We’re buddies now We got everything yes And we’re gonna take off this morning and go down to seven magic mountains first in Nevada. And then where we go on a shelf Pioneer saloon. It is 10:22 a.m. We better get going. Yeah, let’s go So we got BLM land to our left and our right And I noticed Somebody boondocking down here and a Motorhome Oh Wrote off road in a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid So, this is all OB om Lam Proceed to the route. Yes sirree The Magic mountain’s turn In 7.8 miles prepare to park your car near Las Vegas Boulevard south you will need to walk to your destination from there We see the 7 magic mountains often the distance to the left They are very colorful Totem tight pools that are supposed to be like 35 feet high Colorful and the desert mountains in the background You see the venomous make claim I did Figured the hell was the first thing she would say – thanks just another snake warning time For some reason they reminded me of like ice cream cowboy, she said that magic word ice cream it’s all over now It is a little chilly out here today, I’m one of the very few they don’t don’t have a jacket on We’re buddies now This is 7 magic mountains and it’s by Artists that just put this exhibition out here in the middle of the desert south of Las Vegas exhibition started in 2016, and it was only supposed to be for a couple of years I believe but in 2018 they did get an extension off this BLM land to have it for three more years. So 2021 it will be out here till It’s a great photo-op as you could tell by many people that are out here Coupled other drones that are in the air other than ours Literally is nothing else out here And it’s pretty close off of Interstate 15 to get here he wanted to depict the hustle and bustle of the highway going to and from Las Vegas and Los Angeles and The mountainous range I believe is what this symbolizes something like that pretty cool What’s kind of cool yeah see I Swear a bus dropped off gazillion I Guess I was thinking there was gonna be more when you’re eating it off to me I thought there was more than just this one set of painted rocks out in the desert. Nope Just seven painted foot in pole rocks out in the middle of the desert cool But as you’re on the highway over here Totem pole painted Swedish it’s something like, you know Well We didn’t run into any Venomous snakes. Thank God. Am I strange from the back that swinging didn’t scary me this time Sure here about always up for some Old West Time we go out to see these sights just Another thing it makes me so glad we decided to do this if I agree, a lot of people say oh You’re so lucky to be empty nesters and I thought that at first but man have watched some of the other families that are doing this One is lucky if it gets to do that with their kids and all that time is homeschooling Keep them away from drugs. They still get to mingle with all the other kids. It’s families for Josh We’ve seen so many families out there Already and they get all of this history plus the history that they’re learning through their home schooling, right? This all that quality time you give their kids before they turn 18 Bring into the space of I don’t even remember if I did it was so long ago There’s a story that Clark Gable Spent three days here at the saloon while you waited for news about the plane crash that his wife was in near here Which ended up being fatal he lost his wife in that crash so there’s It’s a functioning saloon. They supposed to serve food and drinks and was when I was married to Carole Lombard I’m not sure what here that was but People from the races over here today It’s gonna cool See now Y’all definitely with me a couple waters we are known for our clothes very may we’ll all try one. Okay. All right Cheech and Chong It’s not a hydrolic, how do I live? Well, I’d have to say well it’s kind of cool now very interesting about the middle of nowhere Good Bloody Mary and good company. Thank you Music live fans. Yeah, they were really good. What’s what you got there? CD Chris, here’s the road ahead shines. He gave us one of his CDs X about he said it was a song about being on the road How ironic We have told him that we’re full time RV was like, oh man, it’s something I always want to do Look at all of his gigs. He says is all around the Vegas area all the time So he never gets to travel much, but he wants to get an RV and go to Maine I said in the summer These are some of our favorite places this little hole up middle of nowhere Well, we thought we would Fight a CD from Chris. Here’s that just gave us this CD Buy that during a little time lapse while we’re driving down the road in a little appreciation of him giving us this CD One hit yet. Go I bought a car on win last week Top down whoop-whoop. So I got a real cheap. I need gasoline Your Sun rising Humphrey It’s early morning in this Washington town and I’m supposed to be aware by now I don’t hear a thing So this is supposed to be wet the world’s largest Chevron apparently Remember that world’s largest truck stop on i-80 in Iowa. Yeah, so this is a busy route The world’s largest Chevron’s We are in prim Nevada prim was previously known by the name of State Line, but was renamed in 1996 to avoid confusion with State Line in Northern, Nevada It is named after the original developer of the town Ernest J prim The community’s economy is based on its three casinos which attract gamblers from Southern, California Wanting to stop before reaching Las Vegas 40 miles to the north or as a last chance to gamble before leaving Nevada most of prims residents are employees of the casinos on the state line between Nevada and California on the California side as a store that sells lottery tickets because Nevada does not have a state lottery tell everybody the name of that road vato rope and It sells the most California lottery tickets from this location in the entire state of California Yeah, so I think this is Buffalo Bills casino that we’re in the back of It’s rude here is the state line And then I’ll crossed into California just like that by the bank that a fool Let’s go get our winning lottery ticket. Let’s and then we’ll go get our new Prevost. Okay? We could get a few of them No One’s good enough for me The highest tree fall down Call it Call it Our cars right there I know but you go through other words you’re climbing over it. Oh my lord We have to follow the law You can’t go down there and climb across the fence. You have to go through the entrance With you As I was saying I swear a bus dropped off Oh Whippersnappers What better keep this camera on us cuz we doing goofy things Like the video, but you can’t talk, right? That’s all folks


  1. Love the new intro! You guys keep getting better and better! Keep up the good work. Michelle and Pete

  2. Michelle, I love your fashion statement of a backpack! Those 7 mountains were so pretty! There is a show called Donovan on Showtime; the lead characters Dad actually went to Prim to rob a casino! “Great food, great music, great drinks…” lol “…great company ;)”. OHHHH and the “largest Chevron” ??? Us Texans have the OG of largest gas stations. They are called BucEEs! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tour. You find the coolest places. Glad to see your both are enjoying yourselves. Take care and be safe.

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