Oru Karyam Choikatte? [May I Ask You Something?]| Internationally acclaimed Short Film (with subs) |

Oru Karyam Choikatte? [May I Ask You Something?]| Internationally acclaimed Short Film (with subs) |

Two packets. Dad smokes too much !! Boys smoke. Girls don’t. But I’ve seen girls smoke in movies. but.. Does she? I don’t think so. But.. why not?? ? Dad Dad !!! What? Shall I ask you something? What is it? why doesn’t mom smoke? WHAT! Why doesn’t mom smoke? that’s because…. Ammu. Ammu?
How many times should I call you? Your milk is on the table. And can you please keep this carrom board away.
I need to clean the floor here. Hmm.. Has Janaki left, ma? Yeah. Ammu dear.. Coming! What is it, mom? How do you get fish to eat in school? Who brings it? I’m asking you. Sanju gave me. As if I don’t cook anything here. By the way, who is this Sanju? Is it the boy living by the bridge? Hmm.. “She eats anything from anyone around,
as if I don’t make anything here” It wasn’t like that, it was yummy. Shut up! Did I ask you?
Get lost from here! What’s happening there? Come. It’s okay, dear. Look at me. What is your friend’s name? Sanju Ammu, Do you know why mom scolded you? If you play with such kind of kids, touch or eat with them, you’ll turn black and ugly. Do you want to be that way? Sanju is my best friend. Mom and you don’t know anything.
Leave me. This kid! Mom, I’m going out to play. Careful, dear. Ah! How come you’re here. You want a guava? Come on. HEY !! See you at school. I haven’t gone black. I said I haven’t gone black. Yeah, okay.
Agreed Shall I ask you something? What’s the problem with being black? DIALOGUE FROM TV:
“answer the question, Chakrapani.”

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  1. awsome job 👌👌. Everything from how the film is taken to the morals are very good. Also I loved all the vivid, natural expressions and the village ambience. Keep up the good work.

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