Promoting Indonesia: SPIEL 2019 (board & card games) feat. Dimas Wisudawan [SUB INA & ENG]

Promoting Indonesia: SPIEL 2019 (board & card games) feat. Dimas Wisudawan [SUB INA & ENG]

Hello everyone ! With us is my colleague, Dimas Hi ! How are you? Fine thanks. Are you doing fine as well? Yes, always super Thank you so much for your time With pleasure However, before we begin, I must ask you You can speak Bahasa Indonesia right? Of course! Of course! I was afraid you couldn’t speak Bahasa Indonesia Where in Indonesia are you from? From Solo I am “Wong Solo” (someone from Solo) Here we have our top diplomat from Solo! Maybe there is someone from Solo? Anyone from Solo? Anyone from Solo? Hey there’s one from Solo! *not actually from Solo Now we talk in German But please don’t talk too fast.
I might not understand what you are saying No problem But this is a good opportunity to practice my German Very good! Sorry if I make many mistakes I am still learning (German) Ok. So… Let’s begin! SPIEL Indonesia participated in the fair “SPIEL”
in the City of Essen And you were there How was it? Yes I was there It was very good It was really a great fair A large scale international fair with 190.000 visitors 190.000? So many people ! We even had trouble walking because it was so crowded Yeah, really….190.000 visitors You can imagine like being in a stadium filled with 190.000 people at the same time It was really crazy/extreme (krass) Really crazy/extreme (krass) The fair was very interesting A crazy/awesome fair You should have been there actually It is a pity you weren’t there Yeah, what a pity Maybe next year Yes, hopefully Ok good SPIEL is a very important fair Yes, very important And there was an Indonesian Pavilion there Can you tell us more about the Indonesian Pavilion? And perhaps about the Indonesian companies present? There were 20 companies under the Indonesian Pavilion The majority were small and medium enterprises
but are game designers What is “game designer” in German? Game designer is… Spiel…spiel…”spiel unternehmer” But sounds a bit weird though Yeah. “Game designer” sounds better 20 companies came all the way directly from Indonesia And the Indonesian Pavilion was not that small,
but actually quite big I think around 42 meter squared 42? Ok Many people visited the Indonesian Pavilion,
so you can imagine how crowded it can be Because the Indonesian Pavilion
was very interesting Many visitors wanted to play together They wanted to know more
about the board games from Indonesia The visitors also wanted to try the games and were informed about the interesting board games For example, “Nusa Rasa” It is a very complicated game! – Do you know it?
– No, I don’t This board game is so complicated! You have to remember and know everything
in your mind (by heart)… *Dimas explaining how complicated the game is *Lucky looks as if he understands – Very complicated!
– Yes, very complicated! Then sometimes you have to… *Still having trouble understanding… – Very interesting !
– Yes, very interesting ! The game is called “Nusa Rasa” You really have to try it Have you tried it? Yes, I tried it, but then I had a headache I had a headache from playing this game Headache ! The game industry is a big industry Really big Right Do you think it can also promote
other things about Indonesia? Yes. I would say that Indonesia can really benefit a lot from that (games) Because with board games,
Indonesia can promote and disseminate many things about Indonesian culture culture – economic (potentials)
– economic (potentials) and also about Indonesian tourism tourism Indonesia can do many things
by participating (in SPIEL) Basically, board games are very important for Indonesia It can also be used for educational purposes
for our children and youth as well as many other things that are beneficial Not just as games, but there are many things that we can promote about Indonesia Absolutely right – Interesting
– Yes, very interesting Ok. My last question perhaps Are you a gamer? Maybe you are a specialist of a specific game? Yes. A very good question I am now a top specialist I am a gamer And that is…? Marbles No ! Really ?! Yes ! Me too ! – Really ?
– Yes ! Awesome !!! Ok Dimas, thank you very much The pleasure was all mine Lucky Do you have a catalogue about
the Indonesian board games? – Yes I have it
– May I ? Of course ! In the descriptions below is a link where you can download the catalogue and read all the information Super ! I hope you liked the video Until next time Bye !!!

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  1. Coba Pak Lucky 😊 request translate video2 ulasan juri The Voice of Germany 2019 saat Claudia bernyanyi di TVOG 2019. Kami orang-orang di Indonesia ingin mengetahui komentar2 para juri TVOG tentang WNI kita yang telah mengukir sejarah di Jerman 😊 Terima kasih 🙏🏻

  2. Interessantes Video, inhaltlich sehr gespannt, immer bessere Deutsch. Gut zum Lernen über Indonesien. Am Ende war noch eine Überraschung dabei. 😉

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