Peep This: Bloxels | Ep. #12

Peep This: Bloxels | Ep. #12

What’s up, peeps? Two things are about to happen. First, we’re going to look
inside this box at something very cool– Yes, we are– And very brand new at Vat19. Super cool. And then– Then we brainstorm
ideas for the commercial that we’re going to make for it. That is what we do. That is what we do. Let’s peep this. Let’s peep this. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. You ready for this? Are you ready for this? Bloxels, the hands-on
do-it-yourself video game maker. You guys– Super cool. You guys. You just– I mean– Just go ahead and peep
this for a second. Mm. Mm. Mm. That’s good peep. Yeah, that’s real good peep. We’ve got to get into this
box because this thing, it lets you build
your own video game. Cue Gerald. Say whaa? Gerald? Gerald? Gerald? Gerard? Is it Gerard or Gerald? [LAUGHTER] OK, I got some instructions. And there’s the game board. I’ll let you take that. OK. Putting this over here. So we’ve got– yeah,
the the game board looks like it’s 13–
it’s a square so 13 by 13 little kind of divots
here for the Bloxels to go into. You kind of stick
these on the board and then you take a picture
with your tablet of the board. Then, it puts it in the app,
the free app that you download, and you can play the game
that you design here. So you can build levels, the
actual ground and the water. You can build
characters on here. Power-ups. Yeah. All sorts of stuff. You design it all here and
then it becomes digital and you play it for real. That’s– How cool is that? That is so cool. So let’s just build a level. Yeah. So the green– what
are the green ones? The green ones are terrain
that you can walk on. So this is your land. Mm-hmm. OK. Then, the blue ones are
water that you can swim in. And then the red ones are
hazards– so like fire, lava. OK. So don’t jump on the red ones. Avoid the red. Yellow ones are coins
that you can put anywhere and you can collect those as
you go throughout the level. Mario-style. Yep, yep, yep. Purple ones are bad guys. So they can walk. They can fly. They can be sentries
so they just shoot at you from where they are. This is awesome! Pretty cool stuff. So the pink ones are power-ups. You can make bombs. You can make them
jet packs or health. Oh! Yeah. And lastly, the white
are signs that you can put custom messages
on to kind of guide people through your level. So if you’re making kind
of a puzzle-based game where the sign might
say, Go over here and look for this
thing over here. Or it can be the
end of the level. You get to it and it’s like– Hurray! Yeah. So now that we’ve
built our layout, we need to take a picture of it. So I’m going to open
up the app there. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So here’s the menu. We’ll move around in
here a little bit. Nice. We’re just going to jump into
Quick Start here and then over to Boards,
Start a New Board, and we’re going
to take a picture. OK. So you just kind of– Oh. Yeah. Just line it up. Oh, look at that. It even lets– Hit Guides. OK. And that snaps a picture,
puts it up in there, and then there’s our level. And beyond taking pictures,
you can go in here and draw on the board,
the digital version. So if you wanted
to add some coins, you just go ahead and do that. Oh, nice. Really cool. Yeah, so you can get
a lot more detailed. It looks like you can
even change colors. Mm-hmm. Yeah, you can get a little
deeper into some custom colors. So now that we’ve
captured it, go ahead and test it out with the little
default skeleton guy here. This is about as
simple as it gets and the skeleton
guy is kind of cool. But I think we can do
a lot better than that and get creative
with these custom characters that we
can put in here. So I think we should
each take a board, create a custom character, and
then put them into the game. Sounds awesome– let’s do it. Let’s do it. I’m going to need
all your purple. You will need all my purple? All your purple. OK. I think I’m going to
need all your yellow. Ah. Got it. Really cool to get your hands
in there and just kind of– Yeah, it’s tangible. It feels more interactive than
sitting in front of a screen. Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So we’re all done here. We’ve got our little characters. If you’ve seen the Creatables
episode of Peep This, then you know what
these guys are. But if you haven’t, you
should check it out. That’s right. I’ve got the chubby
purple banana man– You do– And the yellow hat. With legs this time. That’s right. It’s got to be a character. It’s got to walk. All right. So let’s take some pictures of
these and get them in the game. There you go. That looks so awesome. It looks like a hat with legs. It does. You think we should
make the orange brown– Yes– Just like a brown boot? Customize the colors
a little bit here. Yeah. That looks nice. Mm-hmm. A little hat with
some blue jeans on. I think we need to
animate these guys. OK. So once you take
them into the game– Mm-hmm– Then they don’t
just kind of float. They actually can
move their legs. They can move their arms. You can animate them
however you want. So here, we’re in the
Characters part of the app. Cool. And you’ve got three
different states. States– yeah, that’s
a good way to say it. Idle’s just when you’re kind of
not moving, sitting there idle or looking around blinking. Yeah. So we’ve animated him here to
kind of look around, blink, like, I don’t know
what I’m doing. You tell me. Then, got a little
walk animation– [LAUGHTER] Just kind of strutting
his stuff there. Got his tongue out. Yeah. He’s looking for
that ice cream cone. That’s right. And then, you’ve got
your jump animation. That is really sweet. Should we take our
guy into our level? Let’s do it. OK so this is like
your starting point? Yeah, you can kind of pick where
you want your guy to start out. OK. So here’s where you
kind of assign what you want your enemies to be. OK. I’ll make him a sentry. I’m going to keep him walking. And then, you can
make the power-ups. You can assign what
you want those to be. Should we make it a jet pack? If there’s a question of life,
should there be a jet pack, the answer is always yes. This one, I think, since
it’s a little harder to get to– it’s
way at the top– I think it’s going to be health. OK. You know where I’m
going with that? Ah. Yeah. So here’s where you can type
in your own text for that sign we put in but I’m going to
make it the end game– game end flag. And let’s jump in and see
what our character does. [MUSIC PLAYING] So there’s our chubby
banana man running around– Running around, yeah– Grabbing blocks right now. It can be coins. Oh, no, I’m getting shot at. All right. So let’s customize. So here’s a lot of
the preset stuff that they’ve built
for you already. Oh, sweet, yeah. So you can add
all those textures to decorate the whole
level so that it actually looks more like a real game. Mm-hmm. Nice. So here, I’ve made an ice
cream cone, a swirl cone, that’s swirling like a barber
pole, a barbershop pole. That is awesome. So I animated
that– pretty cool. We’ll make that the power-up. There’s no better way
to represent health than ice cream. Yeah, definitely. So I had to go ahead
and animate the hat. It’s going to be our
enemy so it’s just going to be waiting for
a good guy to come out. He looks pretty sinister there. A sinister-looking hat
if I’ve ever seen one. And since it’s a
cowboy hat, I thought, You’ve got to make it gallop. OK. So we’ve got the cowboy boots. He’s galloping along
here, instead of walking. I thought that was pretty funny. And then, he’s jumping. [LAUGHTER] He’s very gleefully jumping. It’s a very happy hat. It’s a happy hat. Happy hat– cool. Pop in a little sky
and there you go. We’ve got our level
built and decorated– Nice– Complete with our
fully-animated, fully-customized
characters and power-ups. Can we play it? I’ve been kind of driving. You want to run it? I’ll run it. I’ll run this bad boy. All right. All right. So this works just kind of like
an Nintendo controller, right. You’ve got left, right,
forward, back, jump, shoot. Yep. And you can double jump. So that’s this. There’s my coins. So if I go in here,
I’m just going to kind of swim for a second, right? I didn’t put a floor on
the bottom so you can die. OK. [PEW PEW] Man, that sentry
is firing at you. I got him. Nice. Can you get the coins with that? Oh, is it possible? Yeah, double jump. Hey! Nice moves. Purple banana man. It’s a tricky jump. What’s up? It’s tall. You’ve got to– Oh! You should have put
the jet pack down here. There it is. There it is. Give me the coins. Give me the coins. Look, there’s a
walking hat up there. It’s not walking. It’s galloping. Oh, he’s galloping Sorry. There we go. Heyo, heyo, heyo. Another tricky jump. OK. how do you– this is–
look at him looking around. He’s like– I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure. Can I do it? Yes, you can, man. Oh, got a little burnt. I’m going to need that power-up. Can I shoot it? Oh, you took a shortcut. Did I? Yeah. Oh, look at that. OK. Just bypassed the jet pack. Oh, I’m not going to bypass. I’m going to go back. Oh, look at that, jet pack. Oh there he goes. Yeah. Yeah. He goes. Whoo-hoo! Nice. What’s up, kids? We’re going to get lost. Oh, there we go. There we go. Soft landing. OK. So I’ve got to jump down
in there, kill the hat, and end the level. [PEW PEW] You got him. Boom! There it is. Winner! Nice. And there’s two
Bloxels destroyed. Oh, you’ve got three stars or
blocks or whatever, three out of three. Nice! 100% Collected nine coins. Cool. Man! So now that we’ve looked at a
lot of the details of Bloxels, we’re going to brainstorm
some ideas for the upcoming commercial. Man. Yeah, we could build any of
the characters from Vat19. We could do Hans Gretel with
the furry coat and the glasses. Christ Cadabra or John
Cotton would be pretty funny. That would be good. He’s going through
his frat house. You may not get inside
of his frat house. His frat house is
his mom’s house. Yeah, you come across his mom. John, put your clothes away. Just kill bad guys,
like pew, pew, pew, pew. John! Johnny! This is actually
pretty good for Redford because Redford likes to
do everything himself– That’s true– Including making– Video games– His own video games. I do that myself. We could make maybe some
of the products we sell. Yeah, that’s true. The Gummy Bear game,
Gummy Worm game. We could each make ourselves, a
little caricature of ourselves, and have the Vat19 team. Uh-huh. Man, I bet people are
going to make episodes, like little shows out of this
stuff, like animate the mouth– Yeah. Yeah, that’s true– All sorts of stuff. You could do your
own Let’s Play. That would be kind of awesome. It’d be a very different
way to do that. Yeah. I’d like to see Pewdiepie
get his hands on this. So that’s just a
handful of our ideas. I’m sure you guys
have plenty more. So if you’ve got
something you want to see us make, leave
a comment and we’ll read through all
those and maybe you’ll see what you come up with in
the video when it comes out, in the commercial. That’s right, yeah. As always with Peep This, we
peep it and then you keep it. So– It’s catchy. It’s catchy. It’s cheesy and catchy. Yeah. Look down in the
description below. Find out how you
can win because you can win your very own
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and thanks for being you. That’s right. [SINGING] [CLICK] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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