Poison Pawn Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast: Secret Checkmate Moves, Strategy & Ideas

Poison Pawn Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast: Secret Checkmate Moves, Strategy & Ideas

Welcome Chess Friends. I would like to begin this video by wishing
you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year. In today’s chess video, I am going to share
with you a fantastic chess opening trick to trap your opponent and ultimately win the
game. This secret little trick is popularly called
the poison pawn trap which is used against the Sicilian Defense played by Black. I will be showing you the exact step-by-step
moves and the basic strategy and idea behind this trap. So stay tuned till the end and keep watching
Chess Talk. Hello Chess Friends, it’s me, Jeetendra Advani. If this is your first time on this channel
and you want to learn some cool chess tricks and become a better chess player, then start
now by subscribing and clicking the bell so you don’t miss any of my videos. Okay, let’s jump in right away. So let’s start with the opening moves. You are playing as white. You start with the king’s pawn opening pawn
e4. Your opponent plays pawn c5. This is the Sicilian Defense. Then pawn d4, then d6 and then you play pawn
to d5. These are some very common opening moves that
you will see in your chess games. Now if you look at these open diagonals, the
obvious strategy for Black would be to attack on the queen’s side. Therefore, the most natural move you will
see from Black here would be to bring out his queen and give check. You will respond by blocking with your bishop. Now black has no option but to move his queen
back. Again, the most natural move for Black is
to play his queen to B6 attacking this pawn on b2. You don’t have to save your pawn, instead
you have to sacrifice it. That’s where the trap is. You will play knight to c3 inviting black
to take the b2 pawn. This is the poison pawn we are talking about. If black falls for this trap and takes the
b2 pawn, then he is gone. From here on, all moves are forced so black
cannot escape. Let me show you how. After queen captures, you will play your rook
to b1 forcing the queen to go to a3 which is the only safe square left. Then you will play knight to b5 not only attacking
the queen but also threatening to fork the king and rook. Black has to save his queen, he has no other
option. The queen can’t go this way since there are
no safe squares. He can’t go to b4 or a5 because of the bishop. He can’t go to a6 either because knight c7
can fork and capture the queen. So black basically has only 2 options. He can either capture the pawn on a2 or move
the queen to a4. If he takes the pawn on a2, then after rook
a1, white is left with no option except going to b2. Then after bishop to c3, the queen is trapped
so he will be forced to take the rook, you will take the queen and you can win this easily. So going back, taking the a2 pawn is a bad
idea. The other option in this position for black
is to play queen a4. But if he plays this, you can play this killer
move knight d6 check. Black is in a problem. If he captures with the pawn, then you can
easily fork the king and queen by playing bishop b5 check and the queen is gone. So black can’t take the Knight. What other option does he have? The king can’t go to d7 again because of the
fork by the bishop. So he has only one move, that is, king to
d8. But then again you have this beautiful move
knight to f7 forking the King and other rook this time. The black king has 3 options but as i told
you earlier, he can’t go to any of these white squares because of this check from the bishop. So basically he has only one option, that
is, king to c7. After this, you can play bishop to f4 check. Now, the king can’t go to B6 because of the
rook. He can’t go to c6 because of this pawn. He can’t block with the bishop because it
will be easily captured since there are two pieces attacking this square. So the only logical option left for black
is to block the check with his pawn. But this is even worse because this pawn can
be captured en passant and its again check to black. Now black is left with no option. The d file is blocked by the queen and the
b file is blocked by the rook. If he blocks with the bishop, then queen d6
is checkmate and if he goes to c6, then knight d8 is checkmate. So that’s how this trick works. Now what if you are playing as black? Look, According to me, the biggest mistake
that black makes is in the opening. In this position, black should not play pawn
d6. Even if he does not want to capture, then
he can play pawn b6 instead. This way he is not only supporting the pawn
on c5 but also opening up this beautiful diagonal for the bishop to attack the center. Players with a higher rating would generally
play pawn B6 to avoid this trap. But still I have seen many players fall for
this trap. So try out this cool trick & let me know in
the comments how it worked for you. That’s it guys, hope you enjoyed this chess
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100 thoughts on “Poison Pawn Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast: Secret Checkmate Moves, Strategy & Ideas

  1. Man when you will give king check by horse that time horse will take it by E5 right ??? Don't make fool ok

  2. you are really nice guy this is coming from an 11 year old your chess knowledge enlighntened me and helped me win the uk chess tournament i am your biggest fan and i will continue to support your channel

  3. Someone please explain in the video near the end when he was talking about capturing the pawn on e6 after blocking the check with that pawn but it had been moved to e5 how does it make sense that white captured the pawn my moving behind the pawn

  4. Never thought that this moves has name… Last year, I was invited by my friend to joined a tournament of chess… I was white and my opponent is black… At the start of the opening… I feel blank because as I know..most professional chess player will use Sicilian defense because they have a higher chances to win using Sicilian defense… Then I started to think more deeply about how should I interrupt his queen side… Then I look up and started to make a calculation if my plans are working or not… And after that… How lucky I am that this moves make me win the game… This is the true story… I really don't know that pawn poison trap is really legit… I'm proud of myself.. Sorry

  5. This helped me so much. Thanks a lot for your help and clear understanding, I have a chess tournament at another school next week and I’m sure this will help me.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  6. Not so good video. Sicillian players always capture on d4. Otherwise what is the use of playing sicillian. He could have played after 1)e4 and then 1…) d6
    D4 and c5.Same again.
    Anyway if that's the trap you have in mind it will be a long time before you find fools to fall into it at a decent rating level

  7. im laughing so hard right now the poison pawn but the pb is u have to make it work and set it up correctly wich a pb for me so as all the others moves πŸ™

  8. I was in school, its P.E. free time this time
    me and my friends decided to play chess
    And to my surprise he did that opening
    My first friend didnt do the check thing at first
    but my 2nd friend told the first friend to check my king
    And I said "Oh no!" acting xD
    They laughed, but then it came to the moment where I have to do the En Passant
    My 5 friends told me theres no such thing is en passant and im cheating,,,,,,
    I got to the principal because i smacked all of them in the head XDDD hope you see this Jee

  9. Hi Jeetendra ji,
    Like your videos,
    I have a basic question here

    What is the name of the movie used when white pawn captures black pawn at e5 and goes to e6 ?
    Please give me some understanding on this πŸ™

  10. Most natural move my ass. This is the kind of cenario that occurs while playing vs a wannabe 900 sicilian player. And at that point, if u can't beat him with normal moves, you don't deserve to win

  11. In my tournament I went to in my second game I played after d4 my opponent captured my pawn.And I lost.
    what should have I done?

  12. In my tournament I went to in my second game I played after d4 my opponent captured my pawn.And I lost.
    what should have I done?

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