Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Arrest

Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Arrest

Welcome to Canada. We’ve seen slippery traffic jams and a woman throwing her feces in Tim Hortons. Now, let’s have a look at a couple trying to escape a ready Mart convenience store. This bloke is not afraid to use his girlfriend as a human shield. She attaches herself to a police officer like a fucken face hugger in “Aliens”. Meanwhile, a courageous civilian executes a tremendous stronghold. And the poor owner only ever wanted to provide a positive retail experience. Ohh it looks like the wanker has broken the stronghold. He wants to run out the back. That idea is fucked. He considers the toilet. The officer has managed to shake off the face hugger. He’s yelling “Stop being a dickhead”. “Don’t throw the starburst. Don’t do it.” “Get on the ground your wanker bastard motherfucken fuckwit.” “I know the floor is cold, but that’s your fault for losing your shirt.” “Don’t move.” The robber decides to move. He tries to negotiate. The face hugger approaches, but the officer says “No no not again”. It’s likely she already planted an egg in him. OHH!!! Was that a Taser to the face?!?! Crikey. Happy Fucken Canada Day. It’s come a week early for this dodgy couple. She’s decided she’s had enough of all the fighting. She reckons she can find her own way out. The officer is saying “Sorry, sorry I tased you in the eyeball”. The robber says “Ah yea, no worries”. “I didn’t feel a bloody thing mate.” And he’s on the run again. There is a solid hip and shoulder. Is he gonna get wrapped up once more? Yea, I think he is. I hope she gets positive “Google Reviews” after this. Back near the toilet, the face hugger sheila is doing her best to escape. It looks like she spotted a secret tunnel. She’s gonna crawl through it. Luckily, she has worn her workout clothes. So this shouldn’t be a problem. Yep. All good. OH NO!!! I Take That Back, There’s A Problem!!! She’s lost a shoe! Fuck me dead!!! It’s like the nice lady behind the counter has planted traps. Look at her. She could be jigsaw. That was a huge tumble through the roof. Surely that was the climax. This is coming to an end. Yeah, there’s more officers on the scene. I think that’s all of Canada’s law enforcement. They refuse to call in backup from America. Yea nah, it’s under control. It’s all good.

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  2. Know how I know yhis isnt the US. Cause those fkrs would probably all be shot. Store clerk included. Usually the cops doing us all a favor. Somehow moms say they be goot bois but Thats just thier momma talking, she dont count.

  3. Welcome to Canada. Deadbeat resists like that elsewhere and he would be swiss cheese. Honestly he should have been swiss cheese and would have totally deserved it.

    Of course, the officer is nearly paralyzed here, knowing if any real force is used the entire country will delete the footage and cry the tyranny blues, up in arms about how an angelic father of ten was only buying milk and suffered from a mental illness, absolutely nothing to do with the 15 substances he abuses, and is therefore the victim and literally incapable of ever harming the public because science plus love.

    Maybe I take back the swiss cheese part due to the guy being unarmed. Then again who knows why he was trying to escape or what he could have done once cornered.

  4. Il Canada è una merda come gli USA, creano una moltitudine di disperati, per giustificare l'oppremente e nazista controllo del popolo con le forze armate, ovviamente questi video lavano il cervello al popolo credulone….

  5. Mr. Aussie man…

    Thoes Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer got nothing on La Surté du Québec my friend…

    You should see them in action when it comes on stoping an illegal cigarette trade between the Natives and the French Canadian people…

    Sadly I got no footage to offer you…

    We smoked it all since we once again had nothing to do today…

    But, yeah, welcome to Canada…

  6. Very funny commentary!!! Its sad to see that USELESS TRASH like these 2 exist in Canada. Nice job to the Officer with his Taser skills. Thumbs down to the cashier for NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL !

  7. They would have both been shot in America when they both tried to attack the cop. Or when the man picked up that bag and acted like he was going to use it as a weapon.

  8. Men.
    Note, the woman just walks away. No one is concerned. She's not detained or thought about AFTER WRESTLING THE POLICE OFFICER TO THE FLOOR! A white man would have been arrested. I, a black man, would have been shot.

  9. If it were handled by American cops im 100% there would be at least 1 dead body BOOM BOOM xops here love ignoring tazers and puing the trigger

  10. The dude would of been shot dead as soon as he threatened the cop with the star burst if it happened in America

  11. Ya Canada has entirely slipped …that's what the globalist wanted

    The immigrant officer at islamic Canada migration (call it communist Canada immigration too since these 2 losers work together ) only asks; are you here to work? Ok..pass through …

    Rather then think right, as a real entry officer would ; ' man has no good outcome, entirely alien race, proven to be organized in the biggest criminal orgs in the history of mankind ; communist and Islamist…he is here under lies to commit murder….repatriation right now!'


    He's allowed to rape, pregnate, play games with a subverted law, ..and his halfbred babies , without hope in hell are murdering everyone else…

    What can we say?? Half-breed islamic and communist hell!

    Genetic inducing criminality !

    That's why they want to breed the freak.

  12. The store owner just stands there instead of pulling out her Machete from under the counter and start hacking away. See now if Canada would allow their citizens to at least have a gun in your own store this could have been avoided.

  13. Малодис кайси давлат бусаям жон куйдирябди конун бузганни ушлаябди конун бор .

  14. A bullet could have done a better job, unfortunately in Canada happens what is happening here in my country, a progressive government who thinks that kill a scumbag like that riff raff is wrong, and his life should be spared.
    Anyway, maybe next time he will not be that lucky and someone will shot him dead. 😜

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