Pokemon 2D snake game with C++

Pokemon 2D snake game with C++

this is a pokemon snake game implemented in c++ link to download in description. its starts out simple, one pokeball to catch em all. pikachus and mews starts to appear theres now a tail, with smaller pokeballs its possible to change direction anytime, the movement is not restricted to tiles. the first level is a bit slow. level cleared, lets see what next level brings. the position of the moving obstacles are calculated using the current time and a very simple boolean expression in Level.cpp the game looks a little more challenging now. this is the final level, not too hard. its more challenging to do it fast! you need to do it fast if you want the highest score. finished in 267 seconds, can you do it faster? thanks for watching 🙂

One thought on “Pokemon 2D snake game with C++

  1. 5:22 should add transparency to the images, and maybe have them randomly added in open spaces… :]
    great snake game!

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