tempo teammate: on the grass teammate: airdrop, over there teammate: on the grass there are enemies nearby, be careful i want to get some kills here but firstly, i don’t have med and secondly…we killed a bot suddenly let’s go, forget about them let me drive and we look for the others, okay? otherwise… it’s boring i know where are they let me teach you how to kill them, go to the blue building he doesn’t have any cover go to the roof sorry i shouldn’t use single fire, i should spray him get in the car, let’s loot nice fight enemy ahead…where? there are enemies get in the car, hurry up wow well played camping camping who throw the grenade? down there, the slope, don’t panic smoke first, don’t go there don’t go there come here and save me revive me calm down, calm down we can’t fight a snake bro, wait for me, save them save our teammates teammate: wtf, just how many of them? there are many of them, not only one team fxxk, i have a bad luck it’s annoying there are two snakes, over here, see that? what is hot air balloon? i don’t know why are you asking me that? i saw a weird comment [thanks chat] guys, i don’t use sniper i made my mind, i won’t use sniper i’m good at rifle, why do i need to use a sniper? i will use rifle TuDou, TuDou i’m DiGua, we will win this game teammate: yes i hope that you can rank up to Ace 1 teammate: my… teammate: should be…. teammate: i didn’t deal any damage, i think i can’t make it to Ace no…don’t you kill some bots? teammate: nope, only one bot i think it won’t be a problem, don’t worry, let’s secure here hold here who dare to move…nobody my earphone keeps falling down, should i use an over-head headphone? guys, we are not camping my earphone keeps falling down you know what i mean? it’s in the bag bro, let’s jog train our body for duo TPP, i’m at Conqueror rank for duo TPP Conqueror game everyone are very good because it’s the hardest mode in this game for duo TPP, ranking up is really hard only pro can understand what i said normal people will think that squad game is hard, duo game is easy in fact, duo game is harder what are you doing? come here teammate: we can’t…somebody’s shooting at us throw the smoke grenade there is a lvl3 vest down there, get it safer teammate: hurry up, no.1 teammate: i’m GeShou Season 99, king of singing, NanYan today i won’t sing, my throat is unwell after this, i will boil water i don’t have water dispenser because i don’t drink dad yes, duo game is hard bro, sometimes we need to stay humble when asking for something from someone you will know it life is hard, you need to know it do you notice it? nobody’s here not hot enough never mind [thanks chat] [thanks chat] i was thinking how to spell it [thanks chat] i want to hear the footstep, turn off the chat first that’s an AWM, if you get knocked out, you are a goner teammate: fxxk, i didn’t kill him teammate: my AWM is fake i want to carry this kid to rank up to Ace little bro…big bro this is obvious, through his voice he is 20, i’m 18 who fall asleep? can you respect this game? well done do you guys hear… i don’t know after this, i will rank up to Ace after that, i won’t use this account anymore there is a guy inside the building in front of us i place a marker for you guys, don’t rush TianJin…i sent a friend request to him and we are friends now if he is online, i will play with him it’s annoying…this guy you sent all of them a friend request they are boys what are you thinking about? they don’t shoot me, damn it save him, wait for me teammate: open the door cover him there is a helmet down there let’s go i find that i don’t have car come here teammate: no.1, let’s go sorry can you jump to the tree? yes, just jump it’s easy, i will teach you enter the safe zone first bro, we might die save him first don’t fight don’t fight with them teammate: no.2, there are enemies on your right enter the safe zone this guy… he is really good the biggest winner

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