Proofs that Michael Jackson was KILLED!

Michael Jackson’s death was one of the most
shocking deaths in history. Not long ago two new documentaries about the
singer were released, one titled “Killing Michael Jackson” and other, called “Michael
Jackson: Chase The Truth”, made by someone who said they had close connections to the
King of Pop. What kind of twisted details do both productions
include? It’s Marky Mark and stay with me to find
out about how Micha el Jackson’s death has become even bigger conspiracy theory! It’s been ten years since Michael Jackson
passed away but for millions of fans, the grief continues. The gossip doesn’t stop and, of course,
more than one person continues to make money at the expense of the tragic life that this
legendary singer lived. Even though the events concerning his death
passed a decade ago it’s as if the world will never be tired of speculating about Michael. New facts surrounding his death keep appearing,
and it seems that this is the legacy of idols, that people can’t stop talking about them
even when they’re dead. And this is the case of the new docu-series
that reviews all the details that surrounded the confusing last moments of the star. What is known from the beginning is that he
died following an overdose of medication administered by his cardiologist, Conrad Murray. Murray was sentenced to prison for four years
for reckless manslaughter. But what remained a great mystery was the
truth about the state of Michael’s body when leaving this world. The series reveals that forensics covered
up shocking truth about Michael’s body. Steve Shafer, professor of anesthesiology
at Stanford University, said Murray supplied Michael with enough medication to take down
a rhinoceros! He also said that he applied the substance
in the form of serum so that it could not be detected. All this suspicious stuff comes from someone
who should take care of the life of Michael Jackson! But wait, this isn’t all! Detective Smith, revealed that when he showed
up in the room where Michael’s body lay, the employees were covering the windows and forced
him out of it. They immediately closed the door and there
was no access to the room until 5 hours later. What were they trying to hide? And who is behind this tragedy? What caught Detective Smith’s attention, during
the few minutes he was in the room, is that Michael was completely bald, barely had a
few hairs on the sides of his head, and was full of scars. Was Michael’s hair a wig then? Apparently Michael Jackson had suffered a
serious accident while recording a commercial for a drink, in which he burned all his hair
off causing second-degree burns on his scalp and on his face. Okay, That’s enough of the terrible details! It is also rumored that Michael Jackson’s
ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, is writing a book in which she will reveal the truth about
their two-year marriage. So if this turned out to be true, new facts
about the singer will continue to appear and poor Michael won’t even be able to defend
himself against anything! What is the other documentary “Chase the truth”
about? It came out to contradict the very strong
accusations of Wade Robson and James Safechuck that became popular thanks to “Leaving Neverland”,
another documentary that tells the stories of the alleged victims in the face of serious
accusations that still tarnish Michael Jackson’s memory regarding his relationship with children. In the new documentary, “Michael Jackson:
Chase The Truth” there are several interviews with the biographer, Mike Smallcombe, Michael’s
bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, and the actor Mark Lester. And speaking of Mike Smallcombe, a few months
ago on his twitter he shared a fragment of a radio program, “The morning culture”, in
which he talked about a detail that would clear up at least one of the accusations that
weigh on the singer. The biographer said that one of the alleged
victims James Safechuck couldn’t have met Michael Jackson in 1992 because the train
station in NeverLand was built in 1994. So now the question is: what is the truth? And Matt Fiddes, who was one of Michael Jackson’s
most faithful bodyguards, was also very upset with the documentary “Leaving Neverland.” He even invited the alleged victims Robson
and Safechuck, through their social media, to meet and talk on live television in the
UK. Michael’s former bodyguard is also trying
to prevent the documentary from winning an Emmy award, and he says that the nomination
is absolute madness. All these conspiracy theories are crazy! Will we ever find out what really happened
to Michael Jackson? Do you think any of these documentaries are
telling the truth? Let me know what you think in the comments
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