Pavlovs house in about 3 minutes

Kia Ora Koutou and welcome to Pavlov’s house in about three minutes it’s technically a game for one to three players but it’s really a solo game playing times about an hour it’s a moderately complex game it’s 1942 and the battle of stalingrad is underway a battle that would become one of the
worst in human history in the end nearly 2 million were wounded or killed Pavlov’s house was a building that anchored the defensive line for the Russians can you hold the house against incredible odds you win if the Wermacht deck runs out and you still control Pavlov’s house but you also need victory points from keeping the board clear and completing dangerous storm gouip missions you lose if your command area is bombed or the Germans take Pavlov’s house dice: combat is resolved with dice rolls card management: your strategic decisions are decided by cards tile placement: both troops in the house and strategy tokens influence the game the game is played in three distinct
phases the first of which is a strategic phase here you will draw four cards fog of war cards are discarded without effect but limit your choices you then get to choose one of the two actions on each card this one allows you to add troops and equipment to the house and this one allows you to add supplies to the staging area you’ll then need this card to transfer supplies to the river and another one to deliver them this one allows you to repair damage to the house or lay mines many of these actions allow you to either remove disruption from the board or place a token you cannot place in an area it has disruption in it this card allows for artillery support to be used by soldiers in the house and this one allows you to place anti-aircraft guns which is important for the next phase when the Germans attack you’ll draw three cards and resolve them some will be Bombers which is where your AA guns will help roll two dice for each token removed and for each success against this number reduce the number of bombers
by one so we roll three d6 and place a disruption market on that spot if the revealed cards are Units roll our d6 and place them on the matching track on the board infantry can be immediately attacked
if you prepared suppression fire earlier other cards include artillery attacks
against the house and snipers the last phase is the house we can freely move ready forces at the start of that phase only one soldier can be in a space
unless they’re on a weapons team you have only three actions per turn unless you’ve got the full communications network for an extra one actions include preparing suppressing fire using this value here and attacking enemies note that only red anti-armor attacks can hurt tanks after each action a unit is exhausted and it takes an action to refresh them but leaders can take an action to refresh up to three units keep playing through these phases until the Wermacht deck runs out why would you like this game? this is one for the solo gamers out there while it can be played with multiple players it really is crafted as a solo experience first and foremost the game looks a bit complex at first but it’s actually quite rules light which is unusual in the wargaming space especially for solitaire games the three scales of the game represented in the three phases make you feel like you’re engaged in a large battle that
zooms in to the personal level I’ve not played another game that captures strategic and tactical play at the same time quite so well and it’s full of tense moments and tough decisions and the fear of being overwhelmed the best thing about this game is its commitment to the history and its supporting materials.
this background book is exceptional stuff however Stalingrad was one of the most horrific moments in human history and that won’t be something some people will want to explore in a game also I’d really only recommend it if you like solo play like the idea of this but wantzombies check out dawn of Zed’s and for a game about civilians in a siege
check out this war of mine Pavlov’s house
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