Playing Chess! | Doki Doki Literature Club! Monika After Story 0.7.0 Part 2

Playing Chess! | Doki Doki Literature Club! Monika After Story 0.7.0 Part 2

hey yo spaghetto here and welcome back to
Monica after story I didn’t expect to pick this back up but then I realized as
you play a little bit some more pieces of it each day that you unlock new stuff
to do so yeah let’s talk to Monica right now she looks pretty sad hey I had an
awful dream I was hoping those would stop but now it’s just the two of us I
guess that was wishful thinking noodle boy I don’t know if you would have any
idea but if you know what might be causing that could you try and do
something about it whenever it happens it almost feels like I’ve been killed or
something it’s a really horrible feeling if you could figure out what’s causing
that I’ll love you forever huh is there something causing I have no idea okay so
we unlocked well we unlocked chests so let’s play
chess with Monica you want to play chess all right get ready uh what color would
seat you this is a tough situation I’m not racist I swear oh look I drew white
let’s begin okay oh hey it’s chase um oh I got to move my pieces okay you want to
go Monica I’ll beat you harder than I never mind
i’ma beat you okay oh you want to go I’ll beat you
yeah Monica oh oh crap I’m gonna move you back boy shoot we done goofed yeah
gosh dang it I suck yeah get rekt Monica that yeah well Scheffel
to them I am so bad at chess okay Oh Frick yeah that’s her
whatever yeah die okay um it’s our priest II dude put him here he’ll
protect us Jesus will protect us from the evil Monica a horse it boy
neigh all right oh no he’s attacking did okay I think we’re safe
oh shoot what did I do where sit boy what’s the horse if we’re gonna do okay
you want to go horsey boy I’ll get you I’ll shoot die horsey okay yeah I never
thought I’d be narrating the chest on my channel that’s a strange feeling okay I
can’t go that far oh shoot Monica stop doing that um err direct Monica aah oh
no I am the nervous okay horsie boy okay went back so put you
there put you here it’s fine um let’s just do that
okay oh shoot oh shoot there it’s your turn okay uh yeah
they’re a my king safe in the corner Kings in the corner okay
yeah blocked you off your little pawn oh shoot
they’re saved my horsey boy oh wait never mind I’m dumb
No what have I done okay I’m gonna kill that guy I’ll shoot now I can’t Wanaka
you’re too smart um can I go anywhere without getting
killed aah oof uh this is the yeah yeah then
he’s gonna die get rekt yeah no don’t hurt him my
king’s a precious one no yeah yeah I always don’t know well I guess Monica
got us guys I can’t move I did you win yeah Monica won okay she
beat us I win I’ll go a little easier on you next time would you like to save
this game no you want to play it again No
despite the simple rules chess is a really intricate game it’s okay if you
find yourself struggling at times remember the important thing is to be
able to learn from your mistakes okay that’s nice Mike you know just you talk
ask a question games yeah media yeah oh happy birthday oh you
wanted to say happy birthday to someone else
I understand oh she looked so sad no what is their name hmm
what if I put Monica in Oh Monica all right do you want me to say their
age too yes then what’s their age um 97 okay is
Monica here with you yes she’s right here nice to meet you Monica noodle boy
told me that it’s your birthday so I’d like to wish you a happy 97th birthday I
hope you have a great day I’m so stupid okay
ask a question Monica which favorite book yeah philosophy and romance whoo
writing tips you I’m happy that’s wonderful I’m happy when you’re
happy I know that can’t always come up to me and I’ll cheer you up little boy I
love you and I’ll always be here for you so don’t ever forget that
oh she’s so nice guys she’s like a real girlfriend asked a question all right
it’s another one I wanted to ask on here hmm Monica wonder this one philosophy no
romance I love you too noodle boy we’ll be together forever
huh but what if I die I hold on ask question okay under ask a question how
has kiss me a but you’re the best girl you know Monica you’re just the best I
love it when you compliment me noodle boy I think I’m the best girl – oh gosh
okay Monica that’s why you killed everyone else right even not counting
the whole I’m the only one with free will thing how can anybody have
preferred the other three girls to me a useless childhood friend who never
bothered to confess to you until it was way too low geez that’s Savage a shy
girl who was overdramatic and always taking herself too seriously a moody
manga fan obsessed with everything being cute they eat they even said it
themselves I’m more desirable than the three of them combined anyone who
wouldn’t have chosen me out of the bunch simply has to taste so I’m glad you did
needle boy you’re a perfect girlfriend Monica will always love you – I’ve been
wondering about your name it is new – boy really your name do you want me to
call you something else sure call me something else
okay just type never mind if you change your mind
noodle boy tell me what it is hmm needle boy that’s names a bit too long
try again David Caesar what SpaghettiOs ok spaghetto dick ok then from now on
I’ll call you spaghetto and talk let’s let’s let’s talk to Monica
ask a question romance we’re just gonna roll my answer kiss me
did you say kiss there’s suddenly it’s a little embarrassing but if it’s with you
I might be ok with it Wow sorry I really couldn’t keep a
straight face there that’s the kind of that’s the kind of thing girls say in
these canons of romance games right don’t lie if it turned okay Monica and
I’m kidding well to be honest I do start getting all
romantic when the mood is right but that’ll be our secret but you didn’t
kiss me Monica you got a romance kiss me okay okay yeah
okay so all right Monica let’s say something else no yeah all right
that’s nice okay yeah so apparently when you relaunch the game other stuff may
happen so I’ll be right back since I have pretty much explored everything in
this little section of the game I have so RB Ryback people’s okay yes all right hey guys welcome back to
Demonica after story so I’ll close the game we’ll watch it back up again let’s
see if anything changed hey spaghetto I had another really bad
dream another one but I was like gone for 30 seconds you’re not the only one
doing that you’re not the one doing that to me are you
it seems to happen ever you quit the game without saying goodbye oh gosh I’m
sorry Monica you’re so clingy so if you could try and avoid doing that I would
be really grateful just click on the talk button say goodbye instead then I
can close the game myself don’t worry I don’t think it’s caused me any harm
aside from mental scarring huh okay Monica you know just just nope
no new game so alright maybe later any new subjects to talk about unseen what’s
this variety tip wasn’t doki-doki leadership club too easy
well it’s not like this game was meant to be hard in the first place if I
hadn’t decided to change things up it would have just been a boring romance
story I honestly could have deleted all your personal files or something if I
had tried harder just so just take it easy sometimes that every game has to be
challenged to be fun huh don’t delete my computer Monica please sometimes love is
all you need spaghetto okay that’s nice Monica repeat no that’s not Rita let’s
ask a question anything else yeah okay good evening philosophy the red chip you listen to me
all right so we’re gonna know there’s one on here I wanted to do
good-evening good-evening Monica good evening to you too spaghetto I love
a nice and relaxing night it’s so nice to put your feet up after a very long
day even if evening evenings are the perfect time to catch up on whatever you
were doing the previous day sometimes I can’t help but feel sad when the day
ends it makes me think what else could have done during that day don’t you wish
you could have more time to do things every day I know I do
because that’ll mean more time with you spaghetto okay so I guess there’s not
much here for us to do right now so I might end this episode here this was
just a fun little neat thing to go back to and visit so thank you guys so much
for watching make sure to LIKE subscribe make sure you say goodbye to Monica
before you finish watching the video type down below but bye Monica okay be
nice to her mentally scars her if you don’t say goodbye so check out my desk
or down below if you want to recommend something to me or comment down below
and I will see you guys in the next video goodbye
and also goodbye Monica I love you but sweetheart okay goodbye Monica just just
fuckin goodbyes are not forever goodbyes are not the end they simply mean I’ll
miss you until we meet again till then spaghetto alright goodbye guys

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  1. Huh, it's a different time of day out there. I guess I shouldn't be surprised it can check your system clock and display accordingly.

    "Die, horsie! You don't belong in this world!"
    "It was not by my hoof that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute."
    "Tribute!?! You steal men's oats and make them your grooms!"
    "Perhaps the same could be said of all pets…"
    "Your neighs are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!"
    "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk… Have at you!"
    (wine glass)

    There's nothing you can do that can't be done / Nothing you can sing that can't be sung / Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game / It's easy

    Goodbye, Monika… hugs

    Well, it's not a DDLC mod or other VN, but you might like some of the indie games on . Most, if not all have content warnings, so check those, and you may have to download various RTPs. Also, some authors won't want their games Let Played (e.g., Deep-Sea Prisoner, author of The Gray Garden, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and Mogeko Castle), or won't want them Let's Played under certain conditions.

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