Optimizing the Snake Build

Optimizing the Snake Build

A lot of people have been asking me to do guides on specific builds, and I’m happy to oblige. Today we’ll talk about the most difficult of the reptile builds – the snake. Now to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure why you’d ever want to try to snake build; snakes are in general low tier, averaging in the D plus range. Not only that but their gameplay is some of the most difficult content you’ll ever experience. If you ask me It’s a little silly to use so many points to spec into the reptile faction and then opt to not have legs. With that said even though most snake builds are low tier, if you really know what you’re doing you can make one of the most formidable builds possible. Today we’ll go over the most viable options as well as common mistakes many snake players make. You have to be careful since there are a lot of enticing skills that can end up wasting a perfectly good build in the long run. Let’s begin by discussing the main traits, strengths and weaknesses of your snake build. As previously stated, the most defining trait is opting to not give your character legs. This has a few benefits – it opens up a lot of unique movement options like slithering, sliding, sidewinding, and even gliding in some cases. Access to secret areas of the map normally blocked off by tight access points become available to snakes. This can let more exclusive access to food, shortcuts and escape routes. In my opinion, this doesn’t fully negate the negatives of having no legs, but credit where credit is due; it’s not the worst trade. But how can you maximize the evolution points you gain by dropping legs as a spec? Well there are a lot of interesting options. Advanced tracking abilities; extremely potent Venom; climbing; camouflage; the ability to traverse Ocean; Ability to scale walls; feign Death; Produce musk the list goes on but before you get too fascinated by the abilities of the snake class, be warned There are only three competitively viable snake builds in the current meta. The rest, I’m sorry to say, are pretty unremarkable and no doubt low tier. Even the official game wiki refers to the typical most popular snake builds as a garbage group. So if you take anything away from this video, understand that vanilla snake builds are not worth your time But I’m getting sidetracked, let me get back to the three viable builds. I’ll go through them one at a time, from worst to best, as well as the special characteristics that make them so strong and any shortcomings they may have. The first viable snake build is the constrictor. This includes boas, pythons, and anacondas. It’s the only snake build classified as a tank with high HP and a thick scaly hide. but more important than the snake’s defense is with unparalleled grab game. A well spec Constrictor Build can zero to death any player they manage to grab. If we compare the constrictors grab to other high-level grabs You can see that it sits among the best grabs in the game. Now the constrictor build is not perfect by any means It’s not low tier but I’d say it maxes out around the bottom of B tier for a few reasons Constrictor Snakes are huge and this comes at a cost to speed because of that they need the element of surprise to secure a grab. The problem with that is, again, they’re huge so it’s not easy to hide And secondly constrictors are a tank build but completely lack the ability to deal with groups of enemies Sure, they’re pretty overpowered in a one-on-one situation but a fully executed Grab combo takes a long time to perform making it impossible to fight a group of hostiles and will quickly be overwhelmed by a coordinated assault Not much else to say about this build so let’s move on to number two The second most viable build is the pit viper Unlike the constrictor build and also unlike most other garbage tier snakes, the pit viper class specs pretty deeply into the venom tree “But Tier zoo” I hear you say “didn’t you rip on poison dart frogs for doing that?” No, unlike the poison tree the venom tree is absolutely worth diving into Poison is valuable for defense up to a certain point, but the thing to keep in mind Is that you’re always going to be at a negative if you actually have to use it Because for its effect to activate, you actually need to take a significant hit The Venom on the other hand is an offensive tool Which can allow its wielder to score kills much easier or defeat opponents that would otherwise be way out of their league More powerful venom effects only make you a more dangerous opponent Something to fear instead of something to avoid Anyways vipers are generally defined as having specced into two main abilities. The first is their venom The Venom tree is pretty diverse with a lot of interesting effects but the pit viper build chooses two of the most important effects available: Hemorrhagic toxin and tracking compounds The typical strategy of a pit viper player is to sit and wait for a target Which is aided by their high-level camouflage And to score a single hit before retreating Hemorrhagic Toxin is not a fast acting venom type But has extremely high raw damage over time With that in mind, the second effect of the pit viper Venom comes into play – the tracking compounds Which create a trail to the downed player as they attempt to flee. This makes confirming kills easy to ensure that the viper player never loses xp by getting its kill stolen This makes leveling up easy and makes for relatively easy and rewarding gameplay, but if tracking wasn’t enough, pit vipers also ave a very special unique ability : heat vision this ability completely negates the stealth bonus of darkness and Camouflage and makes it so targets just about never sneak past the player The negatives are few; one being very low base Hp and defense Intimidation and stealth are really the only things preventing you from getting killed So if a player with high resolve detects you, there’s not much they can save you remember this class has slow-acting venom So it won’t be able to kill something before it has the chance to kill you or at least do some serious damage all in all though Great build unique fun and powerful I place them at the bottom of A tier and Finally the best most well optimized snake build – the cobra Cobras are pretty similar to the viper build, but a bit more well-rounded While vipers are more effective at stealth and critical strikes, Cobras are just an all-around more powerful class excelling at both offense and defense with a few unique abilities of their own They are larger and therefore less stealthy but bulkier and more heavily armored and they also spec into the venom tree in a different way that I believe is more well optimized for versatility the venom of a cobra is different than that of a viper in that while a viper bite causes hemorrhaging Cobras carry a potent neurotoxin Neurotoxins are much faster acting that hemorrhagic toxins because they quickly induce paralysis Which results in suffocation instead of waiting for the victim to die from internal bleeding This is important because it means a cobra bite is much more effective as a defensive weapon as well as an offensive one Cobra players rarely need to actually bite in self-defense anyway though since they possess one of the most effective intimidating moves in all of outside The combo of flaring their cape and hissing enough to drop almost any aggressors resolve to zero however if this fails a few advanced cobra players have unlocked an extremely rare method of self defense. A tactic which allows the player to deel damage while not putting themselves at risk – a ranged attack the ability to deal damage and status effects over a distance is extremely powerful and has only been unlocked a few times in the entire playerbase. The Cobra’s ranged attack inflicts permanent blindness if it connects rendering its target effectively helpless and doomed The combo of versatile venom, excellent defensive options and daunting intimidation effects puts the cobra class in a high A tier so in summary three best snake classes are constrictor, pit vipers and Cobra: each with unique traits that allow them to surpass the normal limits of what snake builds can do Thank you for watching and if you’ve got a build, play-style, biome or any other aspect of the meta that you’d like me to analyze leave it in the comments.

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  1. While I know that this video is a little outdated in a few different ways, there are still a few points that I think ought to be brought up in defense of the snake subclass on a general level:

    – You gave special mention here to the pit viper’s infrared vision, but it should be noted that ALL snakes have access to anti-stealth tools which are similarly powerful. Possessing what is essentially 3d smell via their forked tongues and their well-honed ability to “hear” vibrations in the ground gives them an ability to negate stealth almost comparable to echolocation. The only flaw in this (and admittedly it is a major one) is that it’s dependent on keeping a low physical profile, but because that is a weakness already intrinsic to snakes and many other reptile subclasses it isn’t as though there are any evolution points going to waste there.

    – Snakes don’t actually lose much by sacrificing their legs. Consider the fact that many snakes are able to keep up speed-wise with other reptiles around their size (though I won’t assume the same for constrictor builds, they’re competing with crocodilians and those guys are fast motherfuckers), with movement that is generally as energy efficient and sometimes even moreso than that of their legged counterparts. Most reptiles don’t have any special uses for their limbs aside from walking with them anyhow, and in certain specific cases abilities like sticking to walls are able to be mimicked by snakes with little to no investment. It should also be noted that snakes aren’t the only legless lizards, and while I’m not about to start a debate on the viability of legless skinks, the fact that snakes aren’t alone in this decision should indicate that there are certain advantages which are difficult to ignore.

    – Finally, I just want to comment that the section from 2:05 to 2:11 is fairly misleading and should have been properly clarified. Not everyone is going to know the definition of a garbage bin taxon prior to watching this video, and the way it was presented here might lead them to assume that Colubridae is actually officially recognized as a joke class.

    I hope that you will read this and take my words into consideration. I’m interested to see your thoughts on what I’ve said here.

  2. If this was a real game I'd freaking play it. Choose an animal at the start of the game and then level it up by defeating other animals.

  3. My main is a spectacled cobra. It has the ability to scare predators with it's false eye spots. It is effective against smaller snakes, vipers, rats, lizards, birds, and humans.

  4. snakes are like spiders, theyre spooky and intimidating but generally bad. others however are completely terrifying and dangerous

  5. no mention of any of the most venomous snakes in the world? (which could kill any animal in the world except maybe a large ass whale) damn dude, i thought you did your research

  6. You did no research most South American rattle snakes have Nero and hemo toxin and a rattle for intimation
    Btw wtf is this video format

  7. Well in some VERY IMPORTAND Point I so Not Agree with you.
    1. Constrictors have not insane Camoflage:(?!?!???) Even if Constrictors are Huuuge for snakes they still are Thin and so have at last very good Camo because roods and Something Like that Look similar.
    Of course Other snakes have better camo
    The second is a bit of a hint and not a disagree: Constrictors have a suprise and range advantige because they can make a bit of a Ball (\//\//\//\>) and than expand quickly and Close a gab of 1,5m or so(=======>) while the pray Item still feels save because the Snake is far away and does not know that the Snake can expand.(I know that every Snake can that but I Just had to Highlight ist at the constictors because you highlighted it as an disadvantige)

  8. Some Rattlesnakes have venom with neuro and hemo toxicity. Mojave and Neotropical Rattlesnake venom kills extremely fast.

  9. Humans are so op we don't need to even try imagine if everyone started working out and learn how to hunt,crast and kill

  10. Why didn't you cover the elapid class?, which contains notorious mains, such as king cobra, black Mamba, Coral reef snakes, copperhead, etc, etc.

  11. Interesting, as a native spanish speaker, you just made me realize there's a difference between poison and venom. In spanish we just have "veneno" for both.

  12. We need a cat build that specs into venom ranged abilities. If it doesn't defeat you with their cuteness ability, they'll have blindness.

  13. I was wondering why you didn't mention The inland taipan. A Snake with the venom equivalent of a nuclear bomb in its mouth. My question is this how the hell do they get the stats? How long is the PWR bar on that build. How do you compare The inland taipan to something like the black mamba. A snake that has been known to chase players once aggroed.

  14. Persanaly my main is a squirell I know they have low stats but their bite combos are really good they also have very little hitboxes so there good for evading attacks if u haven't played a squirell I highly recommend it there super fun to play as

  15. Was watching eons, saw your remark and the funny responses from your followers, clicked, watched, became a follower. Can't wait to tell my gamingbuddies about you👍🥳

  16. 3:13 anaconda players been swimming in rivers to farm skill points granting a perk that grants . fast movement boost inside water.

  17. You know you suck playing this game when the low tier builds can still fuck you up even though you have the most adaptable build.

  18. Where would you say the rattlesnake build falls? At least from my perspective, it shares a lot of major features with the cobra build, like the intimidation mechanism, and the paralyzing venom mod. That said, I'm not too familiar with the hardcore meta-analysis, so maybe it falls short in some ways.

  19. I'd like to get a waterfowl play guide – there are so many water friendly birds, but are any of them useful in the meta?

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