GM Eric Hansen | Lounge Session #84

Knight e5 is coming, this guy’s always gone for checkmate no respect for my Canadian. Oh shit Sup everybody Friday night here just chilling out gonna play some Play some music play some good chess. Hopefully and just Just wind down just wind down. It’s been a long week actually I’m working tomorrow and Sunday […]

Two simple chess traps in the opening “Danish Gambit”!

we analize simple trap in Danish Gambit today White sacrificed two pawns to get the attack. Bc4 c: b, and B: b2 Bb4 + Remind that the main continuation here is considered Nf6, and after e5 d5 e:f, Bb4 + the exchanging variant leads to a rather tactical game Let’s go back to our party […]

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the Four Knights Opening in a Chess Game

The next opening is the Four Knights game, and this is a popular opening. It’s a good solid opening. It gives both sides good possibilities. What is interesting about it is the symmetry of the development of the two sides. Basically, because they’re both paying both playing the best possible developing moves. So, it goes […]

The Truth About Trump’s Twitter

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, it is a popular belief among leftists, and indeed probably a lot of centrists, and some conservatives, that Trump’s notorious tweets are random, careless, and unhinged. Well, I’m here to tell you Trump’s every tweet is, actually, meticulously strategic, more so than I think even the faithful […]

How to Play Chess : How to Setup a Chess Board

Hi I’m Jitin Tuli on behalf of and now I’m going to tell you about the game of chess. Chess is played a on a board of 64 squares set up in the following way. The rooks begin the game in the corners. The knights many beginning players called them horses are next to […]

NEW FIDE RULE – Chess 180

For the first time ever in chess history It was used in a tournament the new rule FIDE CHESS 180 Before we start a few words to remind you as you’ve read for sure on the tournament regulations that in this Blitz Championship, in the adult section and not in the under 16, it will […]

Chess in 5 Minutes – Learn about chess

welcome to All in 5 Minutes and today I will tell you all you need to know about chess. Chess is a strategy game for 2 players and it is played on a chessboard consisting of 64 squares of alternating colors. Each player begins with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, […]

Our Taxi Driver Was Not A Chess Enthusiast | Tal vs Botvinnik 1960. | Game 4

hello everyone and the happy Women’s Day to all of my 2.9% of women viewers I hope you’re all having a great today and an interesting fact to go with that on this day in 1942 the world lost one of its one of its greatest chess players ever of course I’m talking about the […]

Learning to play chess is turning these kids’ lives around – BBC Africa

In the game of chess, a pawn can grow up to become a queen. You can grow up to be great, even though you are still limited by being in this community. My name is Babatunde Onakoya. I am a professional chess player and chess coach. I am the convener of the Chess in Slums […]

Chess Forum – New York City – Radio Cooltura Escacs

Well, I made a small selection of some sites that we visited in New York, Of course related to chess. In this photo we are in the “Chess Forum” that It is a chess shop, we are with Imad Khachan who is the owner and also organizer from this store, Imad is one of the […]