Chess with easier Rules – Schach nach einfacheren Regeln

Chess easy rules The Figures wich had been used are from ´´Nine Man Morris´´ First Round: One Figure is allowed to go 2 squares, everywhere. To go 2 squares is required. The adversarial figure can only be defeated at the second jump/square, to jump over or to go diagonal is forbidden. You start. No, only […]

What’s inside a Magic Chess Board?

End grain birch/sapele chessboard with the solid squares

Some time ago I made chessboard of bog oak and maple The same customer ask me to make the similar board but with the solid (not glued) squares The square size is 2.5″ or 63.5 mm It is very hard to buy such thick lumber I have only two woods of the needed thickness: sapele […]

Maurice Ashley – Reveling in the Ultimate Thinker’s Game as a Chess Grandmaster | The Daily Show

-Welcome to the show. -Thank you, thank you. So, I, uh, should know the answer to this question, but what is a chess Grandmaster? How do you become a Grandmaster in chess? Well, Grandmaster’s the highest title you can have in the game. So you have to beat other Grandmasters, top players from around the […]

Game of the Century Chess – Donald Byrne vs Bobby Fischer

Hi everyone, this is Jerry. And this is a game analysis between Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer. It was played in New York City on October 17th, 1956. At the time Fischer was thirteen years old. And soon after this game it was given the title “Game of the Century”. Rating and commenting are appreciated. […]

One of the Most Famous Chess Endgame Puzzles Ever

Hi everyone it’s Jerry. This is one of the most famous endgame puzzles ever. It’s one that has many stories surrounding it, and if that’s of interest to you I have included a couple links in the description to this video that not only show the puzzle’s solution but again it discusses the many stories […]

Chess Lesson: King’s Indian Attack

Hello everybody, it’s jrobi. Today we are going to be taking a look at the King’s Indian Attack strategy from white. And it’s an opening that’s a little bit near and dear to my heart, because shortly after I started playing chess this was one of the first openings I spent a lot of time […]

Wladimir Klitschko plays chess with the FT

[MUSIC PLAYING] This is cagey, Wladimir, waiting each other out before any big move. Yeah. Yeah, the first mistake is going to be the last. [BOTH LAUGH] It’s not every day you get to play chess with a former world heavyweight boxing champion, Wladimir Klitschko– one more heavyweight title belt than any boxer in history. […]

How to Play Chess : Avoid a Fool’s Mate when Playing Chess

Hi! My name is Ken and I here today to talk to you about playing Chess. In the last segment, I talked to you about Fool’s Mate but how do you avoid getting put in Fool’s Mate if you know what Fool’s Mate is. Let’s take a look at the board one more time. If […]