Playing Chess on 280m Chimney

Playing Chess on 280m Chimney

I need to take my phone from the waist bag Move it up! What’s the factor of this sunscreen cream? About 30… Oh, that’s great! Silence! Wait for the dogs to calm down! I was never noisier than this 😐 Oh, look at it! What if we climb on the inside? Is this under the ground? Yes! Look, miner helmets! There shall be no electricity here! Workroom? So, we are now inside the tower We went through big bushes, like unbelievable …and dogs barked at us …and we are now inside at the base, looking if we can climb on the inside We explored it even in the basement And we are now looking for… …if we find a way to climb on the inside to… …to avoid exposing us …and eventually to get outside I will check now and tell you! George: Okay, we’ll hear us. I am now inside a tower I am inside the tower! Okay, bye-bye! Does it have a door? [to get outside] It should have one, yeah… I don’t want to climb to the top in this way! I don’t know what we can do… We’ll get out but at least it is cooler here Found some water !!! Very good! Shall I take it with us? Hear that ! [alarm] We climbed 3 [levels] on the inside Yeah That’s exactly half [the way up] I see two men on the left, coming towards us! You serious? I see only one! They are two! I’ll wait for you at the next floor! Oh, the ladder is bad again : Wow, how nice it is! Wait, I will take the chessboard! This chimney is rotten. It was used a lot! So, how about the French opening? :)) The horses… Your turn now. Ah, you moved already.. This…no… Here we go… Yeah You put me in chess? I’ll take your queen! You’ll take it with the horse? Now I will do my tricks 😀 One… Two… 434, 435… 436… 440 ! Yeah!

100 thoughts on “Playing Chess on 280m Chimney

  1. Climbing the heights and shit is ok, but dude you might consider not to climb at ladders rotten as they were in some of your clips

  2. 5:27Yeah I'm not watching these videos anymore what are you doing with his fingers Muslim back and forth for some ungodly reason get to my damn nerves so I'm not watching us no more it's like he's telling people I'm cool looking me I'm better than you are so I'm not going to watch this dumbass videos anymore i will watch him again when he falls and does that on the way down

  3. What if they're throwing things down the chimney to measure the time of their fall if ever they accidentally fall hahahaha

  4. You guys are insane!
    One of the craziest videos ever from a series of craziest videos of all time. What does that finger flicking mean? You guys made your point whatever it was shouldn’t push it anymore before there is an accident. Can’t come back no do overs.

  5. Thanks man, now I learned how to climb a chimney like a pro, and how to play chess at high :)))

    P.S Just kidding, what problems you must to have to do such a dangerous thing, what authorities think about this, if you fall from there who will be responsible?

  6. 2010: I don’t exist
    2011: NO stop I told you.
    2012: I still don’t exist
    2016: pls
    2017: ok fine
    2018: nah
    2019: ok I’m here

  7. You know, probably you and the others here will hate me for saying this but there are so many people in this world with terminal diseases who would love to live maybe just a little longer, pleople who really can feel what waiting to die is really like, meanwhile there is you and people like you who do this. It's obvious that you are very good at this, insane balance but one very little mistake and you're dead.

  8. Me and my friends couldn’t play ANY GAME there because if one of us loose we would get angry and accidentally push or punch the other guy

  9. Iti risti viata degeaba mah baiatule. Baga-ti mintile-n cap pana nu e prea tarziu…ca sper ca iti dai seama ca joci ruleta ruseasca…scapi o data de doua ori…dar…tot se intampla…lasa prostiile.

  10. يلعن ابوكم والقلوب الصاملة ليتني مثلكم
    انا جدار الحوش بس وقفت عليه جتني ام الركب

  11. Daca in pizda mati cazi dai vina pe ambulanta ca de ce nu vine mai repede dar voi nu aveti ce face acasa

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