OSHO: General Meeting Buddha Hall 19. May 1989

OSHO: General Meeting Buddha Hall 19. May 1989

presents General Meeting 19 May 1989
Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune, India On Monday, 10 April 1989 Osho speaks for last time in public to the assembly of his sannyasins and friends This moment you are the most blessed people on the earth. Remembering yourself as a Buddha is the most precious experience, because it is your eternity, it is your immortality. It is not you, it is your very existence. You are one with the stars and the trees and the sky and the ocean. You are no longer separate. The last word of Buddha was sammasati. Remember that you are a Buddha – sammasati. Ok Maneesha?
Yes Osho. On 19 May 1989 Amrito, Osho’s personal physician, Anando, Osho’s secretary and Neelam, Osho’s secretary for India, share in a General Meeting in Gautam the Buddha Auditorium the latest news about Osho’s health and his plans for the expansion of his work. Good evening everybody. First let me tell you about Osho I am sure that’s what you mostly want to hear Since that last episode when he left the podium He has had many weeks of severe pains and has been extremely weak. And I am glad to be able to say that those pains are now easing and now he is considerably better. However at the end of this period its clear that his strength is not back. And he now feels that he is not going to be able to speak to us regularly as he has done in the past. He said that he will be able to come out from time to time talk to us sometimes, sit and listen to our music at other times, and just sit in silence with us on yet other occasions. But he is clear that he is not going to be able to talk regularly in the way that he has been able to in the past. He is very emphatic that we all understand that his presence and his absence is part of his work. And he specifically mentioned that he had heard that somebody went off to the Taj Mahal because he wasn’t talking. And he said this is a waste of their time, they need to be here and this buddhafield it depends on his presence not on his speaking. And so what’s really important is that we all understand that; and don’t think that we are sort of hanging around, waiting for him to start speaking. But that we set about making this buddhafield the kind of beautiful and aesthetically fabulous place that he would like it to be. To realize that it’s his presence which is critical, to the buddhafield. That’s what makes it a buddhafield. Not because he is talking, but because he is still here. And, he said, if people want to find out what I have said, it’s all in the books. He is not expecting you to be here just to hear his words. It is his presence which is all important. And clearly, the longer we can manage without him, as it were, the longer he is going to be with us. And the more he has to come out and speak, the shorter time he is going to be with us. So in a way we are preserving him for as long we can, by allowing him just to be in peace, in his room. And he really wants to know that we are – ‘How did he put it?’ – blissful and alone, and not in need of him to come out every night to hold our hand. But that we could actually be mature enough, to build this ashram in the way that he would like it. Now, that raised all kinds of questions about what kind of ashram is it? What are we doing here? How do we organize it, how do we arrange it? Who is doing what to whom… Every sort of question started to come up. And its clear that in the last two or three years, we have really come back incredibly since the buffeting we took at the hands of the United States. We are sitting here with smiles on our faces. Meese and Reagan are in bad shape back there. And the press is now beginning to understand who Osho is. Someone the other day said, the press is so good I think we could have written some of that! Someone said, we did! The press is really lovely and is beginning to see exactly who he is. And at the same time, the outside world is beginning to realize that they are running out of cul-de-sacs. And he is preparing here a place for literally hundreds of thousands of people to be able to come through and share this buddhafield. Let me ask Anando to come and talk about the basic plans to make us a self-sufficient and … I forget what the word is…Celebratory and highly financially successful. Actually he has been talking a lot lately about what Amrito just said about presence and he doesn’t mean his presence here in Buddha Hall; he means his presence here in the buddhafield. And he says anybody who feels that because he is not coming out and speaking, there is no need for them to be here, is missing the point. His presence is here in the buddafield. And he has also been talking a lot lately about his vision for – what he calls – the expansion of the ashram. And what he sees is that we create here the biggest and the most beautiful spiritual health club in the world. A kind of spiritual club “med” – as in “meditation”. Get it? So this is what we have been planning and Indian friends have already started purchasing properties around here and getting building permissions to start building new buildings. You can see in the bookshop window across the street some of the first plans have gone up. There are four new buildings going up in Mirdad. Other friends are developing two new buildings in number 4. There is nine units being built at the end of the road, number 22. And some other friends have managed to get a lease from the government of the entire land at the back of Mirdad; from the Indian village right to the river, or somewhere down there. Alongside the creek is twelve acres of land, which will be developed as an international meditation park. And slowly slowly you will see the plans going up in the window. Over there you will see what is happening. Basically, what he wants us to end up with is – Olympic size swimming pool, tennis courts, a dogen for martial arts to happen, a whole house for creative arts – every kind of creative art he wants here – painting, sculpture, dance, music, theater. Every possible kind of creative art. He wants the center of transformation to have every possible kind of therapy, that’s going. The mystery school have a complete smorgasbord of every kind of esoterica. There is going to be a health club, a beauty club, a spa, a gymnasium… Wait a minute… Medical center, discos, restaurants… and also there is going to be all kinds of trainings coming soon, being made available to people, to learn new skills. Languages, computers, videos, commercial arts, commercial writing… sales and marketing even.
All kinds of people are coming along now and offering to share their experience and skills out in the world with other sannyasins. So we can all start developing skills. And as he said this morning, just this morning he said, “We are expanding, we are not just a religious center, religiousness will be our very atmosphere, but we are now going to make a greater expansion. We will have a complete colony built with aesthetic sense. Surrounded with big trees and gardens and pools of water with swans and other birds, and simple and aesthetic buildings.”, which actually he has designed, the buildings. They are black pyramids. So all the buildings in the new ashram will now be black pyarmids. With blue glass windows. Really dramatic. And at the end this morning, he said, its very beautiful, he said, “We are going to create this as the garden of the beloved one – with every kind of dimension.” And then he said that will be the name of the ashram – ‘The Garden of the Beloved One’. Okay, so the next point which came up was exactly how do we all fit into this vision? And how does it actually relate to us? And one thing was clear – is that we are not setting up a commune. So then the whole question of – whether we came here as self-sufficient individuals, or whether we come here to be taken care of, came up. And what point do you or do you not take care of people. All those issues, which I know are very dear to your souls and your pockets. All became an issue. I have just brought along these two books here, I think you saw the video two nights ago – from the Uruguay talks – ‘The Path of the Mystic’ and ‘The Light on the Path’. They are both books where he talks about just what you heard. As always he talks well in advance about what is going to happen and none of us take any notice. Then we find several years later, he has been saying it all along. And he describes the world he would like to see around him. And it is not a commune. So it is not going to be a commune. And again Anando has got some guidance on that where he specifically talked about – self-sufficiency as a community. I asked him whether this meant we are setting up a commune again. And he said, “No, the ashram is not an institution.” He said, because I talked in the sense of taking care of people, how its always been in the past, with the commune and he said, “It is not an institution. It is a meeting place for friends. It is nobody’s monopoly. We are all creating it. It is our common project. And in every possible way everyone should contribute to it. We are the ashram and it can function only if we all help it. The ashram does not want to be begging for money from outside, so we should all be supporing the ashram, rather than asking the ashram to support us.” Someone said the other day basically we are riding on a bicycle built by other people about fifteen years ago. And what we have done, is set up a system, either consciously or unconsciously, whereby, there is always an unconscious hope, that if one keeps playing the game of spiritual snakes and ladders you will end up as part of some permanent pension scheme. Like a sort of fund for distressed spiritual folks. And its all happened with the best of intentions but actually large members of people end up fighting for their last rupee in order to stay on as long as possible because that may just allow them to get their foot in some door which leads to some further… something or the other… but there’s nothing. We have to absolutely stop playing this game. That’s why we really would like you to really read those accounts of Osho because he really describes that. Neelam, has some very specific comments that Osho made just on that issue, about what it does to us. When we get into this kind of survival mode. We are actually not here for him, we are here for the next chapati. Suddenly, we have just lost something. And it’s difficult, it easily happens. Let me just ask Neelam to tell you. Actually, its almost the same thing which in the morning also he said to Anando. From time to time, I have been asking him his guidance how he would like this ashram to function. And, he said that sannyasins should not be economically dependent on the ashram because economic dependence takes away some dignity and grace from the man. Then he said that in the commune in Rajneeshpuram we gave all our possessions and money to raise the commune but it was very sad to see because there was fear and insecurity in the eyes of the sannyasins. And it made him sad to see that. And that came out of economic dependence on the commune. Somehow sannyasins lost their dignity and grace. And that comes when we are not dependent on anybody. And we are working out of our joy, out of our abundance, out of our love for Osho. And that has a very different quality, which he would like to have in this ashram. Not a quality of fear and insecurity that we are working because we would like food and rent to be paid. No, he would like it when we work here out of our abundance and joy and out of our love for him. And he would like that people come and go, they stay here as long as their visa and finance allows them. One more beautiful thing he said, that when people arrive after a gap of time, they are full of joy, they are full of receptive and celebrative energy and it is very beautiful to see them here. Then there is no chance of taking him for granted, which usually mind does when there is a long period of time and we know that we are going to live here forever. When we are leaving, we all know from our own experience that that when we know only few weeks are left then our intensity and totality comes to the peak. And we start drinking him at the optimum. He has said always that when our finance and visas are not allowing us to stay it will be better to go, because it helps financially to the ashram, also helps to bring more people to the ashram, because when we go back to our country we meet so many people. Our joy, our feeling when we have gone from here, it affects other people. It helps them to come here. Let me just come to the actual implementation of what we are talking about. Basically, what we would like to do is for the food passes particularly which is the most obvious kind of a ‘treadmill’ we have created for ourselves. And that is first and foremost, everybody who is a worker will pay for their own food pass if they can afford it. From now that is; everybody, no distinction in any way or form. If you have money and you can afford your food, then you should pay for your food. Now, there are people here who may have budgeted on the expectation that they would get a food pass for the next period while they will be here and people who are are just in the middle of arrriving or just applied or… Those situations will be dealt with as if this meeting hadn’t happened. Nobody’s going to have the rug pulled from under them. But as your time here ends, your visa ends and you go back, next time when you come back, you need to come back with enough money so that you are not half expecting the ashram to be able to look after you. I come from an old socialist background, you know, it’s a bit hard for me all this. But I finally got convinced. One of the things that convinced me actually was – somebody came in here, who for as long as I have been a sannyasin, he’s been in his shorts, he has got a hammer in his hand, and he has been building and building and building. It must be fourteen years now and he’s still building. He has never stopped. Twelve hours a day. He reminds of that story of Osho’s about the man who is dancing under the tree and he is told he has got as many lives as there are leaves on that one tree. And he is delighted, because there is a whole forest of leaves. He just never stops working and he turned up here. Of course, everybody knew he is a great worker. Someone rushed up to him and said, “Oh look, you know, food pass, rent… can you fix this? And he said, “No. I have done that. I don’t want to do that anymore.” But I will come back when I am ready. And off he went. The person co-ordinating suddenly felt that here was a really mature individual. Suddenly it is not this kind of game of buying people’s loyalty, having to laugh at your boss’ jokes in order to get a food pass and all that rubbish. Basically, this guy just left and two weeks later; he comes back and he’s totally ready to work and of course he is still working twelve hours a day, like he always has done. But this time it is out of his love and his gratitude. It’s coming from him; it’s got nothing to do with buying and selling and wages and having his soul purchased. Basically, worldwide, we need to stop thinking of survival, to think of affluence, to really come here with enough money so you can have a great time. Whether you are money there, to be here, whether you are doing groups here, whether you are working here, whatever you are doing, it is all part of his work. And we need to just see the critical moment we are in; the beautiful opportunity in front of us; and just go with it and make this place… Already there is nowhere comparable and when we have… when all of you… put all this energy into it, it will be something totally totally magnificent. Okay. Goodnight y’all. Osho International Meditation Resort Copyright © 2019
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