People While Snakes And Ladders || Masti Gang ||

lets do something else today what ima saying is what normally we play is gone lets inverse it out try something new *music* first i will play oh man, who wears green plays first who has the board plays first who wears chains plays first who has specs plays first ya i have got it now I have a method which is agreed by PMs of india, pakistan, bangladesh there is solution to every problem by this method see *starts bullshit* six (one in real) 1 2 3 4 5 6 one more turn for 6 at my uncle’s place we get 3s turn and not 6s 4 1 2 3 4 one more turn for 4 you said a trurn for 3 one turn for 3 and two turns for 4 (fools around) wait lemi go to washroom come fast how did I land here you went for washroom behind you also landed behind my UNCLE only taught this to me i just want 1 for winning I won wait, wait, wait when someone gets 1 on 99 then he starts from beginning 5 oh no i am at last yes i will only win ONE HOUR LATER 3333 yeh i won varun you will also win soon bah I am sitting from last 6 hours now i should get 1 now its my turn like everytime there will be no 1 it can be something interesting its 1 its 1 its 1 its 1 *shocked* look around its ZERO what god… *music*

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