Ping Pong Battles against Strangers

Ping Pong Battles against Strangers

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we are taking table tennis to the
sunny streets of Helsinki. We’ll be challenging strangers to a game of
table tennis With these 3 items. They will get to choose which one we will
play with. If they manage to beat us We will give them 20 euros. Let’s go! Well, that was not an easy match but luckily I won. Thanks man. Yeah, no problem! Thank you, thank you. We need a picture! Have a good one! You too! So, unfortunately our first loss. The wind wasn’t on our side and… the plate wasn’t quite my strength… Yea yea, excuses excuses! Alright, today we found one guy who was able to beat Miikka
with a plate. Congratulations to him! We had a lot of fun filming this episode If you enjoyed it too, remember to leave it
a thumbs up And subscribe to our channel. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Battles against Strangers

  1. Something a bit different! Leave the video a thumbs up if you want us to make a part 2 of street battles! Also, leave your suggestions on which items we should use next time!

  2. amazing videoo!!! If i had a table to play table tenis like that with different stuf. i would practice every day. your channel deserves over one million subs

  3. The first guy was a good player but lost because of the good player was his opponent . In the third match , the guy was medium level player but the pongfinity guy was weak

  4. The last person was to aggressive, if he wasn’t trying to hit the ball really hard all the time he probably would have won! Nice game tho

  5. Galera passem no meu canal, não tenho um cel mto bom e por isso gravo partidas no grafico suave, a qualidade dos videos é bem ruim só que faço jogadas bonitas e mitagens, passem lá galera, agradeço

  6. Wtf look at the point First HE had 3 and ponfinity 2 and then pongdinity 3 and HE 2 every round points are not fair

  7. Bruh so the first guy said he wants to win so he chooses the one THAT IS MOST LIKE A TABLE TENNIS PADDLE smh

  8. Well I want to win and choose the pan, u really want to lose, pan was the best thing for him to use.

  9. Does anyone else find it funny that once Pongfinity lost the first match they started playing Christmas songs even though it was published in August?

  10. Ponginfiniti speak One minute Czech at the beginning of the video One minute Czech at the beginning of the video 🤣👌❤️

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