Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Shadow of the Bat Extended Playthrough


Hello, I’m xiaoqing The Chinese New Year is coming. Today I bought 10 jin of dace with 20 yuan Today we share a cooking tutorial Wash the fish first Ten jin dace left only 3.5 jin of fish, fish all broken I bought 18 eggs Take out the egg yolks Take 450 grams of water, […]

TIMO BOLL – The Spin of Life Part 1: Know Your Roots

He is an outstanding personality in German sports. So, let’s have a look into this gem here: the good old training hall of Höchst where it all started. Yeah, it’s kind of like my own living room. Since there are usually other sports here in the afternoon, I often have to set up and take […]

BARNA ORIGINAL Legend Classic 2.0 mm тест и обзор коротких шипов

Barna Original, Legend Classic. It’s very unusual rubber. From layout it’s hard to say what type it’s. I remember, that it’s not long pips, though many people may at first sight say, that it’s not so. I don’t remember whether it’s medium or short pips, and I cannot identify by looking. Pips are tiny and […]

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E81 (17 Feb 2020)

Hello, there. I’m Richard Osman. Welcome along to a brand-new week on House Of Games. You know how it works by now. I have four famous faces in the studio. At the end of the week, the famous face who has the most points takes away this extraordinary trophy. Who are our players this week? […]

Tainted Grail : How-to-Play Tutorial video by Gaming Rules!

Hi my name is Paul Grogan and welcome to the Gaming Rules how to play video for Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon published by Awakened Realms. Tainted Grail is a story rich survival and exploration game for one to four players. Set in a grim universe that blends Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology with the […]

Cricket World Cup Kitty Party Card Game

Hello friends. Welcome to my channel, Gems of Games. Today, the air is filled with the aroma of cricket, We can say, it is the official cricket season. Where we are playing the World Cup And everybody is going gaga about it. Let us all get involved in this cricket madness. let us play a […]

DARK SOULS : the card game : Présentation et Critique