Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot the English Opening in a Chess Game

So the last opening we’re going to be looking at is the English opening. And the English opening remains very popular. And sometimes as you develop as a chess player, it becomes useful to play these less, slightly less common openings because there is a chance that your opponent will be less familiar with them, […]

Secrets of Chess Tactics | Queen Sacrifices! | Stunningly beautiful secrets | Everything you need!

Hi all. I’ve put together some amazing Queen sacrifice examples for you on So if you want to find this head to register if you haven’t already , log in , the improve menu and there’s puzzle books and you’ll find Queen sacrifices as one of the books which is pretty cool. Now […]

Learn How to Play Chess from a Master

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is a video for those of you who don’t know how to play chess, but would like to learn. Everything you see listed here is what’ll be covered. In the end if you find this video as a good source for learning, maybe you can pass it along to another […]

Learn How to Play Chess in 10 Minutes

Hi everyone this is Jerry from the ChessNetwork. I’m a National Master in chess from the state of Pennsylvania and this is a video on how to play chess. This is the initial setup whenever you’re ready to go ahead and play a game of chess. What we have on the bottom of the board […]

Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 1 : What is Queening in a Chess Game

I will now tell you about queening. Queening is a unique feature that only the pawns can perform and what it is essentially is that when a pawn has worked its way up to the eighth rank it can then be exchanged for any other piece. Usually you would exchange it for a queen as […]

Best Short Chess Games 7 – How to Win Chess Game in 6 Moves

e4 e6 this is french defence d4 d5 Nd2.c5 dc5 this is not precisive move Bc5 and Ne2 this is decisive blunder because of Qb6 he can’t protect pawn on f2 and that’s why he resigned the only way to continue game is to play Nd4 and after Bd4 Qe2 Ne7 and rest is pointless […]

Khet = Chess with lasers

Challenge a friend to an epic battle of Egyptian-themed strategy in Khet, the laser game. Think of it as chess with frickin’ laser beams. Unlike chess however, the Khet game pieces start spread all over the board, in one of three different setups. Even if you don’t know what a Pharaoh, scarab, anubis, pyramid, or […]

Hysterical chess game: Bill Gates vs Magnus Carlsen!

another game today complements our Playlist: “Views mistakes and blunders in chess.”You can see it by the link on the screen. Well this game played by dollar billionaire Bill Gates and World chess Champion Magnus Carlsen during the Swedish-Norwegian talk show Scavlan January 23, 2014. After moves e4, Nc6, Nf3, d5 White moves Bd3 although […]

Live chess match in New York sponsored by SAS: Magnus Carlsen vs. 12 selected chess players | SAS

two weeks ago I got this surprising email saying congratulations and actually at the time I didn’t believe the email and I was really it was it was too unreal and I emailed the play Magna support staff and they told me it was legitimate so I’m here to play magnus carlsen in a chess […]

Red Dead Online

Order don’t exist no more in this chaos of a world. I’ve thought long and hard about ethics… We will finish this thing one way or another. About responsibility… My mistress asked me to remind you of why you have your freedom. About rule of law… They’ll be back until every decent person in this […]