Our guest – Chess Genius Paul Morphy! Two knights checkmate in the Evans Gambit!

Our guest – Chess Genius Paul Morphy! Two knights checkmate in the Evans Gambit!

Hello, friends Today our guest is
the strongest chess player of nineteenth century
Paul Charles Morphy Hello, Paul.
What do you tell us today? Hello,
dear chess fans First, I want to
thank you for an invitation to such an
interesting channel Well, today I would like to
to show you one of my games, which
I played in 1857 in New York my opponent was
Napoleon Marache – he is an American
journalist and chess composer who
was one of the strongest American players of
nineteenth century Evans gambit has been played after Nf3 moves
Nc6 Bc4 Bc5 pawn sacrifice
b4 follows It’s better to take sacrifice for black B:b4 c3 and Ba5 this retreat of bishop is
considered the most best if I played
instead of B:b4 Bb6 then would be denied Evans gambit but in the game I played
B:b4 and after c3 departed bishop on a5 d4 immediate attack in the
center considered the most
best continuation for white e:d e5 here usually play Qb3 This move is
much stronger because White, attacking
pawn f7, protects the pawn c3 In The game Marash
continued e5 I played d5 and after taking a pawn Q:d6 white castle
short side I am developing my
pieces Nge7 this attack
knight on g5 to square f7, but this
knights lunge premature, because White’s attack easily fight off much more for
White could play Ba3 and after Qf6
take the pawn on d4 N:d4 and c:d But In the game, the white does the attack on the side playing Ng5 why this attack is not justified? because the center movable white pieces are not
developed and black f7 pawn easily
protected short castling of
black and Bd3 white continues
Attack and black use it Black completes their
development Bf5, defending himself against
Shot to h7 square and it takes active
piece of white B:f5 N:f5 and Ba3 I’m sacrificing a quality! I’m loosing an exchange But
my position is much better! My figures are active and
developed, while the White pieces fragmented and not
interact Qg6, attacking
Knight g5 and B:f8 I move to Q:g5
and Ba3 it should be noted that
this move of White rather weak, he
worsens their position It was much stronger
to play Bb4 defending pawn c3 but it was
continued Ba3 in the game I picked up a pawn c3 and got very
powerful attacks position knight and rook white locked in the corner they are out of the game White’s pieces are constrained
therefore black proceeds to attack Bc1 Qg6 Bf4 white underestimate
all threats from black and further aggravates
its position I played Rd8 connecting to the game
heavy piece Qc2 Ncd4 and it turns out that
White’s queen is not so too many square
retreat and if he will retreat,
black pawn moves forward White played
Qe4 and decisive blow followed NG3! if white
take a knight f:g they lose the queen
Q:e4 White does not wanted to lose the queen
and rushed change it to
his black opponent, then I
played Ne2 # Checkmate! Here’s an
amazing two-knights checkmate I’ve put to
one of the strongest players of America I hope that this video
pick up more than one hundred thousands of views and
thousands likes And I will appear here again on the Crazy Chess Traps channel At this point I finished. Well, my dear Paul,
Thank you for coming to us and
commented this interesting game. Friends! Of course put LIKE this video and share it on the network and Paul Morphy will tell us a lot of interesting! subscribe to our
channel See you!

4 thoughts on “Our guest – Chess Genius Paul Morphy! Two knights checkmate in the Evans Gambit!

  1. This game has fascinated me.Have played it again and again.How Napoleon Marache could let himself be mated is understandable but the sacrifice of the queen by the knight move. which cuts off the white king's escape square, is breathtaking.Just as impressive is the second knight hopping over to deliver mate, picturesque.However, it was seeing Paul Morphy come alive and actually speak that made me save the game to my favorites.Thank you so much for adding to the lustre of this fabulous game.

  2. Wow that was so interesting! I loved that talking head! Very creative, dear sir. Please keep making videos. Love your style.

    Paul Morphy was a genius. Great finish.

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