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What’s up guys today we are going to be playing Slitherio i.o I dont know, how do you pronounce this can someone please tell me, is it Slitherio, Slither io, or just slither I don’t know basically this is exactly like the snake game I used to play when I was a kid You guys remember the snake game where, it was, it was basically, it started out like a really super small snake and it got food and as it got food it grew longer and longer I mean you weren’t allowed to have the head touch any part of the body. or else you would lose. that was the whole point of the game. so i guess this is, this is basically it except its extremely better so lets just start off we are gonna put reaction time lets go, lets play this I ain’t gonna lose. And then use arrows I think, yeh, yeh, yeh okay arrows to grow. are these? what are these orbs? I don’t know anything these look like orbs and apparently, the instructions said: you can’t touch… any other snakes like this one is humongous! Jesus Christ! Why are you so big? Oh God that sounded so wrong, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. And then, I think you can also try to kill the- like look. instructions said you can’t you can’t touch any other snakes like this one is humongous Jesus Christ bro why are you so big oh god that sounded so wrong so sorry I didn’t mean to and then I think you can also try to kill me like look all this guy was touched me so all see if you touch me oh no no no no I was focusing on trying to get the orbs they’re so shiny play again i’m actually gonna grow I’m gonna grow here we go damn its come on i just started why am I so bad at this game i have no control that’s what she said what no okay um but for real though I’m not trying to like hit any of these players because if you do you just basically died but if they hit me then they die and i can I could collect their energy which is really cool whoa did you see how close out Jesus that’s a huge us one oh my goodness you are seeing on I wonder what happens if you get the one that flow like dahling does it doesn’t oh my god oh no all that was so close i’m not trying to die guys I’m just trying to collect some energy bowls energy balls so i can grow and then kill other snakes right that’s the whole goal to kill other snakes all right I’m trying to talk too much though because if I talk too much i’m gonna lose focus I’m just gonna lose this whole thing alright let’s get more of these orbs let’s grow and then I can I want to kill a huge one that would be so cool because I can collect all the energy and then just become ginormous but other than that I don’t know I feel like this game is kind of sickening away because the whole purpose is to kill other snakes and uh no don’t trap me buddy do not charge me you asked to be I see that he just decided to trap me you little slut monkey news 00 i’m not i’m not big enough to do that I need to have a lot more length uh-huh that’s my ex said about me no I’m just kidding i stop these lengths jokes are not funny they’re really not that funny but I mean to other people they would say it’s funny guys guys do you see this know why you while you do that I’m just shot apply understand this is my from a noob this is my first time okay let me just have fun let me just enjoy myself guys alright if I see any one of these like assholes trying to get me i’m actually gonna try I’m gonna kill him and realize how shit no i’m not but i wish i wish they would stop so I can just have a normal life and love on as a legendary snake I just want to be humongous all I am I an asshole for doing that I’m so sorry did you guys see that at least I got his energy that’s all I care about I don’t care it’s like this is like an apocalypse were people have to kill each other for food except it’s not people with snakes except you know people playing us names so let me find some more work is there any more people i mean snakes i want to see more snakes guys you can go play this game like it’s so much fun alright oh that’s a big one there is no way I’m gonna be able to kill that there is absolutely no I’m not long enough mhm okay okay i’ll stop with the jokes stop I know I said that before but I really should stop it faster than me because I really want to kill this guy that’s not so weird i just really wanna kill this guy ok let’s let’s speed up a little bit just to see where this guy’s at ok maybe should I kill this little guy i don’t wanna kill the little guys I want to kill the big guys because you guys so much more energy our food I don’t know if its food or energy you guys need to let me know okay no no I actually died guys I actually thought I died ok if this guy tries to trap me it’s not gonna end well for you buddy you know who I am do you know i am ok you don’t know who I am that’s fine whoa look at all these oh it’s a party in my pants I mean and uh in my steak don’t oh no no I hate this fucking game I hate this game oh that’s it no one’s gonna pick on me just because I’m just as you call me PE they call me peewee i should change the PE because I’m so small oh you know I was like an anaconda but now I’m PEEWIE wow wow that’s a shame ok oh yes that’s what I’m talking about ok so you see I would whenever one of these snakes they light up that basically means you can just go a lot faster when you go a lot faster that’s how you trap some of these other snakes and kill him alright let me get a lot more food I’m sorry buddy oh I’m gonna kill you but ok you’re lucky you fled oh I’m so long and now all I’m getting kind of long guys who little article see guy oh that is it ginorm dollars like a christmas-themed snake all food food food yeah food food NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOi just wanted energy guys I’m not playing this game I don’t care if I’m peewee I’m not playing this game thank you for watching make sure to click on the video here or just subscribe by clicking my chest but dollars so disappointing a really messed-up thinking where you kill other snakes to to get your own energies kind of life though right whatever i’ll see you guys next time thanks for watching have a good one and peace out

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