Personal Empowerment: How to remove personal blocks that hold you back

Let me ask you a simple question do you
ever find yourself where you may feel that you’re moving tree steps forward
and then maybe two steps back something happens whereby you feel that
you’re in flow and you’re moving your business forward your personal life your
relationships your finances whatever maybe everything is going well and you
feel you’re taking those three or four steps forward and then something shows
up that moves you two steps back well that’s what I call snakes and ladders
syndrome so for this thinking ladder syndrome well if you’ve ever played the
game as a child whereby it’s a board game when you roll a dice and you move
your piece number steps forward and you may land on a ladder and that ladder is
going to bring you up fast track you towards your dreams your goals whatever
it is that you want to achieve or you may roll the dice to move keep you
moving forward but then you land on a square of refuge has a snake and that
snake brings you all the way back down again you see we all have these demons
in our life when they show up within our relationships in our finances in our
business in our staff performance whatever might be see the first step is
if you find yourself in this next matter syndrome where you feed your hidden grab
a glass leaving you’re not moving forward at the pace or the speed that
you would like to actually to you well then the first piece is be aware of it
aware snakes and ladders syndrome the second thing is look for the patterns
where are you getting the knockbacks is it in your finances your relationships
your business Road where is it that’s actually shown up what’s the parking lot
but showing for yourself and thirdly is to find out what are the feelings that
show as you observe where that passion is showing up so let’s take your
business grow for example is the passion show up in your business go to everyone
you feed and move forward and you reach in your turnover levels but then all of
a sudden something happens to bring you all the way back down again
what’s that glass ceiling for you for some it can be very success for others
it can be fear of failure there is a passion and there is a feeding and
passionate passion of what that happens then it goes back into somewhere or some
instance or some belief or some of them to believe that you have gone back and
forward and it’s affecting you as you bring your business
forward your relationships forward your finances everything that’s associated
with yourselves you see there’s one thing that I’ve learned there’s 12
states are 12 levels of consciousness and it’s not such time until you get to
never age that you break that pattern forever
so what I’m saying to you is remember those three steps become aware of snakes
and ladders syndrome second well find out what’s the commonality what’s the
passion that showed up under what umbrella would you actually put it under
personal relationships business clients staff whatever might be and then observe
and listen to what is the feelings of touchy schöner for yourself and that’s
your first step to moving forward and breaking that pattern if you found this
video helpful why not share the video like it or comment tell me what the
pattern is that shown for you and perhaps we can see what’s what’s the
blockage or what’s the breakthrough that we cannot achieve for yourself
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