Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Crawl in “Snake” Air-Field Bunkers

Paintball Tips & Tactics : How to Crawl in “Snake” Air-Field Bunkers

Hello, this is Rob Rubin, and you’re watching
Expert Village. This episode we’re talking about snake bunkers. Every field, every air
ball field, every arena field, has a snake bunker. It might not look as straight as this
snake bunker, but trust me, there’s always a low crawling area for you sneaky, crawly
types. When you find the snake and you want to take the snake bunker, you want to get
in here, first thing you want to do before the game, walk the field, get down to the
snake level, and inspect the field. You’re looking for what position you need to be in,
what large bunker you need to be behind, in order to do the most damage to the other team.
Sometimes it’s not going to be the position you think it is. You don’t know until you
get down here and you put your eyeball on this bunker. When you’re calling a snake,
what you want to do is a modified tiger crawl–no pun intended, that’s actually what it’s called.
Tiger crawl is two hands, two knees, and you’re just going to go like this. It’s a crawl everybody’s
familiar with. But we’re going to modify it because of this thing, a paintball marker
that you probably don’t want to let go of, and the rules do not let you just throw it
in front of you and go to town. So, it’s going to be two knees, one hand, and you’re just
going to crawl all the way along. Except in this bunker, it’s not really an option, because
you’ll notice, in the tiger crawl, the position I’m in right now, I’m actually over the top
of the bunker, so, which means my pack, my head, and, yeah, everything is pretty much
exposed. So the best crawl for this is a leopard crawl, which is down on your knees and down
on your elbows, and you’re going to crawl pretty much like that. I am not doing that
again. One more thing to mention about crawling, and this is more of a health issue than anything
else. When you’re crawling on one good hand, make sure that you don’t go palm down. It’s
a natural to want to do when you’re crawling–you want to put your palm down like this. The
problem is you can hyper extend yourself. You can actually blow out your wrist if you’re
not careful. That being said, what I try to do when I’m crawling is I make my hand into
a fist, and walk on my fist and my knees. It doesn’t always work out that way, but that’s
what you want to try to do. One other thing, speaking of health issues, if you think you’re
going to be crawling on a particular day, and you have bad wrists or you have bad joints,
take preventative measures. I’ve got my wrist taped up from here to here using some medical
tape. Some of the stretchy stuff that is pretty good. If you think you’re going to do any
crawling and you are afraid of blowing out your ankles or blowing out your wrists or
something like that, be prepared.

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  1. The only people likely to blow out their Wrists are fat unfit bastards like the guy on the video

    this video is like a spoof of someone taking the piss out of an expert

  2. @1:37 what is this guy doing i have never seen anyone do that this guy sucks you can tell he never plays snake

  3. wow who is this moron? umm im gonna read some stuff about paintballl waste all my money and pretend im good.. nicee

  4. Why would u lay on ur stomach in snake. U can't shoot crossfield, u can't snap as quickly, and u can't move as quickly

  5. @theIMMORTALIZEDones

    LoL. All these videos are super outdated and he sucked when they weren't. The fact he writes books doesn't mean anything. He makes videos and they are crap, I'd bet the books are just as amazing.

  6. @MassterofDarkness Not going to disagree that Mike isn't a great guy, but tyger is a MUCH better player in my opinion. Tyger was kind of "Mike from ten years ago". Look up claydo11

  7. Maybe he should air up the bunkers before he makes a video?
    This guy doesn't know much about paintball in my opinion.

  8. @yamflak Alright well this is called "Expert" Village,
    He could have taken 3 minutes to pump it if hes such an expert.

  9. @videoman223 what does pumping up a bunker have anything to do with expertise? I bet people who play professional paintball dont necessarily have their bunkers fully inflated when they practice

  10. thats dumb shit how do u hold ur gun when u cawl with ur firsts learn how to play snake befor u try to teach ppl what to do

  11. @xXedyjoXx First off learn to spell correctly and grammatically, second these are very good tips……maybe you don't know how to play.

  12. Im sorry but you cannot crawl worth shit. Your ass is so fucking high in the air. THAT IS NOT a low-crawl. The army would teach you that. Its great that you are trying to teach inexperienced players the basics, but PLEASE actually learn to do it yourself first!

  13. @1koombiyah
    Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't. I can tell you I kick ass in woodsball, not so much in speed because i don't have a fancy electro yet, but there is only one way to actually find out who is best at paintball.

  14. @booyakasha69696969
    Why is it when anyone claims they are in the military people ALWAYS call bullshit? And you are 100% correct, this guy is fat and out of shape. His "low (its more of a high) crawl" should not exhaust you at all. He should try running a half-marathon in 1:22. And hell i was only 17 when i did that. But 5 meters crawl and you say you can't do it again? Pathetic…

  15. @BassAssasin13 No im pritty sure i do know how to play ur just taking bad tips from ppl if u want to know how to play good go ask real ppl not over the inter net go to an event watch some one play and then u tell me if these are good tips,

  16. @theIMMORTALIZEDones Clearly you do watch and defend these crappy videos. This dork gets paid to put out this garbage. I learned everything I had to on the field and think others should just jump in there and do the same. Wasting time watching this crap isn't going to get you anywhere. There are good DVDs/Vids out there that actually do teach you a few things if you want to do some home learning. The Dynasty DVD's and Mike @ Tech PB are a good start.

  17. " . . . and you put your eyeball on this bunker . . ."
    Well OK then I guess, good thing my eye is removable.

  18. press all the numbers on your keyboard seprately one after another nearlly all the positions he is in look dirty lol

  19. Most of these videos are not only horrible quality, but horribly inaccurate. Your snake crawling info was completely wrong

  20. Gives new players a general ideas so props on that but in a more advanced setting this isn't the best method

  21. What the fuck…….if you want to get good at playing the snake….do the opposite of whatever this idiot says and you will be a better snake player than the dumb fuck in this video.

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