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Don’t make the tower fall! Pull blocks that match the color or number
of the last one pulled and restack on top. Or pull a Command block, and make the next
player follow the command! But don’t make the tower fall, or you lose! PARTS LIST: 45 blocks, loading tray. Please remove all components from the container
and compare them to the contents list. if any items are missing, please consult the
listing of your local Mattel office at the end of these instructions. SETUP
Choose the player that will go first; this player must build the tower. On a flat surface, randomly stack layers of
3 blocks at right angles to the layer below it, as shown on the box. Use the loading tray to straighten the tower
into position. The loading tray can be used to reload blocks
into the box for restorage. At the start of a round, play passes to the
The first player selects a block and pulls it from the tower. If a NUMBER block is pulled, the next player
must draw a block of either the same number or color as shown on the pulled cube (or a
WILD – see below). A block can only be drawn from the levels
below the highest completed level of the tower. Stack the pulled block on top of the tower
at a right angle to the level beneath. You must complete a 3-block level before starting
another one.

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