Onix the Rock Snake (Feat. The Prop Master’s Handbook)

Onix the Rock Snake (Feat. The Prop Master’s Handbook)

And that’s why in FNAF night 4, -Springtrap and Freddy end up in space.
-( moans ) Wait. Before we go in, -I have to tell you something.
-Do you have an idea for “enos”? No. It’s better than that. Uh, I got us… a new pet. -( roars )
-( screams ) What is that? ( breathing in panic ) That’s my new pet. I called him “Doctor Love Muffins.” What is that?! ♪ Meet my new Pokemon, ♪ ♪ it’s pretty hard and kinda long ♪ ♪ he’s made of rock and super strong ♪ ♪ a bit like my abs! ♪ ♪ I taught him how to bake a cake, to sweep the floor, to grill a steak ♪ ♪ To do the worm and Harlem Shake, he’s totally fab ♪ ( whispering hysterically ): Onix… Onix! -( record scratches )
-He’s in violation of a rental agreement. Lose the rock snake. ( gasps ) AJ! What? You’re after the song… I was getting him a verse, too. ♪ Psyduck, the weird bird ♪ Hey guys, thank you so much for [watching] the our next song if you somehow enjoyed this video I don’t know how if you did you can actually download the full extended version of this song. I pity the fool who does the Song I do – was it you was it you I think it was him go check out the promise remember to find out how He made young’s Costume wrote this and the Pokemon [girl] musical subscribe to our channel replay where we actually played Pokemon snap very recently paid a wage everybody thanks again here to This musical was made possible by our patreon encounters including [lily] ring English SDH Subtitles by Christopher Carbery

100 thoughts on “Onix the Rock Snake (Feat. The Prop Master’s Handbook)

  1. Hey RE, have you ever considered teaming up with Brentalfloss to make a video? Because if you did it would be so cool that it would probably break the internet (or at least a niche corner of it).

  2. I'm more concerned about how Freddy and Springtrap ended up in space.
    but still, this was really funny XD

  3. Hey! I found this amazing game coming out!! I'm a fan already!! Search up "bullied simulator trailer" it's so cool!!!

  4. I'd call an Onix Doctor Love Muffins too. nd do you guys seriously have a rental agreement that says no pokemon?

  5. Now everytime I'll see an Onix when I'm playing Minecraft with the Pixelmon mod I'm gonna be like "Oniiiixxxxx" 🙂

  6. For my Pokémon team, I'd select Charmander, Onix, Munchlax, Swinub, Wailmer & Pidgey. Then I'd evolve every one of 'em!

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