Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episodes 1-20 Season Recap | Neo-Saban Superheroes Dinosaurs History

(tense music) My name is Snide, but you can call me master. Sledge is history, you’re
all mine, or you’re toast! (grunts) Not now. No! Please excuse my other half, Snide is rather uncouth. So you’ve applied to
be a waiter, and, you! You’re that guy! (engine revs) You could’ve been hit! Thank you. You are very welcome, pretty lady. And you’re that girl. You saved me, and I never got the chance
to properly thank you. Don’t be silly. I just did what anyone
else would have done. So you really want to work here? Yes, I’ve only recently arrived from a, out of town, and uh, well, I could use a job. (Shelby gasps) Whoa! (cow moos) [Iceage] Surprise! [Kendall] The monster did this. But Sledge was destroyed. Wasn’t he? [Iceage] Remember me? Many years later, explorers find me. Was Kendall and Chase. [Kendall] Oh wow. [Chase] Is that the Blue Energem? [Koda] Kendall make
Dino Blaze Charger, too. Melt ice. [Morpher] Dino Blaze Charger, engage! [Koda] Ice hold me for– [Rangers] Energize! [Iceage] Freeze! (laughs) I always knew you rangers were blockheads. Master Heckyl, I got all seven, oh, sorry Master Snide. I didn’t know you’d transformed. [Snide] Yes, I’m in control now. So, these are the Power Rangers? More like a tray of ice cubes. These two are morphed. Their energems will be mine! [Rangers] Dino Charger, ready! [Morpher] Dino Blaze Charger, engage! (rangers yell) What happened?
That was cold. Ah, Sir Tyler!
Thank you! Looks like we’re gonna need these again. [Shelby] Our Energems! [Riley] Great! [Snide] The Energems! This’ll be the last
time you hear these words. It’s morphin’ time! Dino Charger! [Rangers] Ready! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Rangers] Energize, ha! Unleash the power! [Tyler] Power Rangers! [Rangers] Dino Charge! I’m running out of energy. (grunts) Fool, they mustn’t know who I am. [Kendall] Energize, Dino Morpher blast! [Iceage] That doesn’t sound cool! Rangers, we now have
eight of the 10 energems. We know someone found and
bonded to the Aqua Energem, because the Ankylo Zord is awake. Correct, my lady. We need to find that elusive Aqua Ranger. And the Silver Energem, the 10th and last energem. And once we do, I’ll be
able to continue my duties as the guardian of the energems. We must not fail. Let’s get busy. We were very fortunate that Koda and Tyler saved
us from those ice blocks. And we don’t know what else this scoundrel Snide is capable of. This might help. It’s a technology I was developing to use against Sledge. I’ve adapted it to create a more powerful mode for our megazords. I present Dino Super Drive. Awesome! [Chase] Tyler, it’s time for you to try my Dino Armor X power! [Tyler] I’ll give it go! Dino Steel, armor on! Dino Charger, ready! [Morpher] Dino Armor X Charger, engage! [Tyler] Dino Morpher blast! Awesome, what a power boost! Armor X, ready! [Stingrage] Huh? [Tyler] Spiral attack! (explosion echoes) [Morphers] Dino Chargers, engage! [Chase] Time for this bug to bug off! [Rangers] Dino Saber, final strike! [Stingrage] I wish I could
lose my memory of this! (explosion echoes) [Tyler] Awesome! [Rangers] Dino Drive, activate! [Tyler] Let’s use Miss Morgan’s new Dino Super Drive mode
to take out Stingrage. [Rangers] Yeah! [Tyler] Dino charger, ready! Dino Super Drive Saber, ha! [Morpher] Dino Super
Drive Charger, engage! [Tyler] Dino Super Drive, activate! [Rangers] Battle mode, engage! [Koda] Feels strong. [Shelby] Good job Miss Morgan! [Chase] Dino Super Drive rocks! [Rangers] Yeah! [Tyler] He’s weakened, let’s give this baby’s final strike a go! Dino Super Drive Saber, activate! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Rangers] Dino Super Drive Saber, Para Zord, fireball finish! [Fury] No! [Stingrage] Aw, that really stings! Okay. Bring him in. Where are we going exactly?
You’ll see. (energy hums) I remember everything now. That monster stung me, and you were all Power Rangers! Then you brought me here, to your base! You can’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me. We have to ready when
that monster attacks again. Soon they’ll be mine. (laughs) Finally, the energems will be mine! What? They’re gone? That’s impossible! Riley said he was
bringing them to the base! You fool! You missed your chance to
get the energems again! But I have great news. I alone have located the
rangers’ secret base. Together, we will storm the place, destroy them all, and finally take the energems! (monsters cheer) A toast, to victory! (monsters gulp) Fury, what were we about to do? [Fury] Well, I um, I don’t remember! You work for Snide! [Heckyl] No! Shelby? What are you doing? Heckyl’s not our friend. He made you all fall asleep then stole your energems. She hasn’t slept in days! You’re delirious! Shelby, come now, we’re all friends here. Yeah right. That’s what you want us to think! Ever since you saved Miss Morgan. It was all just a ploy to gain our trust and steal the energems. And you would have succeeded if I hadn’t come back from the test early. [Kendall] Heckyl, is it true? Do you work for Snide? No, I don’t work for Snide. I am Snide! You got lucky today, but after I find your base, I will take the energems, and then I’ll rip each of you to shreds from head to toe! (explosion echoes) [Wrench] Who’s that? [Snide] Is there any
reason why I shouldn’t slice whoever you are into smithereens? [Singe] You shouldn’t do that, if you want the energems. [Wrench] How does he
know about the energems? [Singe] Rumor has it that
they’re loose on this planet, and that you’re willing to partner with anyone that can bring you one. [Fury] What makes you
think you can get an energem? [Singe] Oh please, I
travel in a burning asteroid, need I say more? [Snide] I like what I’m hearing Fury. The rangers may be about
to meet their match. [Kendall] Four out of six isn’t bad, you just lost a little focus. Something else must be on your mind. So, this new dino charger will only respond to the
red energy signature? It relies on the
Tyrannosaurus Rex energy. Only Tyler will be able to
access T-Rex Super Charge mode. Activate the weapon’s program. [Tyler] Guys! Dino Charger, ready! [Morpher] T-Rex Super Charger, engage! (Tyler yells) [Shelby] Tyler! [Kendall] This isn’t right! [Koda] No, there’s
something wrong with charger! Tyler, you okay? (Tyler roars) [Chase] Hey, huh,
that’s Tyler and his dad back when he was little. Uh oh. That’s not my stomach growling. (Tyler roars) Hey mate, how’s it going? Uh, now stay calm. I was just dropping by to say. [Morpher] Dino
Hypnotize Charger, engage! [Chase] Sleep well! Hypno blast! Great, I hypnotized him. Uh, or angry-tized him! This doesn’t look good! It’s him, the Aqua Ranger! [James] Stay back, I’ve got this. (Tyler roars) I’m not gonna hurt you. [Chase] He careful, he’s my friend. Think, you know you’re
not an animal Tyler. I’m not your enemy. It’s me, I’m your dad. This was your present
when you turned eight. I should have been at that
birthday party, Tyler. I should’ve been at all of them. I’m so sorry. (Tyler yells) [Chase] Tyler! Dad? Dad, Dad you’re alive! You’re a ranger? I guess we both are! (communicator beeps) It’s morphin’ time, ha! [Rangers] Dino Morpher Blast! [Hunter] Uh oh, they’re trouble! (explosion echoes) [Chase] Miss Morgan made
the new T-Rex Super Charger. You shouldn’t have any
problems with this one. [Tyler] Awesome! Let me handle this guy. He’s gonna get T-wrecked! Dino Charger, ready! Summon T-Rex Super Charge Zord! [Morpher] Dino Charger, engage! [Tyler] T-Rex Super Charge Morpher! [Morpher] Dino Charger, engage! [Tyler] Activate! Now to double your trouble! Weapons combine! T-Rex Super Charge Morph
Blaster, final strike! [Ninja] Just slow down a minute. [Tyler] Awesome! Dino Super Drive, activate! [James] Whoa, this is awesome, Tyler! [Tyler] You said it, Dad. Dino Super Drive Saber! [Rangers] Galactic blast! [Ninja] No, I’m on the
fast track to destruction! I’ve known Tyler’s dad was
a ranger for like 10 years, but neither of us knew that
there were other energems. [Tyler] Until you saw mine. Yeah, when I saw your energem, I was like blown away. Suddenly, I had hope
that I could quit running and tell you that I was alive. I hid and saw you testing
out your Super Charge mode, I was so relieved when I saw
you morph into the Red Ranger. But then you went wild and took off. I had a feeling where to look. Never giving up seems
to run in your family. (both laugh) Guys, it’s getting late. We should probably start heading back. Tyler and I will
catch up with you later. No worries, mate. How about it? Better 10 years late than never, right? Awesome, let’s do it! Tyler’s T-Rex Super Charger should be able to access weapons
from all of our energems. And, we still have
two left to transmute. The Graphite and Aqua Energems. That energem stole 10 years of my life. Then again, it saved my life. How did it happen?
That was a decade ago, but, still seems like it was just yesterday. Rusty and I were exploring
a vast network of caves, when the place started to collapse. Rusty was in trouble,
so I went back for him. He got out, but I was
trapped by falling rocks. After the dust cleared, I
realized I couldn’t move. That’s when I saw something in a fossil. I didn’t really understand
what was happening. But unfortunately, somebody else did. A creature I’d seen
stalking us the day before. [Fury] Give me the Aqua Energem! (explosion echoes) Days later, I found
my way out of the cave, but Fury never stopped chasing me. He was relentless. It was like he could smell my energem. That’s when I know I
couldn’t go home again, risk putting my family in danger? (monsters laugh) Dino Chargers! [Rangers] Ready! Unleash the power! [Rangers] For Tyler! [Kendall] Let’s do this! Rapid blast! [Tyler] Alright, let’s do this! T-Rex Super Charge, Tri Stego Formation! [Morpher] Dino Charger, engage! Tricera Charger, engage! T-Rex Charger, engage! [Tyler] Activate! T-Rex Super Charge Tri
Stego Formation, ready! What?
He did it! [Tyler] Stego Zord block! Whoa, these new dino powers are dino-mite! Tricera Zord, power drill! Now for the triple play! T-Rex Super Charge Tri Ankylo Formation! [Morpher] Ankylo Charger, engage! Tricera Charger, engage! T-Rex Charger, engage! [Tyler] Activate! T-Rex Super Charge Tri
Ankylo Formation ready! [Singe] Destroy him! [Tyler] Tricera Zord, power drill! And part two of the super combo, Ankylo Zord hammer punch! Yeah, Tri Ankylo Formation
is morphinomenal! [Kendall] Try another one! [Tyler] T-Rex Super Charge Ankylo Pachy Formation, activate! T-Rex Super Charge Ankylo
Pachy Formation, ready! Just call me a one man wrecking crew. Pachy Zord wrecking ball! Let’s finish this! T-Rex Super Charge Para
Raptor Formation, activate! T-Rex Super Charge Para
Raptor Formation, ready! [Singe] You cannot win, so stop trying! (explosion echoes) Is that all you got, you walking carnival? [Tyler] You’re going to
wish you didn’t ask for more. T-Rex Super Charge blast, final strike! [Singe] I’m really feeling the burn! Now that’s called
fighting fire with fire! Oh, hey Dad! Tyler. Keeper and I have been talking. We both feel that my geology skills should be put to better use. The search for the Silver Energem is what I need to focus on now. Wait, you’re leaving? Someone very wise recently reminded me that this is about much
more than you and me. We have the whole world
to think about right now. Yeah, I know, but Dad I need you. I’ve seen you in action, and I hate to admit it, but you’re not eight years old anymore. Trust me, you’ve proven you
can take care of yourself. Thank you. Come here. I know it’s not the center of the Earth, but this one means more. (camera shutter snaps) I’ve developed a new dino charger from the Red, Black, Blue,
Green and Pink Energems. It will allow you to channel
the energem’s wavelengths to create a final strike. I call it the Dino Victory Charger. Nothing can stop us now. [Kendall] Guys, hold up! I brought you the new
Dino Victory Charger. It’s risky to try it with out testing it, but it might give you an edge. [Tyler] It’s worth the risk! But first, we need to
finish off those Vivix. [Ivan] I’m on it! [Morpher] Ptera Charger, engage! [Ivan] Lightning strike! (explosion echoes) [Tyler] Dino Charger, ready! Activate! T-Rex Super Charge, ready! [Game Face] Time out! [Tyler] You’ve got none left. Dino Victory Charger, ready! [Morpher] Dino Victory Charger, engage! [Tyler] T-Rex Super Charge! [Rangers] Victory! Final strike! [Game Face] I’m out of my league! (explosion echoes) [Fury] What’s Singe up to now? [Singe] Not at all, sir. Yes, you can trust me. Heckyl’s on Earth, he’s
after the energems too. As you wish– [Fury] Who are you talking to? [Singe] Uh, Fury! Oh, that was just my sweet old grand mama. She loves to hear about my adventures. [Fury] Ha, you call your grand mama sir? [Singe] Uh, sometimes. [Fury] You may fool Heckyl, but you don’t fool me. [Tyler] I have a better idea. Let’s try our new Victory Maximum attack! [Shelby] With all our powers! [Kendall] Yeah! [Tyler] Dino Victory Charger, ready! [Ivan] Dino X Charger, ready! [Rangers] Combine! Together! Dinosaur might, ready to fight! [Ivan] Dino X Charger, ready! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Halfbake] Oh no! [Tyler] T-Rex Super Charge! [Rangers] Victory Maximum final strike! [Halfbake] I’m toast! [Chase] The Dino X Charger
and Dino Victory Charger work great together! [Kendall] What!? [Zenowing] Greetings,
I am the Silver Ranger. I send you this message from
the far reaches of space. Although I am bonded
to the Silver Energem, the vast distance between myself and my Titano Zord has caused
the zord to be deactivated. The Silver Energem’s been
in space this whole time. [Zenowing] The location
of the Titano Zord is– (explosion echoes) No! Waters rise! [Wrench] I’m gonna get rusty! [Riley] With the water
gone, Matt can breathe again! Titano Zord, awaken! (energy hums) Soon you will reactivate, my friend. [Tyler] The Titano Zord’s getting up! You can do it, buddy! Yes!
I hope Matt’s okay. [Rangers] Dino Chargers, ready! [Morpher] Titano Charger, engage! Dino Chargers, engage! [Tyler] Dino Charger, ready! Dino Drive activate! Dino Charger, ready! Dino Super Drive Saber, ha! [Morpher] Dino Super
Drive Charger, engage! [Tyler] Dino Super Drive, activate! [Shelby] The Titano
Zord cockpit is amazing. [Tyler] And it feels so powerful! [Rangers] Activate
Titano Charge Megazord! [Morpher] Titano
Charge Megazord, engage! Titano Charge Megazord, ready! [Tyler] Think again! Titano Ax! [Hookbeard] Now what? [Tyler] Dino Super
Drive Saber, activate! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Tyler] Dino Super Drive Saber! [Rangers] Final Colossal Crunch! [Hookbeard] The tide has turned on me! [Tyler] Yes! How did you know the
location of the Titano Zord? [Singe] Call it inuition. I’ll ask one more time. Who told you where to
find the Titano Zord? (explosions echo) [Singe] Compared to my boss, you don’t know the
meaning of the word evil. Out of my way, litter box. [Zenowing] Without your help, I cannot come to Earth. But why not? [Zenowing] I am facing great danger. Without your help, the Silver
Energem will be lost forever. Terrible news fellow rangers, the Dark Energem has resurfaced. [Keeper] Oh no, no! What’s the Dark Energem? The 10 energems were
formed from pure good, but the dark energem
formed from pure darkness left after their creation. [Zenowing] The universe
must be protected from its great evil. Now that I know its location, I plan to destroy it. It cannot be done. [Zenowing] If you give me
data on your zords and megazords I may be able to destroy it. Give him all of our data? Is that safe? If we do nothing, the Dark Energem endangers
the past, present and future. [Zenowing] You won’t
regret it, my friends. I’ll begin the data transfer now. [Zenowing] This may be our only chance. Long ago, when your good
energems were created, the evil residue left behind
became the dark energem. It is the one thing that can cripple the
power of the 10 energems. It was hidden deep within
a planet called Sentai-6. Centuries later, a mysterious warlord discovered its location. He destroyed the entire planet, then disappeared with the Dark Energem. Now that the Dark Energem has resurfaced, the Silver Ranger needs all
the help we can give him to destroy it. I’m afraid Keeper’s right, and that’s why all of the data
on our zords and megazords has been transferred to the Silver Ranger. Until we know his location, there’s simply nothing more we can do. (explosion echoes) [Doomwing] Hah, this
planet’s a trash heap! [Arcanon] Silence, Doomwing. [Singe] Well speaking
of trash, look who’s here. It’s Heckyl and his motley crew. [Doomwing] So that’s Heckyl, huh? How dare you return to my planet, Singe. He came on my command. I am Lord Arcanon. Long ago, I hired Sledge
to capture an army for me. [Wrench] Oh, it’s true! Sledge worked for a monster named Arcanon. The only monster he was ever afraid of! [Snide] Magna Beam! (monster roars) You were built to fight rangers, Fortress. But first, let’s show these
cretins what you’ve got! (explosions echo) Impressive, but I have
more than just my own powers. I have stolen the rangers’ technology. Summon the zords! [Doomwing] Yes, my lord! Dino Charger, ready! Summon T-Rex Zord! [Kendall] Guys, the
new combination’s done. It needs your first
five zords plus Titano. [Tyler] Wow, you’re
awesome, Miss Morgan! [Ivan] Yeah! [Tyler] We’re on it,
guys, you know what to do! [Rangers] Dino Chargers, ready! Summon zords! [Ivan] Good job, Miss Morgan. [Chase] What’s this
new combination called? [Kendall] The Dino Charge Ultrazord. [Tyler] Awesome! [Rangers] Activate
Dino Charge Ultrazord! [Snide] I’ve got a
bad feeling about this! [Morpher] Zords combine! Dino Charge Ultrazord, ready! [Tyler] Snide, you’re finished! Dino Super Drive Saber, activate! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Tyler] See how you handle this, Heckyl. Dino Super Drive Saber! [Rangers] Ultra Plasma Final Blast! No! (explosion echoes) [Tyler] Monster extinct! Yeah!
Well done! Fury! Wrench! Your minions left at
the first sign of trouble. But do not worry, we stuck around. Let me help you up! No! No, no! No! Pathetic. You belong to me, Heckyl. Lock him up again. [Singe] I warned you
my boss had a bad temper. It’s a perfect replica of
what you built, Miss Morgan. So they had enough data
to create Dino Chargers. But how did Arcanon get the information? Other than us, there’s only
one person who has our data. The Silver Ranger. There’s no way the Silver
Ranger gave Arcanon the data. That would be… Evil. The Silver Energem would never have bonded with anyone evil. That must mean the Silver
Ranger’s been captured. Then we’ve got to find
a way to rescue him. As long as I have this. [Singe] What about the rangers? None of them will survive. (Zenowing groans) He’s hurt! [Zenowing] Rangers, I’ve found you. Arcanon captured me, but I managed to break free
from his evil clutches. We must go quickly before they catch up! Of course, mate. Let’s head back to the base. Hold on a second. We gave you all the data on our megazords. How did Arcanon get his hands on it? [Zenowing] Arcanon will do anything to capture the energems. That’s why he forced me to
create the Dino Chargers. Fortunately, I retrieved all
nine of them when I escaped. See? Hold it, only nine, not 10? [Zenowing] Uh, yes. Nine, I never created a Titano Charger. There’s those monsters. They left our zords. Hey, is this a Dino Charger? Arcanon dropped this. The Titano Charger
you say you never made. You are lying. (Doomwing laughs) [Doomwing] You rangers
are smarter than we thought. No matter! Why you conniving little– [Doomwing] Time to meet
my Titano Morph Blaster! [Rangers] Energize! (explosion echoes) [Doomwing] Not now! Must maintain control! [Tyler] He’s starting to transform! [Shelby] Who are you? Don’t move! [Zenowing] No, please, don’t fire! I am Zenowing, a friend. [Shelby] How can you be our friend? You were just trying to destroy us. [Zenowing] No, that was Doomwing. Arcanon cursed me to
share a body with him. But he is evil, I want to help you. I am the true Silver Ranger. [Chase] Two beings in the same body? That’s just like Heckyl and Snide! (Tyler screams) [Doomwing] Unleash the power! Unleash the power! [Doomwing] Silver strike! [Shelby] Tyler! Not yet, Shelby. Tyler has to wear him down first so he’ll transform into Zenowing. [Doomwing] I’m just getting started! [Shelby] Hold on, Tyler! [Tyler] Now it’s my turn! (energy hums) (Doomwing laughs) [Doomwing] Now you know
why they call me Doomwing! Goodbye Red Ranger! No, Zenowing, not now! [Riley] Get ready! [Tyler] He’s starting to transform! Miss Morgan, do it! (energy hums) [Doomwing] What’s happening? (explosion echoes) [Shelby] Yes, it worked! [Doomwing] Curse you rangers! You may have released Zenowing, but I still have the Silver Energem. You’ll never get the
Silver Energem! (laughs) Zenowing, I’m glad
you are free, my friend. I may be free, but Arcanon still has the Dark Energem. Then our worst fears are true. Yes, Arcanon is in control, and he’ll stop at nothing
to steal all the energems. You have no idea what
Arcanon is capable of. Then tell us. We need to know. He is pure evil. Arcanon wiped out an entire world simply to get the Dark Energem. When he destroyed Sentai-6. Correct, after I found
the Silver Energem, I tracked down Arcanon. During our battle, the
Silver Energem bonded to me. I became the Silver Ranger. I could not defeat Arcanon
and he captured me. Arcanon knew I would never
do his wicked bidding, so with one touch of the Dark Energem, he created my evil other half, Doomwing. (laughs) (explosions echo) [Doomwing] Zenowing! [Tyler] You came! [Zenowing] Yes, that’s
what team mates do. Then I’ll destroy you both! (both yell) I’ve beaten you before,
and I’ll beat you again! [Zenowing] Not if I have this! [Doomwing] No! [Zenowing] The Silver
Energem didn’t bond to you, it chose me! It’s morphin’ time! Energize, unleash the power! [Tyler] Awesome! He did it!
Nice! Yeah!
Yes! [Doomwing] Curse you Zenowing! [Zenowing] Titanosaurus
Power Ranger Silver! (yells) [Doomwing] You won’t
beat me that easily! [Zenowing] Any last words? [Doomwing] Arcanon will crush you! [Zenowing] Don’t count on it! Silver Prism Slash! Titano Saber, final strike! (explosion echoes)
(Doomwing yells) Monster extinct. Now I remember. You’ll never get your evil hands on this! (explosion echoes) He mustn’t get it! (screams) Where am I? What’s this? [Arcanon] Now you begin to see the power of the Dark Energem. It’s mine now! Don’t worry, you’ll
remember nothing. (laughs) You’re the one who
destroyed my entire planet! And my memory of that day
along with it, until now! Sentai-6 was merely an obstacle in my quest to get all the energems. It’s taken millions of years, you won’t stop me now. Shackle him! I’ll make you pay for
what you did, Arcanon, if it’s the last thing I ever do! It will be amusing to see you try. Splitting you and Heckyl
apart had better pay off. Or else I’ll destroy you. [Wrench] You were right, Lord Arcanon. This split emitters were in the forest, boy it would grind the rangers’ gears if they knew I got ’em working again! Begin. [Wrench] Now, this might tickle. (energy hums) It’s working, it’s working! [Snide] Seize Heckyl! You villanous scumbag traitor! [Snide] (laughs) You
are nothing without me! You will all pay. [Snide] Enjoy solitary. [Poisandra] Hold it right there, buster! Yeah!
We had a deal. I help you and Heckyl escape solitary, now you owe me that big secret. I’m not supposed to talk to you, we could both get in
lots of trouble, what? Help me get out of here, and I’ll tell you something that will knock your socks off. [Poisandra] Really,
what do I have to do? [Snide] Fine. [Curio] Speak up! [Poisandra] Are you serious? I can’t believe it. Come on, Curio, let’s go. [Ivan] All together, Ptera Lightning! [Zenowing] Silver Prism Slash! [Morpher] Dino Victory Charger, engage! [Tyler] T-Rex Super Charge! [Rangers] Victory final strike! (monster yells) [Tyler] Yeah! What, no! [Arcanon] Nice try! [Tyler] That’s not possible! [Arcanon] Magna Beam! This will be amusing! [Koda] Plasma Blast! Dino Super Drive Saber, activate! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Koda] Dino Super Drive Saber. [Rangers] Ultra Plasma Final Blast! [Arcanon] What, no! [Sledge] Speaking of
history, guess who’s back!? Sledge, I thought you were destroyed. It’s a relief to see you, my friend. [Sledge] We aren’t friends. I’ve caught outlaws for you for millennia. Now it’s time to collect the bounty. Of course, I’ll gladly
pay you in space bullion. [Sledge] No thanks. I’ll take the Dark Energem instead. That wasn’t our deal. And besides, four against one is bad odds. [Sledge] Good thing I got the
band back together. (laughs) You betrayed me Snide? [Snide] I’ve always been two faced! (monsters laugh) (explosions echo) [Wrench] That’ll show him! [Sledge] It’s good to be back, Poisy! I barely survived the crash. As I was trying to escape the ship, I found something very special in one of the abandoned cells. A plan that had to hatch in my mind. It was bold, it was brilliant. But if I wanted to destroy
the rangers for good, I would need the help of one very bad egg. I had to secretly put pieces
in place all over the world, so I fired up the old jetpack and made for the sky. As soon as I was done, I came right back to
make sure you were okay! [Poisandra] I cried
myself to sleep every night dreaming of you! Meanwhile, you were off having fun! [Sledge] Not at all, Poisy! I wasn’t having any fun! Hawaii was awful! And China, boy that was miserable. And Japan, no one has any fun there! ♪ Throw up your hands
having fun in Japan ♪ ♪ Just fun, fun, fun, fun ♪ ♪ Throw up your hands
having fun in Japan ♪ [Snide] Can we just get to work? (explosion echoes) Zenowing! What did you do to him? [Badussa] I am Badussa,
and I am petrifying! Gaze into my amulet! I gotta destroy that amulet. [Badussa] You’re next! Tyler! [Badussa] You, what are you doing here? [Shelby] Oh no, Heckyl. (explosion echoes) News flash. Snide and I have had a little split. You and Snide divided. That’s why you helped us against Badussa. I wasn’t saving you. I was there to destroy Badussa. He’s devastated entire galaxies, and I know how that feels. My whole planet was
destroyed by Lord Arcanon, so he could possess the Dark Energem. Badussa was as bad as he was. You survived the
destruction of Sentai-6? Yes, and everything I’ve done ever since was to try and restore my planet. [Shelby] Let’s do this! Dino Morpher Blast! Whoa!
Oh! Then it is clear what we must do. Zenowing told you how he built the zords. Now, you must create one. First you must understand that a zord is not just a machine. It’s alive. The geode must contain
biological, metallic and crystalline elements in
order to from the final zord. Dinosaur bone for its body. Matter for its armor, and crystals to give
it strength and speed. Only when merging these
elements with a warrior spirit will the zord come to life. Is that everything? Almost. I need the spirit of a warrior. Keeper, I can’t think of a
warrior braver or wiser than you. Would you infuse this
geode with your spirit? It would be an honor. (triumphant music) [Shelby] The Spino Zord, it worked! Activate Spino Charge Megazord, Ankylo Pachy Formation! [Morpher] Engage! Zords combine! Spino Charge Megazord, ready! Spino Boomerang! [Rangers] Whirlwind finish! [Badussa] I’ve hit rock bottom! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Tyler] Activate! T-Rex Super Charge, Stego
Spino Formation ready! [Badussa] Badussa beast bite! [Tyler] Not so fast! Spino Boomerang! (explosion echoes) Yeah, let’s finish this as a team! Combine! [Rangers] Together. Dinosaur might, ready to fight! [Tyler] T-Rex Super Charge! [Rangers] Victory Maximum final strike! (explosion echoes) [Tyler] Monster extinct, yeah! [Wrench] Oh, Master Sledge. Now that the ship is done charging, I brought you the Dark Energem! [Sledge] Come to papa! [Snide] Time for your plan’s next phase. [Sledge] Good, let’s go to the bridge where we’ll have a perfect view of the Earth’s final destruction. Rangers, this will
be the greatest battle you have ever faced. No matter how hopeless it may seem, you must never give up. Don’t worry Keeper. We didn’t come this far to give up now. They may have five monsters, but I’ve got news for them. We’ve got five megazords. Rangers, join me. (energy hums) All together, we must fight to survive and save the universe. [Rangers] Rangers forever. Keeper and I will oversee the battles around the globe from here. [Tyler] All five megazords, at once. [Riley] Let’s go! [Tyler] Summon Zords! [Rangers] Summon Zords! [Morpher] Engage! [Rangers] Summon Zords! [Morpher] Engage! [Tyler] Spino Boomerang
Whirlwind Finish! (explosion echoes) Awesome! [Rangers] Para Zord, Fireball Finish! (explosion echoes) [Tyler] Time for a new combination! [Ivan] Just in time, Sir Tyler! [Morpher] Zords combine! Spino Charge Megazord, ready! [Tyler] Hey guys, sorry
it took so long to get here. [Chase] Para Zord Blast! [Ivan] Ptera Lightning Blitz! (explosion echoes) [Rangers] Monster extinct. [Rangers] Pachy Zord Wrecking Ball! Plesio Blast, final strike! [Philip] Your son came through again! [James] Monster extinct. [Zenowing] Titano Zord,
Final Colossal Crunch! (explosion echoes) Heckyl, thanks. Snide is evil but, Heckyl isn’t. You changed. [Snide] So, your base has been under the museum this whole time? Allow me to provide the
museum with two new fossils. I don’t think so! Ha! You’re on my turf now, Snide! [Snide] Why can’t you just stay still? [Kendall] I will if you will. [Snide] Your friends
can’t protect you now. What!? Wrong, I’ll protect her. [Kendall] Heckyl. [Snide] How dare you interfere. You’ve chosen the wrong side, Heckyl. Thank you Heckyl. [Kendall] Yes, thank you. I knew there was still good in you. The Dark Energem must be destroyed. This may be our last chance to get it. Count me in. [Kendall] Let’s go. Because of me, you’re in this world. And I couldn’t be happier
to help you leave it. [Tyler] Ready everyone? Keeper said it, the Dark
Energem must be destroyed! Last chance Snide.
I’ll never give up! [Tyler] Neither will we! Titano Cannon! [Rangers] Lock on target! [Morpher] Open cannon shield! [Snide] You’ll never win, rangers. [Tyler] We’ll see, Dino
Super Drive Saber, activate! [Morpher] Dino Chargers, engage! [Tyler] Titano Cannon, final strike! [Snide] No! [Tyler] So long, Snide. [Wrench] Do you take this monster, as your awfully wedded husband? [Poisandra] I do! [Sledge] I do too, my Poisy Poo Poo. [Wrench] I now pronounce
you husband and wife! (monsters cheer) [Poisandra] I’m the
happiest girl in the universe! [Sledge] Wait my hear, I
almost forgot, your ring. [Wrench] Oh, where is it? (Poisandra screams) [Sledge] Who stole the Dark Energem? [Kendall] Don’t touch it. It’s not even scratched. Rangers! We have one chance. [Tyler] Steady. (triumphant music) Together! (explosion echoes) (monsters yell) [Riley] It swallowed Sledge! [Chase] And the Earth is next! [Tyler] This can’t be happening! [Riley] The planet! [Shelby] It’s gone! [Koda] This not happening. The entire planet, gone. Just like Sentai-6. Rangers, listen carefully. You must remove your energems
and throw them into space. Trust me, it is the only way. [Chase] Throw our energems? [Philip] Into space? Come on guys, let’s do this. We trust you, Keeper. When the 10 energems are joined, they break the chains that divide the past, present and future. This is the energems’ ultimate power, the ability to transport you through time. We’re gonna time travel? So the legends are true. We must hurry, the black
hole is getting closer. I will send you back in time so that you can stop Sledge forever. You alone have the ability
to save your planet. The time portal is ready. Good luck, Rangers. What are we waiting for? It’s about to get wild! (rangers yell) Of course, Keeper sent us back to the day he crashed on
Earth with the energems. Halt! Who are you? Uh, you don’t know us, yet. But you will. We are Power Rangers from the future. From the future? [Riley] It’s Sledge. Keeper, you sent us back in time to protect Earth from those monsters. Prove to me that you’ve
bonded to the energems. Indeed, you are Power Rangers. It’s morphing time! Energem! [Rangers] Ready! [Sledge] Enough playing around! Time to show you something
you’ve never seen before! [Tyler] Lemme guess, Magna Beam? [Sledge] Magna, hey how did you know? Magna Beam! (roars) Say goodbye, you vermin! I’ll crush you! What, hey, no! I’ll make you pay for this, Keeper! If it’s the last thing I do! With Sledge and his monsters destroyed, your planet and the
energems are truly safe. You may return to the future in peace. Thank you, Keeper. Heckyl, I’d like you and
Zenowing to go back in time to stop the Dark Energem
from being stolen. You can save Sentai-6. You will become a Keeper. The Keeper of the Dark Energem. Make sure it is never used for evil again. Order is restored, a new chapter begins. Take a look at the sign. [Riley] Amber Beach Dinosaur Zoo? Of course! Sledge’s asteroids never hit Earth. So the dinosaurs… [Chase] They never went extinct!

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