Play Monster Club

Play Monster Club

In Monster Club every player plays with
25 cards. At the start of each turn, they draw until they hold five cards. We drew three monster cards and two power cards. This is our strongest monster. For now, we will play this one. We stack this power card to our monster and end our turn. Our opponent played a strong monster card and initiates an attack. When stacks are in conflict, all cards are turned face up. Our power card now cause our stack to
overrule our opponent. A game of Monster Club is won when your opponent runs out of playable cards.

One thought on “Play Monster Club

  1. Three points:
    1 If you don't describe your game at all on your Kickstarter page, you won't get funded. It's really that simple, most people aren't gonna sit through a video just to get a basic idea of what this is.

    2 I keep seeing Kickstarters for games that use "it will get your kids to spend less time on their phones" as their main and often only selling point, and I've never seen it work. There are thousands upon thousands of tabletop games out there already that don't involve phones. Using it as a bragging point just makes you look out of touch and clueless.

    3 Your thick accent is really hard to understand, and the video normal never gives us a good look at the cards, or explain the rules at all. What makes a card strong? Where's the strategy? It's all so vague.

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