Powerful Chess Puzzle: Harold Lommer’s Masterpiece

Powerful Chess Puzzle: Harold Lommer’s Masterpiece

Hello chess lovers. I have a fantastic
chess puzzle for you composed by Harold Lommer. White to move and win the game. You can pause the video and try to find the solution: just for you orientation these
pawns are moving this way! Ready? Well in order to win the game first
white is promoting his pawn to Queen allowing black to capture on g1 because
white needs a queen in order to fight against this dangerous rook! Now you
will see how dangerous this rook is 1…hxg1Q+ 2.Qxg1 and Kb3 creating a very dangerous threat black is simply threatening Ra7
checkmate and now in order to stop this rook white plays 3.c8N covering the a7 square 3… Rb5 threatening now Ra5 checkmate and now comes another
amazing move now look if you promote your pawn to a queen covering the a5
square then black can play Ra5+ if 5.Qxa5 e1Q+ 6.Qxe1 c1Q+ and after 7.Qxc1 this is a
stalemate black King has no legal moves! Let’s go back. That’s why after 3… Rb5
white is promoting his pawn to a bishop just a fantastic idea but this is not
the end now comes 4…Re5 black is threatening to promote his e2 pawn and checkmate white King and now if you promote your
pawn to a queen trying to stop this pawn and a rook then after 5… e1Q+ 6.Qxe1 black can play 6… Ra5+ if 7.Bxa5 then after c1Q+ 8.Qxc1 and again this is a stalemate! That’s why after 4… Re5 white is promoting his pawn to a rook! Just a fantastic idea and after 5…Rxe8 here comes 6.Be7 already this Bishop can jump to a3 square
protecting white king and white is winning! If 6… Rc8 then white can
even allow black to capture on a 8 as well for example 7.f4 opening up this
diagonal and if 7…Rxa8+ then 8.Ba3 Re8 threatening to
promote the pawn to a queen then 9.Qb6+ Ka4 10.Qb4# Just a fantastic chess puzzle by Harold
Lommer! Your comments and questions please and don’t forget to give that thumbs up
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35 thoughts on “Powerful Chess Puzzle: Harold Lommer’s Masterpiece

  1. Fantastic!!! Notably, after Rb7, neither f3 nor f4 works (with the idea to open the diagonal for the queen to cover a7) because then White would be unable to cover a5 after Rb5.

  2. Wow! White must promote a queen, a knight, a bishop and a rook! That's indeed a fantastic idea, and brillant realization. I thought only only the great Sam Loyd could conceive such gems.

  3. What happens if Alexey Troitsky vs Harold Lommer? I heavily doubt that Troitsky will make a cunning trap to stalemate Lommer.

  4. One of the most beautiful chess puzzles I’ve ever seen , and definitely the only one with promotions to every possible piece.
    Suren, thank You very much! Find more like this 1 if You can, it’s really out of this world…

  5. At first promoting our pawn to knight to control a8 square we can play pawn f2 to f3 open queens diagonal to control a7 square and gain control over a file ( it my doubt that instead playing pawn at last just play at first)

  6. If white promotes the e7 pawn to a Queen, Black can just take the unsupported Queen on e8 instead of promoting the pawn on e2. The e2 pawn is still supported.

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