Play-by-Play Deep Dives – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/17/19

Play-by-Play Deep Dives – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 9/17/19

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Savage project I’m will I’m at home and I’m nor I’m very uncomfortable I know
these are different things it’s a very different server you’re watching the
video right now hi everybody we were recording from the tested
offices we are recording from the tested offices the fact was was that it was
logistically just a little boring this afternoon for us to drop over and set up
in my shop and Mel and Jen are over there furiously working and doing some
research so it was pointed out that everything is setup here so we thought
let’s just do it well although we’re done here air conditioning
oh that’s true it’s hot as balls outside again uh look I did the genius thing
last night I’m going to bed I looked at the weather tomorrow so I was gonna be
90 degrees yeah and I set up fans and a couple windows and set him to blow out
nice and then open up everyone know in the house yeah we woke up this morning
it was freezing and then I shut all the windows brilliant it’s great it’s a
heavy air conditioning but you know free we bought one of those little portable
units and it has been a great boon to our lives and our web in our bedroom
it’s important the trick is the buy one before it gets hot yeah yes because no I
know Ryan had to Ryan had to like drag it from someone else that Bess why the
right whole thing right yeah I I mean I bought a window unit last year thinking
I was going to put it in if it ever got hot again and then it turns out I don’t
have a window that I can put a window unit in
we’re gonna put it in our house is San Francisco’s getting hammered and in 50
years San Francisco have the weather of LA is the latest
forecast I saw you and if that’s the case ac is gonna be in commute vital
yeah well you have a central furnace right we do I don’t actually in my house there’s only one floor that needs a see
yeah the main floor stays cool all day long but the floor where we head room
top floor it gets stupid hot and that has a crawl
space so it’s easy for us to add in so because what we have is we have central
heating on the grunt on the mid floor on the base and the ground floor through
registers yeah but we don’t have them there’s wait no it’s a dot-com or
actually put steam heat in Wow in like 2005 Wow like a first calm boom rich guy
and now you can double the functionality if your nest thermostat you can actually
activate the AC well the nest the nest doesn’t understand houses without air
conditioning yeah it really it seems like it gets
confused not great for people to be Airy no you see no well house up great show
yeah welcome to the home improvement hour I want to talk about YouTube this
morning all everybody’s favorite favorite channel I have found a new
YouTube channel that I’m really enjoying was it called tested it’s not this is
the most awful way to stay yeah I back in the early 90s when I first moved out
to San Francisco my roommate and I at the time got very into chess okay and we
played a lot of chess and I collected a bunch of chess sets and I read some
books on chess and the long and short of it is I played enough chess to realize I
was never going to be great at chess yeah that’s that’s the thing that
happens everybody gets into chess is on point and yet I have a great respect for
the game I really enjoy playing it one of the key moments in raising my son’s
was one thing to checkmated me when did you teach him how to play probably they
knew by the time they were generally okay do you like chess for the same
reason that you like pool because the learning curve is not it definitely
x-pipe toward the end but it has a nice hump or
it’s not like easy to learn yeah it does take you can get to like really
competent and really good and that takes effort but then there’s a huge ramp
effort right I mean there are basic strategies that are available to the
novice that are that are effect that can be effective yeah
that might be the case cuz it’s not like one of those like go right go is the
learning curve is it super easy to learn yeah because if the rules are basic just
there’s like it feels like there are natural bumps and in terms of how good
you can get I mean it’s like any other game right you start with learning the
basic rules right and then you start to learn the intro to strata you know how
you use the pieces in an actual game and then you start losing the strategy and
then you start getting into the meta of the learning the structure changes yeah
at any rate this is all about talking about a website called the chess website
and it’s a YouTube channel called the chess website and what it is is a
walkthrough you’re basically watching a screen of chess software play through
famous games oh wow and this website is like Bobby Fischer playing this game or
that game and Spassky playing this game and they talking about why they made the
moves that they made nice not only talking about why they make the moves
that they make but oh while it would seem to you natural for so-and-so to
take the Queen to take those bishop in this case only five moves of
prognostication show that that’s the wrong move and here’s how this will go
hmm and then they’ll rewind and say and this is the other thing that he could
have done but this is also why it didn’t do that and then this is why this is
considered the best move that anyone’s ever made in chess it’s it’s fascinating
because like i HS every weekend with a grandmother as a kid growing up like we
played Sunday mornings until we both got tired of playing and I never got to a
point that I was able to see more than like a move or two ahead trying to get a
hint of what you’re gonna do next but you never can really predict your
opponent and playing German games Norman I have played a lot of you know starting
with Catan like everyone doesn’t going through all the other stuff you
eventually get to the point with the games that you play enough that you can
see that stuff and it’s fascinating what it happens because it’s so well real
weird brain feel so the thing that hooked me on this YouTube channel the
chess website is this this Bobby Fischer game
the Bobby Fischer played when he was I think 13 and he I’m sorry if I get this
wrong because I watched a whole bunch of them but I think in this is the specific
game I was watching in which he sacrifices his Queen without a return on
his investment because he sees the return because what he sees is the
opponent’s Queen is is in such an inconvenient position that they will
never have time to mobilize it before Fischer wins but it’s like so far in
advance that the Queen sacrifice looks to you like the worst move ever and it’s
the best it’s an unbelievable move she’s able to do by doing it and each of these
deep dives is really really thrilling and having someone who is a high-level
chess player walk you through these choices and stratagems and alternate
ways that it could have been done and ways in which it’s considered within the
chest is really enjoyable and they’re not too long there none of these games
are hugely liked extensive games either so it’s a nice bulleted sort of an
intellectual deep dive into something that’s only 15 minutes long so it’s kind
of a great length the best paint play-by-play right now come home kind of
sit there and watch and my my I had the volume on in bed the other night my wife
is walking in and she’s like are you listening to stock quotes because of the
dry delivery of the guy who narrates the games it doesn’t sound like it’s a
thrilling video it is rising after every like type process sometimes I’m pausing
I love doing that so you’re I’m pausing to look at pictures of who the players
are also and doing other research about this game of the century that game of
the century well it’s funny because this is this is the place that like watching
sports fails like the sports commentators it’s it’s funny because the
folks that make a video game called DotA through this big international
tournament every few years and they run multiple commentary streams they run one
for people who don’t understand the game at all and then they run others for
people who like him have played the game and understand basic strategy and stuff
like that and it’s it’s like that’s the kind of thing that I think you miss on
physical sports a lot of times like they while commentators shoot for the median
right like they don’t they don’t explain the strategy of pulling the pitcher at
this point no and there have been some Deadspin articles about baseball moves
where I’m like I still don’t understand why that’s important so then I’ll go
research that move and have to do all this research to fill in the story on
Deadspin because I want more it’s one of the actually I mean in general on the
internet foundational perspective is often missing from stories that people
are being paid 8 bucks an hour to file 50 a day of YouTube is where the
hobbyists really that’s that latch onto that and it happens in sports basketball
especially really cuz they’re all the footage is digital now so they can write
find the foot people are uploading entire games
easy for you to rip and there’s some great little play-by-play commentary
where they’re taking 15 seconds oh you name in a game and you watch a ten
minute video about the decisions of all ten players on the court yeah with the
thing graphic overlays rewinding back it’s great if you can point me to that
I’d love to look at that cuz I so I I never watched sports except for golf for
some reason I love watching golf but and Michael that’s loaned the round ball
right in Michael Jordan’s last real season with the Bulls
they were playing Utah Jazz was that it I mean they not sure yeah and so it was
one of these famous games in which Jordan sinks this three-pointer by he
does a fake and the guy who’s guarding him moves and Jordan reaches out just
touches the guy’s shoulder and the guy just falls over oh yeah because he’s put
him off-balance and then just stands up and sinks this three yeah and like I
watch that game so first of all I was like I should watch the last three games
of Michael Jordan’s career for help yes yeah you know I enjoyed the spit out of
them it was really really really great my ex-wife was wandering around the
house going I didn’t marry a man who watches sports on TV with my husband and
then I found online about a year later this or maybe it was even in New Yorker
article a deep dive into that game and that move
of Jordan and they talked about it within the arc of Jordans body changing
through the course of his career and him adjusting his style of play and strategy
knowing deeply what his body could and couldn’t do and how the mental aspect of
the strategy was all exemplified by the all I have to do is fake this little bit
and this guy would be doesn’t realize how far off balance he will be I’ll tip
him over and do this shot and I like I there’s lovely to read that kind of it’s
it’s the thing that I think makes competitive video games and and like
pickup basketball games and all the the kind of sports he helped me a bowling
joining a bowling league it’s the thing that we have as kids and a lot of times
we lose as adults that I think is actually really hell like having
competition in your life that is healthy and not destructive it turns out is
really good agreed my wife and I’ve been playing a game often called Russian
rummy it was introduced to us as a game called sets and runs okay and it’s a
brutal seven handed card game with seven people or no no seven seven rounds okay
and it’s just a kind of a rummy based game you’ve got to get sets and runs
under different circumstances for each of seven rounds and it’s brutal like the
swings in the game can be humongous yeah and it’s really fun and we’ve been
playing it for months now very regularly and it’s been really enjoyable we have
some friends who live nearby they come over all the time it’s awesome it’s like
a three-hour to play all seven hands yeah takes about two or three hours it’s
a meaty fun evening it makes me think about like there’s so much interesting
stuff happening in board games right now a few years ago Matt Leacock I think
made the pandemic or well they made they started out making a risk legacy game
which is a game of risk that’s designed to be played twelve times and the board
changes as you play so you only play it twelve times any other by a new set
because you physically because because that’s like the real risk where you only
play it once before someone hurls the board across the room into the wall this
is a better game in a lot of ways but there’s persistence irkutsk that’s what
I want I want your goods for example in the third game if somebody nukes
Australia then you put a big sticker over Australia that says people don’t go
here anymore Wow right like it’s it’s it’s those kinds of our actions are
lovely and getting to play like it’s fun to dig into a game
enough to get to the meter like every game it’s about the the shared
experience in the story you’ve built together
yeah in fact that you can have an artifact at the end of 12 games whatever
it is that is a tangible physical marked up you know thing of that journey and
then someone gets to keep it did you ever did you ever finish read the script
you knew there of I have have you guys ever played set no you know this game no
okay set is a series of cards you lay down
I think it’s nine or twelve cards and there are different shapes that are
different colors and you can either have them be all the same shape or all the
same color or all different shapes or all different colors and it’s one of
these brain benders because you’re thinking at two ends of a spectrum of
managing okay and it’s it’s like flushes and straights but and we were yeah yeah
and we were having a lot of fun playing it with my boys and Julie and I played
it a ton and then we played it with my niece who turns up to be I mean she’s
brilliant but she’s like a savant at set and it’s like she’s so good at it I
don’t want to play anymore not because she’s gonna beat me every time because
my brain literally cannot do what she can do she’s walks by the table we’re
all sitting there like staring at these cards and she’s like set that’s I mean
that’s what that’s what I mean this happens determined with the German kind
of board games I mean gene and I have played some of those sometimes you play
for 10 games and somebody figures out the core strategy that the other person
has it sussed out yet and then or you figure out how to break the game and
then it just becomes a race to see who breaks the game that’s not very much fun
yeah but when you find something that actually the depth keeps going the more
you play which means every time you play my time you finish you want to start
again immediate yeah yeah so we got new stream want to try this and strategies
and sets and runs are I’m finding some very subtle ones some really interesting
ones yeah we’ve played hundreds of games of
seven wonders and splendor and games like that and and they’re still it’s
still exceptional every time so yes I’m stumping today for the chess websites
YouTube channel deep dives into chess games it is really really fun I wanted
to talk about a TV show yes there’s actually television on the television
television show oh well we’re gonna go into spoilers for okay maybe actually
but first one I want to talk about is a Showtime show I’ve been watching on
Amazon called couples therapy mmm okay okay about this no okay have either of
you ever questioned a couple perfect at him don’t ask me any class communication
is key can I can i I just want to come in here for the whole world that couples
therapy is awesome why do you think I podcast gee man I did a podcast for a
while mr. mrs. Minh yeah how did that go hey it’s not a great idea I like it when
Martinez bomb on work on NPR has his wife
we had a really good time it became challenging when when our daughter was
born oh sure Tynan’s so at any rate sorry there’s this show called couples
therapy and it is a reality show I think there’s eight episodes following
four or five couples as they go through therapy you see a little bit of each of
them each episode okay it’s the same therapist throughout but these are real
people these are really more human no older than the bachelors so your
question would be and it’s a right question to ask what kind of nutjob
wants to reveal the marriage ills in front of a camera and the answer turns
out to be some really smart lovely people I know some of the relationship
stuff they deal with is super intense is this produced for the BBC or something
somebody decent or is lesson I’m not sure it is very decently and wonderfully
done okay it shows the process of therapy in a
really wonderful light it shows how creative the discipline can be because
you not only see the sessions you actually also see the therapist talking
to her consultant her supervisor and workshopping when she’s going to say
this is what your mom does tis what my mom does and this is what my wife does
yeah and my wife has been just thrilled by
this show and it’s really like we’ve now watched I’ve watched four of the
episodes and we’re gonna watch some more tonight like it’s just I mean we have a
lot of stigma in the u.s. for any kind of psychiatric care or any kind of
therapy and it’s good to show that stuff in a way that’s not it doesn’t paint it
as hey you’ve made a mistake with your relationship you need to go get help
well and this is like everyone who does do couples therapy often uses the same
terminology which is it’s just maintenance they say it’s just
maintenance which is fine it is just maintenance and you might go like a lot
of people show up in couples therapy in a state of triage right there’s some
difficulty that feels insurmountable they want a referee
sometimes one a member of the couple just wants to you want someone to agree
with them that the other member of the couple’s jerk that happens to there’s
also permission permission there but yeah and look when we’re in relations
we’re all in long-term relationships you you build these dynamics in those
relationships and even being able to see a dynamic and name it doesn’t
necessarily help you surmount or surpass it and being going into a room in which
somebody is there to provide a new way of looking at things a safer way to talk
about things ways in which both both members of that couple will feel safe
really important and wonderful introspection can happen in that room
and in my experience and this show shows that really well no matter if they cut
like if they were selective in what they showed oh absolutely I mean so look
there is I mean one of these couples I was watching it and I was like he’s
crazy and my my wife points out yeah we’re only seeing a little bit of each
episode you know one of the things that typifies almost all the couples on this
show is a deep feeling of love between the two people and that you don’t see
anybody being cruel to each other in session you see very little being
dismissive or or yeah none of that you see people having genuine activation at
real-life difficulties and feeling like they’re not seen or heard or dealing
with past trauma that is coloring their current relationship there’s a lot of
that there’s a lot of unpacking of that mostly it’s a show about you know
helping people communicate when they have a good foundation yeah so is the
right people you know you get when you like when I talk about it just for
people who might not like think about this like this but when I say a dynamic
in a relationship I mean you know you and I might have had a fight eight years
ago about a thing and both of us took something from that fight that
stuck with us and it colors the way in which we talk around that issue forever
after and it becomes difficult to even approach the issue because there’s so
much of this feedback loop at people and sometimes that happens and only one
person notices this is also true yeah which is and it becomes very difficult
to get the other person to see the perspective of the person again therapy
is a great place to unpack those dynamics and see about them safely and
and get to a new place so couples therapy wonderful show and a great
description of what it creative until an amazing discipline being a therapist can
be um I saw a tweet this morning that’s very relevant yeah and I went to find it
so I would credit the person correctly because I usually don’t do that
Anna broaches is her account on Twitter and said it’s been three days since my
therapist was like you’re so very open about vulnerable topics but is that the
same as actually being vulnerable and damn guys damn so it’s funny because
like that’s I mean that’s the thing is I lost you and my feet here it’s it’s been
popping in and out for me too oh is it the headphones are oh there we go good
good sorry yeah well I mean one of the things that one of the things I realized
as I’ve gotten older is that like when you’re young you don’t realize the wake
that you leave often mm-hmm as you get older you become aware of it but not
don’t really know how to change it yeah and and a lot of the things that we do
now are you know talking about things that are challenging or that that are
that are you know delicate topics in a very open and forthcoming way but that
is not the same as actually being vulnerable to another human being and
it’s important to be vulnerable to other human beings it’s not only important
it’s vital yeah I mean it’s yeah and it’s really really hard it’s actually
one of the most difficult things for me in my life is to be genuinely truly
vulnerable yeah I mean it’s we’ll look there’s thousands of years of Western
civilization conditioning us to never show emotions and it turns out that’s
really fucking bad for you so couples therapy watch it love it it’s a really
really wonderful thing up is it a substitute for actual couples therapy
though no I will tell you it’s so it’s it
definitely has a positive effect for me like to watch it and like I like
watching people working to solve their own problems in a loving and supportive
way that’s thrilling it’s nice to know this wiring experience as a human is not
unique yes that’s the other thing yes that you hear these people talk about
this stuff and you know one of the other things that typifies the couples that
come is they came to play and from my wife I understand that like some people
show up and they’re just not ready to talk and the therapist has to spend all
this time kind of getting them to feel safe enough to really talk some of these
people like at one point in couples therapy one of the the husband of one
couple says something that I just find unforgivably weird and terrible but I’m
like so amazed that he just brought it like if that’s what he thinks yeah then
it’s fantastic that he brought it into the room does the therapist ever say
well you know you guys are right to be in therapy you should maybe consider
this one a wash and move on I have not reached the last episode and
I’m not sure I’m actually getting a little choked up as he says I’m not sure
one of the couples makes it home by the end of the series and I that’s actually
intense I kind of want to know how they have they turn out okay
those therapies on Amazon I think it’s a Showtime show Kay but the other show I
finished this week was the boys it’s about the kids they’re out having a good
time it’s like a wholesome family peirong thing that they were listening
to this podcast on Brook right now they go download that and and be upset so
it’s based on a notoriously violent graphic novel or comic book series I’m
not sure which guys I remember reading it maybe like 15 or 20 years ago it
seems like a long time ago but I haven’t watched the show yet so the premise is
allah the watchmen that the superhero host can be real shit birds or real
people real people yeah with real flaws anyway no powers
and when people with superpowers have flaws it gets hectic I can imagine it’s
bad it’s stars tested favorite character actor acting genius Karl Urban
the best he’s the best dude he’s do you see MIT Silicon Valley
no he was their apparel no he wasn’t no wasn’t he I don’t think so organization
Oh Karl Urban is great and he’s the kind of
a he’s a comic-con pal I said we see each other at the parties at comic-con
everywhere and share stories about our kids went kids about the same age as his
lovely human being I actually interviewed him on stage as part of Star
Trek Star Trek event okay he talked extensively about what it’s
like to play a character like bones yeah and bring in the history at the same
time as finding your own solution to the character that was the thing like the
the scene in the first Star Trek when he gets in with when he gets in the shuttle
when Kirk gets in the shuttle with him I was like oh wow he’s doing something
really good here yeah some real good acting in the same way that Chris Pine
took Kirk and also made exactly what yo ho mean they all did it
all three of them I got to interview all three of them on stage by the way all
three of them giants they’re all like 6-1 6-2 6-3 as we were backstage and you
know they didn’t quite notice me because I think I’m I think I look like a troll
to them but as I’m from the dumb idea from an internet I said wow I thought
y’all were supposed to be real short Chris was like but anyway the boys the
boy have you seen it seen all of it yep okay you haven’t seen anything you
read the graphic novel you mind if I spoil it for yo nuts okay okay hold on
up first yeah won’t spoil yet it’ll have some
conversing about it in general why should i watch the boys Adam and Norma
so the premise is there is a superhero team it’s all set in America New York
and so there’s a superhero team that’s very much like the Justice League so you
have your your stalwarts your your Superman figure your Batman figure your
Aquaman figure and we also have a building they live in which is like
stark tower in the middle of New York and and then but the premise is the the
boy’s name of the show is a reference to a covert team in this case run by
Billy butcher plate I call urban that in the comic book was commissioned by the
CIA to take the superheroes down a notch so put them in their place because
they’ve been running reckless and then the TV show it’s adapted where they have
more of a vendetta with the superhero team so they are working underground to
try to break the system and show the world that these superheroes aren’t as
perfect because they’re not it’s it’s like Lex Luthor’s ultimate plan and
every Superman ever basically sure yeah oh yeah you’re absolutely right about
that but in this case it’s true so on this shot on this before we get into
spoilers I want to plug bright burn because I watched it a couple weeks ago
all right oh it’s no it’s not great but it’s interesting it’s really really gory
and horrific in places like there’s a lot of body horror okay if it weren’t
for the body horror I would like I would be super into it there’s some body
horror in the boys that shocked me yet there’s a thing with eyeball and glass
and bright bird that’s just torture porn the guy that said this sounds like
bright burn has some torture porn ish elements bright bright burn there’s
definitely sadism and and it like the cruelty against animal there’s actually
people there’s cruelty and the boys there’s Gore and the boys a lot of it is
for shock value but I’ve it is to show how realistic it would be if you have
someone with the powers of a Superman right kind of run a little reckless
well not hold back the voice does not hold back and there’s some stairs
there’s nudity there sex there’s violence there’s some really messed up
body whore for alternate types of bodies yeah yeah yeah but ultimately look right
now in television we’re in this state where if you watch 12 hours of a show in
my experience often times like three of those hours feel almost disposable yeah
it’s what was so refreshing about flea bag yes like there was no there was no
no extra flesh what do they call those bottle episodes not a bottle episode in
the bunch I like you know I don’t like II really hope the time hold on yeah but
you know I got to the end of the first season of Westworld and I was like I
just watched ten hours and I feel like I watched for us more than ten hours watch
25 hours right yeah but of a one season no this
was the first season might have been short but the every ED season after that
was 2020 something le no Westworld oh sorry I think you talked about what I
heard West Wing he’s not West world at any rate yeah the boys crackles along um
I it really is there’s not a dull moment and the the way in which the boys kind
of reveals layers of its reality to you is also wonderful for instance there’s
one of the supers they call them Supes one of the supers you wonder for the
first few episodes if he is bad and then when you start to learn what his true
character is like that still takes several episodes to sink into you the
depth of his character that’s that’s really wouldn’t you see character to
element that comes across at that kind of pace it’s really fun every character
has depth this every superhero yep character with support rating the show
has layers of depth to be peeled back all the team of the boys new members
that join them have complexities in the relationships we need other and also
backstory that’s revealed and lots of really I could imagine that it is a
really fun show to be an actor in mmm the actors are given some really complex
messed up intense wonderful things to do and among the actors are Dennis Quaid’s
son it’s Jack way Jack away we there’s a point at which he’s about to date this
girl a superhero called starlight what is the name of the actress it is an Erin
Moriarty she’s fantastic in this show and it is said in the show somebody
turns to him and goes you know she’s totally out of your league and it’s like
it’s Dennis Quaid son no she’s not out of his league both of the same league
they’re both beautiful Elisabeth Shue plays a key role in this show and I
haven’t seen her since she played herself in Hamlet to what Steve Coogan
with Steve Schuh really the ideas she retired from acting and played herself
she plays a role that would really would be easy to cast Sigourney
Weaver into mm-hmm okay yeah right yes a kind of a femme fatale dark smart
operator working on a bunch of different fronts at once yeah look the main thing
that shines through this show is the intelligence of most of the characters
funnily enough the soups are not among those the soups don’t show up in smart I
assume they fall into the Jon Hamm rule from 30 rock where I like the more
beautiful you are the Dumber you get you’re in the bubble lemon yeah yeah I
would say that some of them reveal some in its some surprising intellect or
machinations that they are running in India huh but for the most well so I
think that’s covered yes the discussion of it it’s worth watching again there
will be some significant violence some somebody horror some graphic sex stuff
so they used to call strong sexual content back in the day yeah strong
sexual content and and yeah but you know when you when you watch HBO and Game of
Thrones and work shows what’s this tv-ma because there’s violence language nudity
you know bragging but we call the fiber every episode is like a fiber
ah okay so let’s talk about the show spoilers now so if you don’t worry if
your wife you haven’t watched the boys you might want to turn it off now and
watch some of it do you think do you think spoilers matter like is this
there’s some stuff that like no I feel like spoilers would have maybe if I did
my viewing of fleabag yeah I’ve been very careful about
fleabag however I felt spoilers made me watched a good place and I don’t mind
spoiler that’s absolutely a mission and one’s coming soon by the way as long as
we don’t talk about the the very last episode of the boys that we’re fine sure
you know there’s so much development of different characters on different fronts
within the is it eight episodes it is a yeah that there’s a lot to cover and I
don’t think talking about it did like actually ruins the experience of
watching it because it’s so well put together it’s well shot because on with
the characters we deal with okay homeland er the Superman figure in the
show the most powerful the soups and the leader of the seven
that’s what they call them approved tall buildings sighs breath played by a bee
Zealander Anthony star KPS his costume was basically the American flag
his name’s homeland er come on basil he’s got judge dredd shoulders I’ll toss
him course really good he’s terrified he’s a psychopath he’s stressed lately
too any not only is he a psychopath but I mean he’s raised to be a psychopath
Yeah right like this this is a guy who you don’t quite realize what you I guess
by episode three or four when you see the airplane the first
yeah airplane yeah yeah you get oh he’s bad right you get that because you see
him literally take a plane out of the sky well they tried to save people in
the plane but then oh no no no on that plane earlier the Congress person the
Congress person who wants to deal the street secret of compound V yeah he he
basically laser beams a plane out of the sky but people in the plane like look
out the window and they see homeland ER and they’re like Hollanders out the side
of the plane I wonder if everything’s okay and then he like slices through
their engine and they go down with his eyes with his laser I be right and it’s
you’re just like whoa this is the premise of bright bright burn Oh is
really what if what if you baby kal-el lands in Kansas oh okay that show that
shows yeah but yeah so yeah homeland ER is terrifying and home Landers
relationship with his handler whose name is Elizabeth still well that’s who plays
is played by Elizabeth Schumann no more human she’s a normal human okay who is
kind of the one in charge so the supers the soups the seven they all worked for
this giant corporation called Vulcan bot vo ght okay and Vaught is effectively
like you know some giant conglomerate yeah right multinational bazillion
dollar thing and they all work for hots so they’re doing the first thing you get
your window into the company through the eyes of this young startup soup called
starlight this young woman who had audition to audition to be in the 70s
yeah it’s an audition it’s casting they hire her to replace a member who had
left and she’s in prepping for the audition she not only goes through
audition processes and tapes and stuff but she also like patrols her town and
short hours and hours it’s not like they’re going
sign me up number of people injected with some business no certain number of
people seem to be just born with power okay seem to be and they develop those
powers and sometimes they get to matriculate up to the big league on it
so it’s a little literal like triple-a going up to the big leagues but it’s
deep and there’s actually a later in the season
unbelievable cameo which we’ll talk about in a little bit that like blew my
mind it made me laugh out loud at the screen ooh yeah but the whole thing is
corporatized and that’s the conceit right these superheroes and the whole
business of superheroes which may be a commentary on maybe Marvel Disney and
the business of superheroes that were in these days that is that is one of the
big plot points well and so what you see in hers as the scales fall from her eyes
she shows up I’m one of the seven this is the fulfillment of my life’s dreams
and the first thing that happens is the Aquaman guide the deep forces her to
have sex with him oh wow yeah that’s like the very first thing that happens
in the first episode not the like in the middle of the first episode we have
strong parallels to Watchmen here yes strong parallels to Watchmen the
difference between this and Watchmen is that Watchmen is about what happens
within the Watchmen and this show is about what happens outside really watch
out exactly which is the motivating factor for Huey played by Dennis Quaid
son Jack days so Dennis Quaid son Jack plays a character who in the beginning
of the first episode you meet him and Robin his girlfriend you meet him and
his girlfriend and this is one of those examples of terrific writing where
they’re funny together you find them funny you just see the love they have
for each other you get why they’re together and you like them and he’s
standing on the street corner holding her hands when the equivalent of the
flash runs by and through her and she Rises she vaporizes and he’s left
holding her hand oh my god the show that’s that’s the opening I’d be pretty
pissed off at the Justice League indeed yeah and that’s so why the flash was
running becomes a plot point later on in the episode at one point they want to
know what somebody’s thinking so they go to find this other soup who’s called
Mesmer Mesmer yes yeah Mesmer and Mesmer if he touches you can read your mind
okay Mesmer turned out to have been a kid on
a cop show called Mesmer i forget something like that he was a kid in a
cop show it was like Doogie Howser right yeah effectively like good job yes and
so here he was he was you first time you see him it’s the kid in the show but now
you’re going to go meet the adult and the adult is played by Haley Joel Osment it’s amazing he’s still a great actor
and it’s just a perfect I mean this is one of those Tony is one of those a
Robert Downey jr. as Tony Stark level you know some reality and fiction he’s
one of the perfect playing conventions signing autographs with Billy Zane in
their old superhero yes yeah man I really Samed choose a lot of the scenery
in those cons the performances specifically the homeland our
performance is amazing the complete homeland earthly star diesel in
starlight is incredible his great step that she has the arc that she goes
through everyone is super she’s super intelligent that’s the thing that’s
really lovely is she’s really really smart and she’s trying to navigate as a
young person who wanted this dream just how little the dream matches the reality
and what’s she going to do about it there’s an interesting in late in the
season she learns in a kind of a really important and vital way that her
romantic interest which is Dennis Quaid’s son has not been truthful to her
at this very important and deep level and there’s this aspect of her that’s
still like that she calls him up and says I need you to tell me why all this
is done the way that it has and it’s a level of like in a normal screenplay the
simplest the simplistic version is you betrayed me I’m not going to talk to you
but these are two really smart people who are also really emotionally
conversant and present and when she finds out that he hasn’t been truthful
to her instead of simply feeling betrayal she also wants answers and
reaches out to him and it’s this kind of a great wrinkle on a standard
relationship trope that I thought was really neat like she still does she
still knows that she trusts him in a key in abiding way and wants to find out
more about what’s been going on I don’t remember any of this from the comic book
a lot of it’s in the comic star lights in the comic I remember the curators
yeah Huey and a comical looks more like Simon Pegg who’s also in the show Simon
plague plays a dad yeah you know that felt like a key moment for me it’s like
when Tate Donovan person played a dad I was like wow I’m old and Oh Simon Pegg
is playing a dead man yeah having just watched him in in in in band of brothers
at legis so he was 16 oh yeah this is a baby yeah you should watch it will alway
mourn that I know a lot of you out there probably watched it we’d love know about
your favorite scenes but yeah it’d be really worth watching easily bin jabal
and we can come back and do like a second follow I would love to watch it
yeah and see what see what I’m excited I remember like it’s one of those things I
didn’t get into comic books until mid 2000s and the people that we worked with
norm and I were working at the same place at the time the people that we
worked with like I had some great friends that were like hey here are 15
things you should read and it was like Watchmen and Dark Knight and transmat
and I don’t think planetary was out then maybe the daredevil born again some of
the Frank Miller stuff have you seen a 10 man by the way have you seen absolute
Dark Knight the giant version No so they’ve released a compendium of Dark
Knight enlarge in a larger format like percent and man absolutely rated yes
those are what the art is actually drawn out yeah a scale down it is so beautiful
to read dark night in a larger format it is really really thrilling it’s one of
those things of like I wonder how this is gonna be and I got it I was like oh
my god this is well it’s actually I mean the thing is you see the actual paint
rather than the step right the print yeah and and dirt night which is Lynn
Varley is the right such an important colorist to to Miller’s drawing and
layout really that’s the other thing is yeah that layout okay oh yeah yeah yeah
well it tells the story with the lay like yeah it’s it’s a it’s incredible
it’s too bad he’s and nuts yeah you know the good ones always are we should see
it’s the only art form that goes that goes along at your pace or the page turn
yes the pause yeah yeah I was really sad when the boys ended at the end of
episode eight I can’t wait for more do we know a film in renew don’t mean right
now oh good yeah can we get on that set hey hey the boys producers tested would
love to come and embed on your set and cover an amazing story with all the our
nation on that show Karl Urban will vouch for me yes he’s good yeah yeah
they’re clean they’re lightweight Amazon it’s on Amazon directly tie Amazon okay
exactly okay all right well do it for us I guess I think so
for us we’ll be well go into an episode in the future recapping the announcement
we just did this past week about our VR app dude if you have an oculus quest or
go you can download right now it’s what Adam Savage just tested VR it’s free and
you can watch amazing 360 or 3d 180 degree videos of makers that we traveled
to their spaces and ducking their projects everyone do a big podcast in
the future talking about the making of it yeah just to briefly sell it this
came about from an experiment that Norman I did here and here here it
tested about a year ago and we were blown away both of us being aficionados
of watching people build stuff we were blown away by the intimacy that 3d VR
brought to watching a maker go through their paces and this video series just
it exceeds all of our expectations is we’re so happy and proud of it you guys
made Joby shot the best 3d I’ve ever seen not only that I said this
last night at the event and this is also just worth saying as a sign off like in
film school you study Sergei Eisenstein’s Potemkin steps sequence and
if you don’t know about it go ahead and google it because you can get a
walkthrough of it because it was one of the very first times anyone had tried a
jump cut to explain action this is a beginning of film language we didn’t
know that you could do this and your brain would plug in the in-between part
they just didn’t they were inventing it as they went and Joey and along with
Erik Chang did a tremendous amount of brand-new narrative storytelling in a
new medium in order to figure like how do you do close-ups in VR I mean it’s
they came up with they basically tried a bunch of different methods and came up
with a method that works and like invented it what when you when you can’t
move the camera and can’t control what the person’s looking at the way you tell
stories is dramatic change dramatically and it’s a for VR to become to fulfill
its potential it requires hold these different teams of folks working in it
to play around with these I’m preaching to the choir to anyone who’s developing
in VR but for those watching at home that might not be clear to you just how
radically new all this stuff still can be alright I’m generally not a fan of
360 or you know VR video and you guys did a spectacular job that’s really good
very proud of it yeah awesome well please check it out let us know what you
think and we’ll be back next week all right can I just push one of these
things you can press the big Rikuo you want to push one of the yeah yeah what
do they do what does pop culture do it turns on the
pop culture light so do that are they hearing this yes alright
pop-culture resistant everyone wants to know what cult pop-culture sounds like
that’s it

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