Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Epic Game Goblin Sensation | Episode 5 “Game Plan”

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Epic Game Goblin Sensation | Episode 5 “Game Plan”

Come on little guy! There you are, Preston! Hey Presto! What’s up?
You busy? Yes! I got a spider! Hey guys. So you’re playing that game too, huh? Game Goblin, it’s the latest craze. [Goblin] Help me, help me! See, you got this
cooky little goblin guy in to take over the castle, and he eats all the
creepy little creatures that try to stop him. Aw, he’s so cute! I wanna try. Oh, come on Calvin,
don’t mess up my game! I’m already at level five! [Brody] Is that good? [Preston] It’s so cool, watch this! See? So the more creatures you get, the higher your power bar goes? Uh huh. So what happens when it’s full? Well, find out for yourselves. I got everyone Game Goblins. What?
No way! Thank you!
Thanks! Thank you Prestey!
No worries guys! You guys are lucky, I
got you the last ones. These things are selling like hotcakes. Next up, we’re gonna be
talking about volcanoes. Now you’ll have to listen very carefully, because volcanoes will be
in your end of year test. The molten magma sits
underneath the earth’s crust under tremendous heat and pressure. As I was saying, the– The molten magma sits just
below the earth’s oops. I knew it! You are all playing Game Goblin! The next person I find
with that silly video game, I will have it confiscated! [Class] Aw. Put it away! Hurry up! Now back to volcanoes. (bell rings) Don’t forget to hand in
your homework assignments before you leave. Oh no, homework, I
forgot to do my homework! Let me guess, you were
playing Game Goblin? No, well, maybe. Yeah, I guess I was, but
I’m getting really good. That’s great, but you failed
the homework assignment. For today’s training, I thought we could start
with some balance drills and, ugh, I wish Preston had
never given us those games. Hold on a second. Where is Preston? Yes! (laughs) I got to level eight! Whoa, 500 points? Alright level nine. [Announcer] All powered up! [Game Goblin] Yes, I
finally have enough energy! [Odius] Game Goblin, what’s happening? Now I can suck every
ranger into the game! Except that blue one, I
need him to keep playing and give me more energy! (both laugh) Come on guys. We need to train! Okay, okay okay. Hey, give it back! (energy hums) Huh, what’s happening? Whoa!
Uh… They got sucked right into the game. Where are we? I knew that game was trouble. It seems like the whole city’s empty. Are you sure about that? Game Goblin? (laughs) Yes, you thought
you were playing me, but it turns out I played you! (laughs) Meet the real me! You’re inside my game now, Rangers. I’ll get Blue and Gold later, but for now, let’s play for real! We’re inside the game? [Game Goblin] Yes, check it out! [Announcer] 50 points, 150 points! Then it’s game on, Goblin.

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  2. Seriosly, i love the video games and i can play whenever i want.

    But that's too much. Sometimes we have to rest and play next time.

    And that's also Game globin's spell.

  3. Power rangers vs game goblin
    Good episode 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠😗😗😙😙😙😀😀😀😚😚😚☺☺☺☺🙂🙂🙂🙂😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😌😛😌😌😌💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💜💝💙💙💗💞💟💞💞💚💚❣❣💟💗💗💗💛💜💜💎💎💎💎

  4. power rangers vs game goblin epidode😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈💴💴💴💵💵💴💴💵🎯🎯🎯✌✌✌✌

  5. The episode plot is very similar to the Dino Thunder episode "Game On": Ethan (Blue Dino Ranger) was also transported into a wizard video game where battled with the Triptoids. Here, the Ninja Steel Rangers were transported into the GameGoblin video game.

  6. What? That rangers are trapped in.the game world by game goblins-monster? Like the references of Kingdom Hearts: Coded, where King Mickey and his friends are trapped in the datascape and the elements of the anime series, "Sword Art Online", where Kirito and his friends are trapped in the virtual world?

    Game Goblin, I should've know! Release the rangers or I'll Destroy you!

  7. Has anybody ever heard of The Who (Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon)? Well, I noticed that Game Goblin referenced one of their songs from their Quadrophenia songs at 3:32 (“The Real Me”).

  8. That was really funny how they play video games when the teacher wasn’t even looking at them when they were playing video games

  9. Let me just get this out of my system right away:WHO WRITES THESE SCRIPTS HUH,five year olds?Is anybody involved with the TV show proud about what they're doing.Ninja Steel is getting worse every passing second and as you can see,most of us are not pretty happy about it!

  10. Wil Wheaton did it better when this plot line was on Star Trek: TNG. I"d rather see power rangers rip off the Data Lore episode.

  11. As much as this isn't really cinematic gold, it's nice to see that they've kept it pretty true to the original series in that it's excessively cheesy and ridiculous, the actors have no talent and the bad guys are just people in costumes waving their arms around. (This isn't actually a diss comment btw, I used to love power rangers as a kid but as a man in my twenties I don't really watch it anymore)

  12. If you are a child who is reading this comment, understand that these shows are written to brainwash you into consuming more of their pointless entertainment.

    They are selling you toys and a simplistic worldview. It's all about selling toys and games.

    This stuff is garbage. Read books. Google: Jordan B Peterson

  13. This episode was terrible, even beyond Neo saban standards. It’s the worst episode in the whole franchise since Stolen Beauty.

  14. فلييلتليللاﻻبببببطذذددذذذذ"دز؛ذذذ!!!دد!ددددد؛ز ددد تهفثبﻻاووﻻﻻسسدر(7هغلللهع9جممحقث

  15. Sometimes I’m like Brody in the classroom scene, the only one who’s focusing while the rest is goofing off.

  16. Power Rangers o my apartment in the morning and I'm so excited about this one too many people are just going through the night before I go to the store and buy me something about you and I was just wondering if you can assist me with the power star real life and I so wish I had the same way about you and I don't want you to come 🔙

  17. Brody is so lucky because he is the one the did not play game Goblin in school but everybody is playing game Goblin

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