Pokemon Trivia – Looker in Other Games

Pokemon Trivia – Looker in Other Games

What’s up Insiders? Pokemon Insider here
back with another Pokemon Trivia video. Since I so horribly forgot about Looker in my previous
trivia video, I am going to be covering all of his appearances throughout the Pokemon
series. Thanks for watching and let’s get started.
Before I continue in this video, I would like to state that I will be revealing big plot
points in several Pokemon games, so if you don’t want to hear them, I would recommend
clicking off. Now let’s get going. Looker was first introduced in Pokemon Platinum
version as a member of the international police. We never get to learn his real name because
Looker is just his code name. So, in Platinum he is first met in Jubilife City where he
gives the player the VS recorder. Looker appears basically everywhere Team Galactic is present
in Platinum such as the Valley Windworks, the Eterna City base, and the Galactic base
in Veilstone. Throughout the story, Looker helps the player
out by giving you items and advice to help the player advance in the game. Looker’s
second appearance in the Pokemon series is in Pokemon Black and White. After defeating
Ghetsis in the Pokemon League, when you go downstairs, Looker will be in your house with
your mother asking you to help him catch the remaining 7 sages. Along with this, Looker
will give you a super rod. Probably Looker’s biggest appearance in
the Pokemon games is his role in Pokemon X and Y’s Postgame which is named after him.
The Looker Chapters begin when you go to Lumiose City after upgrading your mega ring when you
receive a call on the Holo Caster from Looker. After collecting some tickets throughout Lumiose
City, Looker recruits you as an apprentice, and the two of you go on missions for a while.
During this event, you meet a girl named Emma and her Espurr living in the streets who Looker
houses. Emma gets a job because she felt bad about not paying her way and ends up getting
involved in the reason why Looker was in Kalos in the first place. After capturing Xerosic,
Looker leaves Kalos, and it was a really emotional moment.
In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Looker can be found in the Battle Resort on
the beach. He has no memory of who he is, but he is holding and Audinite which he gives
to you. This leads into the next appearance, which is in Pokemon Red and Blue, that’s
right Red and Blue. There is a man on the SS Anne who says he is from the International
Police, just like Looker. Now I do not claim to have come up with this. All credit for
this theory goes to my friend Ovi. So, Pokemon Red and Blue and Omega Ruby and
Alpha Sapphire occur at roughly the same time. We never get to see where the SS Anne goes,
and we never get to see it return. It is more than possible that Looker is the member of
the international police on the SS Anne, and he ended up on the beach on the Battle Resort
because the SS Anne either crashed or he fell off. If you want to hear the full theory,
you should check out Ovi’s video on the subject.
Those are all the appearances of Looker throughout Pokemon so far. If you have anything to add,
let me know in the comment section. Thanks so much for watching, and if you enjoyed
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30 thoughts on “Pokemon Trivia – Looker in Other Games

  1. Looker is also in Castelia City (Unova), hiding behind trash cans in the third street near the café.

    Or I think it's him. I haven't played in a while.

  2. It could be possible that the ship he sailed on could have sunk, hence why he ended up in Hoenn. It could be possible that he intended to sail to Johto since he realized that Team Rocket were trying to rebuild itself there, which could also be the reason why Giovanni was hiding in a cave in the first place.

  3. Looker's amnesia's going to lead him to Sinnoh where he was to late to help the player stop Team Galactica in time. (._. I have an entire script on it but didn't record audio yet)

  4. But doesn't ORAS happen in a different universe that RBY? So that couldn't be Looker if he lives in the Ultimate Weapon universe, could he?

  5. Man, I knew it! Episode 8 – "S.S. Anne" of my Blue LP has a joke about looker, but I wasn't being serious!
    Also, you gotta love Jubilife city's music. Man, I love gen 4 so much.

  6. I see a big hole in that theory. So apperentley take place on a different timeline where pokemon evolution took a slightly different turn and where the "super weapon" that was talked about by AZ in X and Y was never launched. So what I am trying to say is that X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire take place in an alternate dimension where mega evolution exists. While in the other games, mega evolution does not exist.

  7. I love looker! He is basically the closest thing to the main characters sidekick from gen 4 and up and since he was in gen 1 he has been there since the very beginning!

  8. Gens 1 and 3 happen at the same time, and gens 2 and 4 happen at the same time, ORAS is a different planet of the opposite game from the originals (i.e.: OR is a counterpart to Sapphire). Archie/Maxie states, "What if I was the evil one, in another world?" and we know that it's not OR to AS because of Zinnia warning about sending the Deoxys meteor to another world, just like our own, but with out Mega Evolution. This statement is referring to the Deoxys event of the originals. X/Y happens right after ORAS, O-power man is created from the 6 brothers in Mauville and leaves to travel the world, which is why he's in Kalos.

  9. Now that Looker has made an appearance in the Kanto region after the events of the Gym battle between Red and Giovanni, this can put a new spin on Looker´s appearance in the SS Anne. Perhaps he left the ship before you could see this, I mean, he is a detective after all, and is following the trails of Team Rocket, so the incident with the ship may have been another ship he boarded afterwards.

    Anyway, this unites all regions now bar Alola, but who knows, we may see him there as well! This is interesting because this is the first character, probably, who has been to all regions and been seen there, apart from us, the players, and apparently now Red since he appears to be following his dream of completing the entire Pokedex as seen in the first entry of Pokemon Generations.

    Generations also appears to be an alternate playthrough, where Red chooses Bulbasaur, heck this player may even be named Green! Since this is another playthrough, it may as well be another version. This breaks the fourth wall and makes the way that there are multiple versions of Pokemon but one universe that connects all timelines something more cohesive now.

  10. I know that the video wasn't published when Pokemon Sun and Moon was even heard of, but he played an extreme role in the Ultra Beast plot.

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