Our Taxi Driver Was Not A Chess Enthusiast | Tal vs Botvinnik 1960. | Game 4

Our Taxi Driver Was Not A Chess Enthusiast | Tal vs Botvinnik 1960. | Game 4

100 thoughts on “Our Taxi Driver Was Not A Chess Enthusiast | Tal vs Botvinnik 1960. | Game 4

  1. Another great game by you, by the way, I wonder if you can cover all 21 games consider the World Championship is already tomorrow or the following day (I'm GMT +8).

  2. Looks like your awesome dog in the background is running towards a chess tournament of his own 2 minutes into the video. I hope he's not late to make his move.

  3. wait a second! Did you post two games today? It seems that games 3 and 4 were both posted today. i can't keep up with you! (hey, by the way, thanks a million zillion for doing this whole match).

  4. Great video as always 🙂
    But I’m thinking about ‘Jose Raul Capablanca died on 8 march 1942 and Bobby Fischer born on 9 march 1943 both WC and milestones in Chess history.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8avqRgIdOs

    "Botvinik probably plays better chess than I do. Botvinik is a chess artist and I am chess gambler"

  6. #suggestion www.youtu.be/jExmQndwKKs Praggnanadhaa vs Nihal Sarin(I remember you saying there is no full game but there is actually the full game pragg wins it.Its a friendly match)More interesting is that there is currently a tournament going on and its praag vs Nihal Sarin

  7. [Event "Rated Rapid game"]
    [Site "https://lichess.org/OFMe6MBA"]
    [Date "2018.03.09"]
    [Round "-"]
    [White "Hyderabad_Chess"]
    [Black "dhara5980"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [UTCDate "2018.03.09"]
    [UTCTime "05:18:10"]
    [WhiteElo "1312"]
    [BlackElo "1475"]
    [WhiteRatingDiff "+15"]
    [BlackRatingDiff "-15"]
    [Variant "Standard"]
    [TimeControl "600+0"]
    [ECO "A06"]
    [Opening "Zukertort Opening: Tennison Gambit"]
    [Termination "Normal"]
    [Annotator "lichess.org"]

    1. e4 { [%clk 0:10:00] } d5 { [%clk 0:10:00] } 2. Nf3 { [%clk 0:09:58] } { A06 Zukertort Opening: Tennison Gambit } dxe4 { [%clk 0:09:56] } 3. Ng5 { [%clk 0:09:56] } Nf6 { [%clk 0:09:53] } 4. Nxf7 { [%clk 0:09:53] } Kxf7 { [%clk 0:09:51] } 5. d3 { [%clk 0:09:51] } exd3 { [%clk 0:09:49] } 6. Bxd3 { [%clk 0:09:49] } g6 { [%clk 0:09:35] } 7. Bxg6+ { [%clk 0:09:45] } hxg6 { [%clk 0:09:33] } 8. Qxd8 { [%clk 0:09:43] } { Black resigns. } 1-0

  8. Good commentary tal had some magic clean and eligant.And question of topic what happens to your dog it behaves hilariously🤣🤣

  9. Could you consider making a video about the game between Bobby Fischer and Bent Larsen 1959 Zurich in the right time, it is a very interesting game where we witness a battle between Fischer's bishop pair against Larsen's knight pair, very exciting.
    And thank you for everything

  10. Is there actually an international mens day ?if not , why do women get a day and men dont? For God sakes arent all the holidays and birthdays enough for everyone?

  11. So we're all going to act like your Dog wasn't fighting off an imaginary rape with himself in the beginning of the video?

  12. Your opinions are not really opinionated. Most of them are from chess books created by those players. Your'e a pro. Keep it up!

  13. Excellent match and coverage! Chess in those days seems much cozier than today. Computers destroyed the game!!!
    The Rb5 idea isnt that bad but g3 is better!!

  14. Are you sure that photo is from the world championship match? Why are there two other players playing next to them?

  15. You may love the game he shows, but what stole my heart in this video was the dog at the backdrop, she is awesome.. @agadmator… Love Ur dog 🙂

  16. I started checking out chess a few months ago. Your channel has really helped me! There hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t watched your newest uploads, or went back after finishing to watch someone of your older videos. Thanks for breaking every game down so someone like me can understand them, as well as also talking more in depth for experienced players!

  17. Here is my eccentric #suggestion:

    Choose 3 equal positions, 1 from where opening theory ends and transposes into middle game, 1 from complex middle game and 1 from.endgame.

    Then, explain each great player's style by showing what he would do in a given position. Like "in this position, Petrosian would probably seek ways to strenghten his side and make this move, Tal would seek ways to attack make this move, Karpov would go after microscobic advantage and make tbis move."

    You got? What would they do?

  18. I woke up in the middle of the night with the dreadful idea that I forgot to click "Like" on your video from yesterday! Luckily, it was only a nightmare.

  19. Lol I faced Tal's problem in my first chess tournament and my debut match XD I won the game but it was like 30 seconds remaining in clock lol ofc my chess skills are nowhere near to Tal just had similar situation 😁

  20. Hi Agadmator,

    Here's a bit of trivia for you,
    Did you know that Chess World Champions, One, Two and Three: Steinitz, Lasker and Capablanca they all passed away in New York!

  21. Enough about the 1960 World Chess Championship and positional play vs attacking mastering …
    Does your dog have an agent yet ?

  22. Can you make a video on what books you recommend to help with chess knowledge of opening, endgame, overall strategy, and etc. I've been playing chess having downtime at work a lot with coworkers and I really enjoy it. I get better from watching your videos, but for someone newer to chess like me its hard to improve. I don't really know any openings just the basics of control over the center. I would love if you started making videos about openings and defenses as well. Even if you don't make videos of that sort in the future I will love and continue to support your channel, have a great time!

  23. 5:12, "Waiting for Botvinnik." Check out Samuel Beckett's recently discovered play. It'll pin you to the back of your seat, mate.

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